Find out how to achieve a fashionable black and white look

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Since its inception, black and white have been considered the most timeless, elegant, and very chic combination of all time. With this combination, we look modern, regardless of the time. Dressing with this duo is almost reaching perfection thanks to the contrast and being a simple formula that opens doors to many, many occasions.


So, forget what I wear today since I bring you a spell that, very much in the style of Cruella de Vil, will steal your heart. If you have found yourself in a dispute between a fully black look or white pants, I want you to no longer divide, because the harmony generated by wearing them is irreplaceable.


If when these colors are separated, they are spectacular, together, it is the explosion of style, elegance, and perfection. That is why today at Fashion Trends we bring you some fail-safe options to create spectacular looks. Ready to let your imagination run wild?


What does it mean to dress in black and white?


Fashion Trends and style - fashionable black and white look - colors

Psychologically speaking, colors also influence our emotions, as well as our emotions influence the colors we choose when dressing. After all, I can’t be the only one who when sad or angry chooses everything in black. 


Now, it is not always so literal. However, you must know that for example, the color white represents light, peace, purity, and possibilities. It also tells us that the people who wear it are neat and very careful.


Black speaks more of severity, authority, dominance, sensuality, and versatility. It is said that those who wear it regularly can be somewhat controlling people. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, black is also artistic and elegant.


In the world of fashion, both colors are extremely necessary for the closet of fashionistas since each one represents something on its own and that invites us to think that together they are explosive due to formality and fun. Now, they must match. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for!


How to combine black and white clothes?


Make no mistake, combining these two colors will always be a success, for almost any occasion that comes your way. So, if you want to achieve an incredible and inspirational style, I invite you to take note of these tips.


Wear it in layers. 


Fashion Trends and style - fashionable black and white look - colors

Divide the clothes and play with layers. One of one color and one of another.


For example, start with black shoes with white soles, black leather leggings, or joggers, a long white button-down shirt in the front, and a complement with a black knitted sweater.


You will look very modern and very chic!


One garment is enough.


Fashion Trends and style - fashionable black and white look - colors

Be creative.


That is why I invite you to opt for almost a fully white or black look and combine it with a garment of the color that you are not wearing.


For example, if you are with a total black look, that the shoes are white.


While if you wear a total white look, you can choose black shoes or a jacket.


Whatever you think is best. And so, you can play with pants, shirts, whatever you prefer.


Accessories always match.


Fashion Trends and style - fashionable black and white look - colors

If you play with this pair, you should take into account that the accessories are also part of the look.


Now, if your jeans and shoes are black, you have a white sweater, you can choose the shoulder bag between black and white, as well as glasses or necklaces.


They can be mixed between garments.


It doesn’t necessarily have to always be the single shade. You can mix it between garments, for example, a white T-shirt with black letters or logos printed pants with these colors, and tennis shoes that complement each other perfectly.


A recommendation: the white one above.


Fashion Trends and style - fashionable black and white look - colors

This will help to be more attractive and will give more light to your chosen outfit.


You can opt for a tight leather miniskirt, a white blouse, and black stilettos to match the accessories you choose for the day.


Textures, dots, and stripes.


You can use them separately to achieve your black and white looks as long as you take into account the balance and balance that you need to bring them in harmony.  Try to use only one pattern.


Do not overload your outfit with too much information.


How can women dress in black and white?


We have seen it in royalty and adding to the combination formula that I mentioned before, you will achieve a stunning style. In this sense, it’s final! Black and white are in trend and that is why we bring some ideas to achieve a very fashionable style with this duo.


Pair a mini skirt with a shirt.


Fashion Trends and style - fashionable black and white look - colors

Simple, successful, and very chic.


In addition, we can find all this in our closet since they are two basic garments that were intended in one way or another.


I invite you to play with colorful accessories such as a cap, patent sandals, or a bag with a logo motif.


The dress, try it on with polka dots.


Yes, you will be fashionable and it is a very sophisticated print. You can wear it in a midi cut and buttoned in the front and strap sandals for a very boho-chic style. You can also wear it with modern accessories.


Tailored trousers and shirt. 


Fashion Trends and style - fashionable black and white look - colors

Or clamp type.


I invite you to combine your black pants with a white button-down shirt.


Add to it a tie in the front with matching black mule sandals and accessories. You will be the center of attention!


Culottes and a one-shoulder blouse.


This style breaks the classic almost immediately. It is bold and feminine. So, I invite you to choose some white Bermuda-type culottes and a different top so that you break with the traditional and leave everyone speechless.


Use leather


Fashion Trends and style - fashionable black and white look - colors

Of course, black leather pants-type leggings will make you look glamorous and with a unique style. Jewel-type shoes, blazer, and scale effect t-shirt.


The contrast you will achieve will be like magic!


As you can see, black and white is a dynamic duo that apart is a boom, but together they can be super striking and original. How would you combine your black and white clothes?


Do you like this combination? Save, comment, and share with whoever needs to know about this, at Fashion Trends we are happy to bring it to you.