The freedom of loungewear and how to take advantage of it

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Within the fashion world, you can find many kinds of concepts and styles. This in turn can overwhelm us. In the case of loungewear, we can describe it as “stay-at-home clothes”. This is a trend made popular by the late Huge Hefner, known for using expensive robes inside his mansion. From him comes the concept known as “the art of living” thanks to his iconic silk robes. Now, it’s time to learn how you can also take advantage of it.


I’ll answer it for you! First, I want you to understand that these aren’t just pajamas, although you can wear them as such. I am happy to realize and see on the front page how we are little by little making a difference and opening the way to sustainability over time.


What is loungewear and why should you wear it?


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This new “fashion” that, since last year, is here to stay, deals with garments that don’t have a defined structure and are quite comfortable to be at worn home or to sleep. Even those pants that we take off in cold weather are considered functional garments. Today, for all these movements where the purpose is to create awareness and find the freedom to be unique and different, this trend is great for this season.


Taking into account the pandemic and all the time we had to stay at home, many people found entertainment activities such as TikTok, while others ventured into the kitchen.


Others got into the fitness wave doing exercises from the living room of their house, as well as family activities. However, the world couldn’t stop and this resulted in a gap in opportunities to find work remotely (from home). Bringing as a consequence a quite radical change in routine.


We had to leave the office, the gym, the parks, the parties, visiting friends, to make way for our home and the home office or telecommuting.


Now, we couldn’t afford to be in nightwear all day for those home workdays. In fact, many studies proved how to increase productivity, we had to dress like any other day at work. For this reason, we manage to create looks for those working days, giving more importance to comfort and style.


Is loungewear a pajama? 


Fashion Trends and Style - Loungewear - Loungerwear a pajama

The answer is no. In case you didn’t know, the clothes worn at home aren’t the same as pajamas. In the case of loungewear, they are the loose clothing that you wear to rest. You can use it to sleep, yes, but its main function is to rest and to be used outdoors.


That’s why large fashion firms, from well-known slow to fast-fashion, have dedicated important parts of their collections to this proposal. It is a premise that gives prominence to comfort and has left its mark to be part of a slow fashion that will last over time.


What’s important to take into account is that you must have a coordinated look as they’re the favorites for this occasion. You may ask, how do I do that?


And no, you don’t need a GPS – what I thought at first. Let me tell you that they are fresh and fluid fabrics, with neutral colors as decoration. Luis Vuitton was also inspired by this new trend, promoting loungewear.


Another aspect to take into account is knitted fabrics with fresh textures; and it also has the plus that it is easy to use. Finally, a white linen shirt will make you look relaxed and comfortable for any occasion, allowing you to move freely. Brands such as Esant in Mexico, seek minimalist aesthetics, balance, and sensitivity, aimed at women to empower them. For their part, big brands such as Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Luis Vuitton could not miss this novelty in their designs.


How to look beautiful in loungewear?


Fashion Trends and Style - Loungewear - Beautiful in loungerwear

This list includes items such as linen pants for hot seasons, fabric shirts such as cotton, t-shirts, and shorts. In turn, the sets are called comfits and knitted sweaters. These combinations add to our wardrobe to create and engineer creative designs and make us look less heavy.


As you already know, a coordinated look is perfect for this occasion. After all, you can match them with baggy and sports pants, even pajama pants! This new version is full of fresh and fluid textiles.


They go with everything, which makes them the perfect garment. For example, you can use them with structured blazers or shirts for streetwear style, making you look more comfortable and timeless.


In the case of knitted fabric, in addition to being cool and comfortable, it is very easy to use. It is a garment that can almost allude to luxury, depending on the materials used to create it. For this, many brands submitted various collection proposals. The interesting thing is that being a versatile garment, it became a trend in the blink of an eye. It is a basic that we should all have in our closet because it is refreshing and gives you this “new elegance”. In simple words, it’s stylish and ideal to be at home or on the go.


Freedom of movement


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In the same way, linen shirts allow us to move freely. So, if you want to wear them, you can do so alongside a pair of jeans and sneakers. However, you can also use pleated pants and dress shoes. This piece will always remain a popular classic, no matter the time.


As a result, you will always look amazing with it. Besides, since fashion changed gears, it’s no longer important to mark the silhouette to create something amazing. Now, if you want to create your outfit, we recommend using light shirts, fabrics, and cotton pieces. This way, you will create a very optimistic look for the day, even if you’re working from home.


The pants you choose can be long and loose at the boot or creased. When it comes to their material, they can be high-waisted cotton, adjustable waist with drawstring, and elastic. A perfect combination can be with a sweater. Add sneakers and you will achieve a casual but chic looks for the weekend.


So, do you dare to wear some pants from home to a work meeting? I do, because here at Fashion trends, we believe that it isn’t what you wear, but how you use it to make a difference. A good combination of colors, textures, and accessories will make us look extraordinary, safe, and simple. Tell us what you think of these changes, we want to read you and get your feedback.