Fashion trends for fall-winter 2023

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Fashion trends for fall-winter 2023. As we have mentioned in other blogs, each season has its own style and way of wearing when it comes to fashion. Because designers are not only in charge of giving life and shape to their imagination and inspiration. But the climate of each season also determines how we dress, including the colors and style used.


So, with autumn already underway, we couldn’t stop talking about the trends that will prevail during these special and favorite seasons for many. Here, we can bring out a glamorous and casual side characteristic of the season.


Therefore, let’s know what will be worn in both garments and colors for this fall-winter 2023.


When does the fall-winter 2023 season start?


One point that perhaps we do not give the attention it deserves is the exact date on which autumn begins. That, this year, 2023 started on September 23, until December 22, when winter begins. So, we have plenty of time to show off the best vintage trends.


What color are you going to wear this fall-winter 2023?


Since last fall, we have seen how vibrant colors and tones have crept into this season, usually marked by sobriety. This always gives a new air to this season’s fashion, and this year is no exception. Since, once again, we will see how these types of colors will be worn, highlighting:



Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion trends for fall-winter 2023

Directly involved in the year’s color, fuchsia, in addition to being worn in spring and summer.


It will also be present in the fall and winter of 2023.


This combines very well with black, white, denim, blue, brown, and orange, creating beautiful contrasts striking and elegant looks.


Vitaminized orange


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion trends for fall-winter 2023

Orange was already one of the trending colors of last fall. In 2023, it repeats in a different and much more striking tone, called vitaminized.  Orange comes to fill your closet with joy and energy, perfect for the typical gray days of autumn. An advantage of this color is that it will be able to highlight your tan. Another detail is that we will see it combined with complementary colors, such as green and blue, without excluding other combinations, such as black or white.




It is no surprise that the color green is a trend this season. Since its darker tones are typical of autumn-winter, they will continue to be worn similarly. But here, the detail to highlight is that light green will be the star of the outfits. This is not only in clothes but also in accessories such as handbags and nail polishes. And, of course, there will be no shortage of classic combinations, as well as the most colorful ones with lilac and fuchsia.




Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion trends for fall-winter 2023

Another color that repeats as part of the autumn-winter trends is mauve. We can wear it incredibly with red, yellow, orange or the one that never fails, in a total look.




The mustard color is an autumn color par excellence. We find it in the leaves of trees and the environment in general during these months. It is sober but very colorful and elegant. Likewise, you can create beautiful combinations with mustard, including black, white, brown, red, or blue tones as a complement.


What is going to be worn in autumn-winter 2023?


Here we go then with the garments that are going to be trendy for autumn-winter 2023




Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion trends for fall-winter 2023

It may seem like an obvious item to wear, but it never hurts to mention it. In addition, with this classic and super versatile garment, you can instantly achieve a street style, and if you choose a basic color, it can be used for any occasion.


Metallic garments


Nor is it a new adherence to this year’s (and previous years’) fashion trends. However, we want to point out that pieces in metallic colors such as gold or silver, among other tones, will continue to give something to talk about. Of course, they have been carrying themselves with the same enthusiasm for months, and what better time to shine than this?




They have always been present to a certain extent, but for this fall-winter, they return as an essential part of the wardrobe and our clothing. So, if you have kept any garment of this type, it is time to take it out and let it see the light again. We will see them in long and short dresses, shirts with skirts or pants, and long, midi, and short skirts.


Pleats and draping


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion trends for fall-winter 2023

Folds, pleats, and draping, among others, will be seen in all garments. Whether shirts, skirts, dresses, and various textiles, as a main detail or as an accessory.




Soft feathers will be the rule when incorporating this element into your clothing. We talk about feathers with lightness, those that look delicate and very soft and have movement. We can wear them well with the entire garment or on the edges of pants, blouses, and tops. Of course, this type of clothing should be used for special and formal or elegant occasions, so use them in moderation.


Preppy 2.0


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion trends for fall-winter 2023

This style is updated for this season and lovers of sophisticated clothing. It is the perfect time to create and wear incredible outfits with skirts, shirts, coats, mesh stockings, boots, checkered prints, and sober colors, among other very autumnal and feminine ones.


Lingerie on display


Another trend that returns is to show our intimate clothing, and what better time when transparencies also return to the fore.




In the best masculine style, the tie for women returns. All to carry that image of irreverence, which at the same time is so sexy. We can wear them with oversized pants, vinyl effects, tailored suits, and hot pants, according to what you want to project.


3D flowers


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion trends for fall-winter 2023

Many associate wearing flowers only in spring or summer. Being that, in autumn, they also fit perfectly. But this year, not only will this type of detail be carried out, but it will also be in 3D, with buds emerging from the clothing items, with volume, for that feminine and romantic touch.


Tartan print


This autumn and winter basic could not fail to be present in this year’s trends. And we love these types of paintings that give us a very royal air and make us look elegant and put together without much effort.




We can wear layering throughout the year, even in the hottest months. However, in these seasons, it takes a different turn. Well, you can wear miniskirts with thick tights or leggings. As well as jackets or warm clothes to protect you from the cold of these months.


Polka dot print


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion trends for fall-winter 2023

This trend is perfect for those who prefer to stay in a safe area and lean towards basics and classics. We know it is not a new print either, but it will gain strength for this fall-winter 2023, and we have already seen a parade on several catwalks this year. As for the combination, black and white will be the dominant one.


May these recommendations inspire you to put together the best outfits for this incredible fall-winter season, which we have eagerly awaited. Tell us, what is your favorite recommendation, and what will you use?


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