14 fashion trends in 2021 that will take over this fall

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What’s trending now in fashion?

We are in the middle of summer and we are already thinking about what is coming for this next fall. As always, we want to be up-to-date and on-trend to dazzle. So, after analyzing everything that we will wear in summer, it’s time we start thinking about the next trends for autumn-winter 2021. Why? Because I want you to stand out before anyone else! Here’s what you should start wearing this fall.


What to wear in the fall?


First, fall will take us out of our comfort zone with its strong colors, marked shoulders, low jeans, pleated skirts, and other little things that could be vibrant and with sequins. Let’s pay attention to the next trends for this fall.


  • The collage effect

Fashion Trends ns Style - fall - collage effects

As I have told you, upcycling in fashion is something that will stay with us, and I hope it does for a long time to come.


For this reason, designers of the stature of Dolce & Gabbana have created garments with a sustainable mentality and with a seventy’s aesthetic.


All of them are full of style and personality.


Because of this, you should start betting on recycling fabrics and putting them together. You may even create a unique piece!


  • The fabrics, jacket, and loose clothing


Fashion Trends ns Style - fall - jacket and loose clothing

During the fall, woolen garments will be the main characters. Sweaters, shirts, and sweatshirts will make up most of our outfits to fight against the cold.


In this case, there’s nothing better than using monochromes -which, I insist, are the best combinations-, to give you a trendier wave. Jogger pants are also a good option alongside sneakers, boots, or high heels. Your amazing look will depend on you and how you combine it.


Jackets will also be quite up-to-date for this fall. Not only can you wear them with informal looks, but for more sophisticated occasions that deserve a good designer suit or a special occasion.


  • Eco-leather


Fashion Trends ns Style - fall - eco - leather

Yes, there is a lot to process and digest so far, but it’s easy to understand because everything synthetic and organic is what will be very much in trend.


This fall, eco-leather will be one of the protagonists of the trendiest looks; since its texture takes over pants, dresses, and jackets.


Starting from the beginning, fashion is something that adjusts to the rhythm of our lives and we must, thanks to the new times, assume that style is becoming more and more versatile when it comes to dressing.


  • Color, color, and more color


This style is somewhat refined and haunting at the same time. Currently, it predominates in Europe, and brands such as Prada and Raf Simons bet with sequins and stoles. You have to dress to live, they say. On the other hand, Van Noten brings volume and proportion.


  • Woven and plaid vests


Apparently, knitted vests are coming in full force this fall. Either plain or printed, they are considered the perfect complement for this new season. After all, they allow you to feel safe and comfortable. The c checkered prints, although always present, return with suits and coats that mix prints in many styles.


  • Denim never leaves us 


Known as the best texture in the market, it has become the friend that never fails us. It’s present in every step and every season. For fall, you can wear them with pullovers and urban coats. As we already know, street style is a wave that will stay with us for the rest of the year.


  • The catsuit


Fashion Trends ns Style - fall - catsuit

Before you wrinkle your nose and ask me – are we going to skin a cat? Don’t be alarmed, we’re not Cruella. A catsuit is a one-piece garment that covers the torso and legs, sometimes the arms.


They are made of materials such as Lycra, gauze, spandex, latex, or velvet… You can also find them in leather to feel like Cat woman.


Now, brands, like Tom Ford, brought this complete piece to their catwalk as a work of art. Erdem proposed a cover-up, super comfortable to even work from home.


What I like most about fall, in addition to its colors, is that depending on your style, you can adapt the clothes to yourself.


  • Vests


If you’re looking for a perfect combination for any time and any occasion, a vest is your best ally. You can combine them with your favorite shirt to become the protagonist! This press proposal has shown that at no time should we forget it. It will always get you out of a bind.


  • Pleats


I love pleats! In the past, we used to wear them with pants, now, a striking and elegant skirt is the way to go. We always look for comfort and solidity, and there’s no doubt that these pieces offer us just that.


  • Chessboard


Many times, it can be risky. However, the sobriety of this combination is still very important in the world of fashion. For this reason, Givenchy and Versace, created their prints with large collections using this bicolor. Playing with transparencies and intertwined fabrics.


  • Queen of pop


Remember that time in the 90s with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in MTV videos? Well, let’s look in that closet for those pastel mini dresses, crystal tiaras, and XS garments. However, let’s try to not go overboard!


  • Wrap!


 It isn’t a secret that ponchos are reborn. Even with layers. A fact that we can see in Ferretti and Missoni’s catwalks, showing that anything can be an elegant and unique garment.


  • Shine like the sun, shapes, and color. 


Don’t be afraid to take risks with looks, this season is all about risks, a fun style, shapes, and many colors.  It also offers the best oval silhouettes on hips and thighs. Thanks to them, you will stay warm with a not-so-tight style that will provide protection.


  • Sagging jeans 


Fashion Trends ns Style - fall - jeans

To allow us to enjoy freedom, sagging and moving jeans come back to us.


It will give you space and will also last you a long time. 


Now, tell us your opinion about these clothes and how you could use them this coming fall.


We want to read you and find the best style combination ideas that you would like to use.


At Fashion Trends, we are there for you!