Fashion in the metaverse: how does it work?

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Much is said and heard today about the metaverse. Whenever we go on social media, Telegram groups, or the internet in general, out of 10 news stories or headlines that we read, at least 2 or 3 are related to the topic.


Perhaps for some, the first time they heard about this term was due to recent Marvel movies. Which, without a doubt, brought this concept to the fore. However, the metaverse as it is not something new nor recent.


What is the metaverse?


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion in the metaverse: how does it work? - metaverse

It is called a metaverse to any world or alternate reality designed so that the human being connects. And, of course, that interacts within it, as if they were within it through the figure of an avatar. We can customize it and make it look as much as possible to us. Giving it the personal touches we want and even dressing it as we want.


It is an opportunity to unleash our imagination. In real life, you are a brunette; maybe in the metaverse, you want to try being blonde or platinum. And wear that miniskirt that you don’t dare. And in that order of ideas, the dynamics of the metaverse and the alternative virtual reality work.


When we say that this is nothing new, we mean that we’ve had games for a few years now. Like Animal Crossing and The Sims to mention two examples of simulation games in which, when creating a character from scratch, you can select from their gender to the accessories you will wear from a range of free and paid options.


How does fashion work in the metaverse?


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion in the metaverse: how does it work? - metaverse

As we have already said, we get involved in virtual reality through avatars. Which we customize so that they look as much like us as possible. Or until we achieve the desired look and style.


An excellent example of this that we have been putting into practice for a few years is with avatars on social networks. Let’s remember the Snapchat link with the Bitmoji application. Through this, we generate our avatar to use as a profile picture and stickers in the content we upload.


Other applications that have joined this trend are WhatsApp and Instagram, the latter more recently.


But what about fashion in this world? Just as we need clothing and being dressed in real life, we also require it in the metaverse.


Not in vain, when creating an avatar, we are presented with a wide range of clothing options to wear virtually. From dresses, complete sets, sportswear, summer clothing, and winter clothing. And a good number of accessories to accompany it, making even selection is sometimes tricky.


We seek to impregnate that virtual extension of ourselves where this avatar will have a presence with our personality and style.


Therefore, we are presented with more clothing options with each update. And keep up with the trends in the virtual world.


Brands in the metaverse


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion in the metaverse: how does it work? - metaverse

Because of this need to be dressed and updated, many well-known brands have been designing for years.


Both for applications such as those already mentioned (Bitmoji, Instagram) and for simulation games.


Brands like Louis Vuitton have been collaborating with the League of Legends game for a long time. Moschino is creating clothing for The Sims that can be purchased physically or virtually. And Zara, who recently collaborated with the Ader Error brand in the metaverse.


Shopping for clothes in the metaverse


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion in the metaverse: how does it work? - metaverse

But fashion brands are not only supported by collaborations.


The metaverse currently offers the option of purchases within it. In addition to dressing your avatar, you can buy the clothes you will wear.


Even though most of the clothing displayed is free to use, the option of buying pieces cataloged as a premium by the player or user in some games exists.


Also, some brands are taking out collections or clothing in NFT format. Their costs are relatively high, thanks to their exclusivity.


We want to expose an example of the Collezione Genesi, launched by Dolce&Gabbana, which consisted of 9 pieces in NFT and in physical for UNXD, raising 1,878.71 Ethereum (a type of cryptocurrency). And that, in exchange, yielded the sum of 6.17 million euros.


Therefore, return and read this case when you ask yourself if it is profitable for brands to release clothing collections in NFT format and for the metaverse.


Brands that have a presence in the metaverse


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion in the metaverse: how does it work? - metaverse

More and more brands make a living with their designs in this virtual world.


And let’s name some like:


  • You can buy in the game and real-life the collaboration between Balenciaga and Fortnite.
  • Moschino for The Sims.
  • Gucci for Tennis Clash. Plus, they also sold the digital version of one of their bags for twice the price of the real thing.
  • Last December, Ralph Lauren opened a store on Roblox. Nike joined by creating “Nikeland,” which, in addition to including their designs, encourages a healthy lifestyle through the practice of sports.
  • Zara, after collaborating with the Ader Error brand, launched a solo collection called Lime Glam for the Zepeto application. From which the pieces can be purchased virtually or physically, thus continuing in the world of the metaverse.


Other brands that have a presence in the virtual world are Calvin Klein, Armani, Adidas, and Diesel. They have all launched sets for video game characters.


Barbie and Balmain were the two giants of the world of fashion and toys that came together to enter the metaverse. With the launch of various NFT digital assets.


Future of fashion in the metaverse


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion in the metaverse: how does it work? - metaverse

Contrary to what one might think, buying clothes virtually to put on an avatar is very profitable. These business alliances and the addition of new brands to the metaverse are on the rise.


This virtual world is growing rapidly in popularity. The fashion industry will continue to take advantage of the spaces to expand as much as possible. Even more so when its products are sold for much more than physical pieces.


Additionally, as virtual reality gains strength and importance, it will be an excellent place for big brands to promote themselves. And show their designs to those buyers who want to wear the best.


Proof of this is that the first edition of the Metaverse Fashion Week has already been held from the Decentraland metaverse. Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Hogan, Ikks, Cider, Deadfellaz, 8SIAN, The Rebels by House of Kalinkin, Christine Massarany, Anrealage, Wildfangz by Fang Gang, Chubbies, Wonder or Ngrave were present.


Therefore, this relationship is not something temporary. As we mentioned, just like in real life, in the metaverse, we need to be dressed and presentable. So, we will always welcome updates that give us more options to choose from in our virtual wardrobe.