Find your own style when dressing

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We have often heard this phrase: Personal style. Or someone has asked us, “what´s your style when choosing a piece of clothing?”


But do we really know? Let’s talk about this today and find out what it is.


Personal style is the reflection of our personality through clothing. It reads easy, and it is. That blouse, skirt, pants, shoes, and colors that we choose before any other defines us. The inclination towards pastel colors and not a dark palette speaks of our personality.


It´s essential to know that personal style is not a trend. It doesn´t depend on the color of the year, a trend that returns, or a type of shoe in vogue.


Personal style is something permanent. It´s like our DNA concerning fashion, and it´s a stamp that we will carry throughout our lives about the clothes we wear. Every time we select a garment and reject another, we shape our personal style.


Now, the personal style is not static. Over time, we can evolve, maintain the style, adapt it to the moment’s trends, and keep our essence.


And what happens if I identify with several styles? Nothing happens; we can feel inclined to various styles when dressing. As said, this is not strict and can adapt to your day depending on your work environment, social events, and day-to-day.


How do I know what my style is?


If you still don´t define your style, these tips can help you better clarify the panorama:


Get to know yourself


Fashion trends and style - Find your own style when dressing - styles

It´s the first step; knowing yourself will be essential when defining your style of clothing.


It will help if you start by clarifying your tastes in terms of colors types of clothing.


If you like tight clothes that show skin, or, on the contrary, you don’t want to show your body or highlight your curves.


All this is the main step to start that definition.


Identify your body type


Fashion trends and style - Find your own style when dressing - Banner

Knowing our body type is equally important. When determining our style, we may be inclined to a specific kind of clothing that doesn´t fit well with our body.


However, we can combine it with other garments that suit us and achieve the perfect look according to our taste.


How would you like to dress


In different situations. For example, work meetings, lunch with friends, evening events, picnics, you must be clear about what you would like to wear.


How would you like to look on each occasion and that way establish a pattern for each specific moment?




Fashion trends and style - Find your own style when dressing - styles

Who has been your inspiration when dressing?


This is a good starting point too. If it has been difficult for you to identify your style, starting with those icons that have made you want to copy their outfit is a good start.


This can be the gateway to determining your inclination when dressing.


Clothe board


It´s a map of inspiration but of clothes.


You can create a board with all those outfits you find on the internet and identify with. And then organize your vision clearly and precisely.


Closet cleaning


Fashion trends and style - Find your own style when dressing - styles

A closet cleaning will be ideal after having a little more definition and security regarding what you like and don’t.


You can start by taking out what you would never wear and what is no longer for you. Purge yourself by keeping those garments that you will give prolonged use to.


Additionally, you could take advantage of a garage sale. And replace everything with new clothes or donate them to those who need them.


Go for the basics


When in doubt about your style, the use of basics is a great ally.


The basics are timeless and have a neutral style. So, if you still don’t define yourself, you can resort to basic garments that will never fail us.


Quality garments


When buying, invest a little more in those pieces that you´ll wear a lot. And which you can take advantage of by combining them efficiently. So that their duration and quality last for a long time.


What predominates in your closet


Fashion trends and style - Find your own style when dressing - styles

When entering the wardrobe, we must visualize what predominates in it. In terms of colors, patterns, or prints, essential garments.


And in general, in terms of how your closet looks when you observe it from the outside.


If it looks diverse with a combination of colors and different types of clothing, sober, minimalist, neat, basic, etc.


This will give you a clear signal of the style to which you lean.


What are the styles when dressing?


We have talked about defining our style, but we haven´t talked about the different styles. So, let’s get to know them.


Classic style


It´s a simple, timeless style, mostly basic garments such as blouses, jeans, blazers, and neutral tones. Such as blue, black, gray, brown. It leans towards classic garments whose use endures over time and continues to be worn and seen well.


Sporty style


Fashion trends and style - Find your own style when dressing - styles

As its name indicates, it refers to wearing or incorporating sportswear into our daily outfits.


From sweaters to jeans with sneakers, it´s a style gaining more and more strength. And of course, it offers a lot of comfort.


Also, it´s characterized by being worn in any color combination, from the soberest to the most vibrant and striking.


Romantic style


Here, the panorama is dominated by pastel colors. Besides, the protagonists are flower prints, retro pieces, textures, ballerina shoes, heels, flared clothes, and garments such as dresses and skirts.


Boho style


Long skirts, boots, fringes, leather jackets, long dresses, hats, earthy or opaque colors are the line to follow for this style.


Fashionable style


Here, the fashion trends of the moment reign. If you know the latest trend in fashion and what´s new on the market and try to keep up with current trends, then your style is fashion.


Hipster style


Fashion trends and style - Find your own style when dressing - styles

It´s made up of vintage pieces combined with modern garments. We usually see mixes of sweaters with straight-cut pants.


Its main source of inspiration is the art world in its musical and cinematographic expressions.


Minimalist style


The rule here is: less is more. This style is characterized by fundamental garments, neutral colors, monochromatic outfits, sober combinations, and few accessories.


Grungy style


Or they´re also identified as rocker style. Garments such as plaid shirts, leather pants or skirts, fishnets, boots, chains, belts, ripped jeans are the critical pieces of this style.


Preppy Style


It´s a very feminine style. It´s made of short skirts, dresses, lace appliqués, light and pastel colors. Things like basic garments, headbands, pearls, ballerina shoes, sports shoes, as well as polo-type t-shirts are the key.


Urban-chic style


Fashion trends and style - Find your own style when dressing - styles

It´s a mixture of several styles, always incorporating some trend garment to give it the chic touch.


It´s made up of basic pieces adapted to the fashion direction of the moment while remaining functional and practical.


We hope this style guide helps you find yours. And remember, no matter which one you choose, the north should always feel good and comfortable with yourself. And what you wear.