Footwear Dictionary:  Know the Types and their Uses

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Footwear Dictionary:  Know the Types and their Uses. Did you know that there are more than 30 types of shoes?


Yes, and maybe you have been wearing a specific shoe for years, and you don’t know what its name is.


For this reason, today, we will talk about each model and thus clear your doubts.  You will get to know each type and learn how to differentiate them.


Trainers or sneakers


Fashion Trends and Style - Footwear types and their Uses - shoes

It´s what we know as a sports shoe.


They´re not the ones we use to practice high-impact sports. But a more casual type of shoe that you can wear for your daily look.


It´s basically a sports shoe but one to use frequently, which you can wear with pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, and even dresses.


Wellington boots


We best know them as rain boots. They come in different colors and combinations, and their use is mainly for humid or cold climates. Still, due to the variety that exists, they seek to look good and adapt to the outfit you will wear.


Wedge Shoes


They are platform shoes, with the difference that the platform is attached to the shoe’s body, creating the foot’s silhouette. We can find them in both open and fully closed shoes.




These shoes have a strap that crosses the entire middle of the foot in the instep area. You can find this detail in high-heeled shoes and sneakers or flats. Because of this, they have a delicate and elegant touch in any version.




They are those shoes with a bare heel held up by a strap at the back. You can find them in high and low shoes and different heels.




Inspired by comfortable slippers, this shoe is a cushioned and supportive type. They usually come in soft and elegant velvet or corduroy materials with embellishments.




Fashion Trends and Style - Footwear types and their Uses - shoes

This shoe has a medium rubber sole, which gives support and comfort.


The upper part has total foot coverage and does not use laces. In the 90s, they were all the rage, later considered grandparents’ shoes.


They have had a strong presence here for a few years now, finding countless models, styles, and colors.




It´s a classic, beautiful and elegant shoe. It´s characterized by having a delicate and stylized toe and a high heel, which, as its name indicates, stylizes our figure. Also, some heels can reach 12 centimeters.




Fashion Trends and Style - Footwear types and their Uses - shoes

The sandal is a type of bare shoe, for the most part, wrapping the foot with some straps to hold it.


This shoe is highly versatile since it is manufactured in different versions and with varying heels.




Its main feature and protagonist is the extra sole at the front of the shoe.


In addition to stylizing the figure, they provide elegance and comfort. Especially when we must use them for formal engagements or dance events.




It´s a shoe with medium to low heels, they have a round toe, and they usually show the beginning of the lines of the fingers. They provide comfort while being sober, perfect for everyday work.


Peep Toe


They have a hole in the outer front part of the shoe that reveals part of the fingers. We can find this type in heels, sandals, and flats.




Fashion Trends and Style - Footwear types and their Uses - shoes

It´s a classic masculine style shoe that today has diversified and is used by women.


The model is closed with a low sole and is found in different materials and colors. Certainly, an interesting peculiarity of them is the holes along with the shoe, which gives it its particular stamp.




Heelless shoes. We can also find them in a variety of styles, high, low, discovered forward combining Peep toe and mule footwear, sandals, flats, etc.




Fashion Trends and Style - Footwear types and their Uses - shoes

They are low shoes, leather, without closures. The style is masculine, but women have worn it for many years. They can also be found with laces; their main detail is an ornament on the shoe’s upper part and leather.


It´s used on not-so-formal occasions.


Mary Jane


Mary Jane’s shoes are very feminine and comfortable with their vintage style. After all, they´re made up of a low heel, a broad strap covering the instep, and are entirely closed.


It´s very similar to the shoe used to dance flamenco. And we can find them in various types of materials.




It is an ankle boot with a platform and high heels.


They´re trendy among artists, and people usually wear them with skirts, shorts, ankle-length pants so that the shoes can stand out.




Fashion Trends and Style - Footwear types and their Uses - shoes

Here the protagonist is the heel itself.


The kitten’s heel is thin and short, reaching 5 centimeters.


It´s elegant, comfortable, and versatile, and you can wear it for formal occasions and daily use and incorporate it into your work image.







Fashion Trends and Style - Footwear types and their Uses - shoes

They´re also known as Roman sandals.


They have straps or laces and are tied up to a little below the knee, covering the entire calf area.


Fashion experts recommend people with tall and thin legs use them.






It´s a low shoe, usually at ground level mainly. For instance, they can be open, with straps, or completely closed.


They´re very comfortable footwear. And despite being informal, we can find many even more elegant and formal varieties that include bright fabrics and appliqués.


Dr. Martens


Dr. Martens is a British shoe brand. As a matter of fact, they´re the original creators of a military-style boot whose design is currently very much in vogue, used by men and women.




They´re wide and high platform shoes, whose sole is usually rubber or a similar material. And with a marked relief on its base.


Currently, we see this type of shoe versioned and very fashionable.




Fashion Trends and Style - Footwear types and their Uses - shoes

Sailor moccasin. It´s a version of the classic moccasin that we have seen before.


But with a difference, it has laces on the upper part of the instep.


We also usually find it in a combination of colors. It´s more common to see it in men.


However, the footwear is unisex, and women do wear them.


Chelsea boots


Fashion Trends and Style - Footwear types and their Uses - shoes

They´re low-cut boots.


Above all, they’re a type of ankle boot that reaches slightly above the ankles.


Horse riding boots inspire it. Both men and women wear them.


They had the particularity that an elastic piece is implemented for greater ease when removing and putting on the footwear.


Classic boots


Fashion Trends and Style - Footwear types and their Uses - shoes

These types of boots are those that reach knee height.


We can find them in various materials, types of heels, fabrics, colors, and decorations that complement them.


It is a closet basic, especially in cold climates.




It´s a closed shoe with a round toe, very comfortable and informal, but it can be incorporated into the work image.


Ankle Strap


Fashion Trends and Style - Footwear types and their Uses - shoes

They´re all those shoes, which are tied at the ankle.


Because that´s their main characteristic, we can find them combined in any other shoe style.


After knowing all these types of shoes, do you already know your style?


If you still have doubts, we hope you can find it here.