90s fashion is here to stay: Learn to dress like it!

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Undoubtedly, the 90s marked a before and after in fashion. In fact, today, their clothing trends are here to stay. This is because 90s fashion is all about simple and comfortable outfits. Their goal is to dress nicely no matter where you go.


If this era of pop culture strikes you, you should know which clothes to wear. This way, you’ll be able to show off the perfect 90s look.


How did girls dress in the 90s?


Fashion Trends and Style - fashion- clothing

Today, the 90s trends have come back in full force. Now, we can see girls with baggy pants, flannels, tube tops, and other 90s clothes.


The reason why these trends are here now is due to their versatility. After all, with them, you can create quick outfits always to look great.


So, if you want to join them, you can use the ever-famous combat boots and jacket. Or, if you’re more the artsy type, you can wear your favorite overalls.


Don’t forget to combine different garments from the 90s with some of this current era.


What were fashion trends popular in the 90s?


Since 90s fashion is here to stay, you should know what the best clothes to join this trend are but with a touch of modernity:


  • Wide t-shirts 

Fashion Trends and Style - fashion- clothing

Surely you have seen many girls with T-shirts today. They were prevalent in the 90s.


If you want an original look, choose this garment with graphics, prints, or a vintage logo of your favorite band.


Similarly, these shirts can be worn inside high-waisted pants or with a knot tied at the waist.


If you don’t want to wear a t-shirt alone, you can combine it with a jacket or sweater of your choice.


  • Scarf-style blouses 


Right now, you can find scarf-style blouses in stores at an incredible price. Of course, during the 90s, girls used their own scarves as blouses. They only took the handkerchief horizontally and folded it in half; then, they placed it against their chest and tied it around their back. Both options will be great for you to look fashionable.


  • Tube tops 


Tube tops are used today. Did you know that they were part of the fashion of the 90s? These types of blouses are characterized by being short and sleeveless, so they only cover the bust part. They are also ideal for creating a look with a skirt or high-waisted pants.


  • Sweatshirts tied at the waist 


During the 90s, girls who wore a sweatshirt tied at the waist were truly in fashion. You can also wear a cardigan or flannel shirt if you like this look.


To do this, you only have to place the sweatshirt on the central part of your back and tie your arms around the waist.


  • Slip dress 


To find out how women dressed in the 90s, slip dresses became a great reference. In general, these dresses are made of silk or velvet and are used under a blouse or another dress. Similarly, you can wear a T-shirt and put it under your slip dress for a special occasion.


  • Windbreaker jacket 


If you want to follow the 90s fashion, choose a windbreaker jacket as they were very popular back then. This type of jacket differs from others because it is multi-colored, wind resistant, and can be combined with any outfit. You can even use a flannel under the jacket and zip it up in the middle.


  • Overalls 


Overalls are part of the fashion of the 90s women, and they often wore them with an unbuttoned strap. This garment goes very well with simple flannels or with those that have a pattern. To go according to modernity, nowadays, you can find overalls in a variety of designs and colors so that you can put together the look of your choice.


  • Leggings

Fashion Trends and Style - fashion- clothing

Sportswear without leggings in the 90s did not look fashionable. In fact, they have also been an alternative to casual wear.


Leggings generally look great with baggy tops, so that you can wear them this way.


As for their colors, bright ones like purple or pink will make you create an authentic look.


Similarly, leggings come in different colors and with striped or polka dot prints that easily adapt to your style.


  • Tailor suit 


A tailored suit consists of a jacket and trousers. Best of all, they come in all colors. So, if you’re an outgoing girl, you can choose colorful outfits to stand out or neutral colors for a more elegant outfit.


  • Cycling leggings


You may have seen a lot of stores with cycling leggings. This is because people used to wear them frequently in the 90s. Some used them to exercise, while others just used them to create an outfit. So, as you can see, dressing like a woman from this era isn’t too hard. All you have to do is choose the right clothes.


Do you like 90s fashion? These garments must be part of your wardrobe


These are some of the clothing items that you should include in your wardrobe to wear 90s fashion. In most clothing stores you can find these clothes to put together outfits that evoke that time and make you feel comfortable and fashionable.