Fall in love with flared pants and join the trend this summer!

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Fall in love with flared pants and join the trend this summer! What are your favorite pairs of pants to wear this summer? It’s no secret to anyone that jeans will never go out of style, no matter the type of boot. Skinny, mid-calf, flared, denim or straight; They will always be the safe option for an outing, especially for this 2021. Regardless of the heat, we can’t forget that a go0d jean is a perfect option. They’re versatile and very chic. We don’t want them to disappear!


Today, designers and large fashion companies seek to be more conscious when creating their pieces. Times have changed and we must move towards that. They seek sustainability and care for the environment and also for animals. What these new trends seek is to make us feel relaxed and voluminous, while also making us stands out! With the implementation of the new ideas and styles, they are succeeding.


With the right pieces, pants can help you look fresh and ready for any situation, whether with a jacket or blazer, silk or floral blouse, heels, or low-top sneakers. The amazing thing about this is that you can go from an everyday outfit to a party look in the blink of an eye. Today, we’ll teach you how to take advantage of this new fashion trend to make your feel trendy. Are you ready for flared pants?


Flared denim


Fashion Trends and Style - for flared pants - Flared denim

We went back to the 70s and 90s! We are in a year when the conventional is no more. New shapes, patterns, and combinations are always showing up to drive us crazy. In fact, flared jeans or wide denim boots will return this season, but be wary!


They are high-waisted. That is, at the waist. This year, we forget about the pants at the hip and those below it. The only difference between that area and today is that we don’t need to use platforms. A very retro and quite comfortable style that we all need.


With more force than before, this new trend opens the doors of your closet to bring you simplicity, texture, and comfort. While before, skinny pants were what we all wanted in our closets.


Now, “elephant feet” are all the rage and make us go crazy. In the 90s, straight jeans were the norm. Today, cigarette cut, with a flared straight boot and high rise, is here to replace it. This style favors all kinds of figures and stylizes them to make us look spectacular. This is why we must have a pair of these now!


Mix it up a little! Flared pants


Fashion Trends and Style - for flared pants - Mix it up a ittle

You can create different looks inspired by those times, such as blazers in neutral tones and boots of the same color. If you want to stand out, even more, you can choose monochromatic tones.


We know that denim is a safe bet, but it is worth taking the risk of something else, and why not wear them in bright colors and prints!


You don’t only have to have one pair of jeans to wear this type of boot, silk pants are allowed and they look spectacular when we know how to take advantage of them.


Now, if you like the extravagant look, animal print will never go out of style; With a blazer or jacket of the same print, it will give you the security to show off that fashion side that we know you have inside. However, if this isn’t for you, you can use a sweater or monochrome blouse.  This way, you will add some contrast to achieve that visual balance so attractive in outfits.


Squared and colored, flared pants


Fashion Trends and Style - for flared pants - Squared and colored

The most beautiful thing about being human is that we can admire ourselves like canvases and be risky. Especially in these times when we can dress as we want and in a way that makes us feel amazing. If colors are your thing, don’t be afraid to show them or mix them with textures! Allow yourself to experiment and achieve results that make you feel like a fashion designer.


As for black, it can give you that total elegance, a touch of glamour, and quite a bit of style you’re looking for. We all need black pants in our closets! The best thing is that combined with pastel or striking tones, heels, or V-shaped ankle boots, you will make your legs look way longer than they are.


Now, if what you are looking for is to look more jovial, the cropped style of flared shorts is your ideal option. Adding a cardigan and jacket in the same color as your pants or jeans will make you look like a boss, diva, and empowered if you want to stand out!


The tailor should be your initial choice. We want to make you feel like the owner of the world, that is why we recommend a good suit. For this, you can use flared trousers to match the blazer and a solid-colored blouse underneath. As a final touch, you can add an eye-catching accessory to feel like the queen you’re.


Destroy and build


Fashion Trends and Style - for flared pants - Destroy and build

You may have seen many jeans of two different tones, and this is what this style is about! Join several pieces of jeans and put them together in one to get the best of both worlds.


This is also part of that new search for consciousness since they are made with the materials already worked. We love how designers are taking into account this important work and are joining in to be part of the change that the planet needs, bringing us models, colors, textures, and freedom when it comes to dressing as we want.


We want freedom and it is quite cool that they give it to us. In short, all these garments help us to gain more confidence, glamour, and versatility. They can make us look taller than we are, even thinner or wider. Goodbye to prejudices!


We are left with that it does not matter what we wear, but how we combine it and the attitude with which we go out to show it. Here at Fashion Trends, we support and defend the change of consciousness while also making us feel empowered and precious. And you, what do you think about this new trend?


How do you feel wearing wide boot pants? We would love to read you in the comments and know how you match these pieces. We want to know more about you and get to know you. Tell us below what are those pants that you cannot get rid of.