Let’s Get to Know About Fashion Collections!

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 Let’s talk fashion. Yes, in its most literal sense.


It is possible that, many times you have heard or seen the news about some designer’s new fashion show. Maybe about some spring-summer collection,  or even strange words like Prêt-à-porter, without really knowing what they mean.


Today, we will clear up any doubts and learn more about this fascinating world!


First of all, you need to know what a fashion collection is.


A fashion collection is a set of clothes or accessories related to each other. Either because theme, or a particular style is the same, or its link is with the brand whose making it.


The fashion collections publicizing an idea and present to the world, an inspiration that a stylist has through his designs. One where they combine colors, textures, types of fabrics, techniques, and specific cuts, among others.


Also, these collections can take inspiration from any element of nature, artistic, urban, or industrial trends, among others.


Usually, the collections are made up of 2 types of products. The basic ones with a long duration or permanence in the market, and the limited or fashionable ones, whose existence is for a certain period of time.


There are collections that consists of 12 pieces, which is the usual amount.


There is no rule in this aspect, since there is no maximum amount required for launches. So, everything will depend on the budget or the sales strategy of the designer or fashion house that launches it.


What kind of fashion collections are there?


We already know the basics so far, so now, let’s talk about what kind of fashion collections there are.


In the world of fashion, there are three types of base collections. These have been around for a long time,  and overtime, gave space to two more.


These are:


Haute Couture


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion collections - Fashion

The translation of this fancy word from french means high fashion. For instance, this type of collection consists of luxury and custom pieces, made entirely by hand. Which include embroidery, precious stones, refined and high-quality fabrics, and luxurious details.


As a matter of fact, we can tell you that, the term Haute Couture has copyright. And, to come out with a haute-couture collection, the brand must be registered with the Chamber of the Parisian Haute Couture Union (Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne), and meet a series of requirements.




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What does ready-to-wear mean?


It is a type of collection that makes pieces of clothing in large quantities or in series.


We can usually find quality basic pieces and, in particular garments, luxurious details.


The sizes are usually standard, so that a more significant number of people can access them.


Fast Fashion


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Fast fashion is not really a collection or exclusive clothing type.


It is mass production of clothing in which details, material quality, design, or projection of durability are not a priority.


Usually, they are replicas, copies, or models inspired by clothing from the big brands. People consider it cheap fashion, and therefore fast fashion does not have exclusivity by any means.


Cruise or Resort


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion collections - Fashion

As its name indicates, it is a collection that Coco Chanel created in response to the need for a summer wardrobe for her clients.


Currently, we can observe timeless garments and fresh materials everytime a high-fashion brand launches a cruise or resort collection.





Capsule Collections


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion collections - Fashion

These are collections that brands design to be in the market typically between each great season.

It comprises a few pieces (it could be a maximum of 15), which must go together and complement each other.

These are collections with a specific commercial objective. And mainly, the brands seek to have a constant presence in the market with this type of launch.


How to define a fashion collection?


Fashion Trends and Style - Fashion collections - Fashion

The definition of a fashion collection deals with the steps of the process itself to produce a collection to be launched.


Brands usually launch two significant collections a year. The first in the summer and the second in the autumn-winter seasons.


Both focus on making clothing suitable for the time the collections will be released.


So, in addition to the time in which a collection will be out, aspects such as:


Target audience: Everyone. It can be exclusively for men, women, teenagers, or children.


Time to wear: pool days, weddings, etc.             


Style: everything (period, objects) on which the stylist and designer will be inspired to create the collection. For example, a collection inspired by the 1920s and will later also inspire its name.


Materials: a selection of the fabrics you´re going to use, as well as the appliqués, details, and accessories to complement.

Quantity: You define the number of garments that the collection will have. Including accessories (shoes, hats, handbags, etc.) And, how they will match each other.


Sketches: The sketches of the designs contain excellent definitions. Including the colors and samples of the fabrics to overview the final result.


Patterns: There is a process to make and to cut the patterns to start making each garment. And, to show to potential customers all the details like, color samples and a garment catalogue.


Runway: The runway is a place where a private or public display is made for the collection to be released. Publicly, it is what we know as fashion shows.


What are the most critical catwalks in the world?
Ten most important fashion shows


Fashion shows are events in which great designers and new ones in the field of fashion present their collections to the world.


Fashion week is a significant event. To sum up, it annually brings together the best designs, and display the collection before the most famous artists and socialites.


As a result, fashion shows are famous events that the media follows closely.


That is why we will let you know about the ten most relevant fashion shows in the world!


Paris Fashion Week


Paris fashion week began in 1973, thanks to a fashion show organized by the government. Made to raise funds for the Palace of Versailles, where this event is held to this day.


New York Fashion Week


New York fashion week was held for the first time in 1943, thanks to the initiative of New York designers, who, due to World War II, could not go to Paris, thus initiating the first New York fashion week.


Tokyo Fashion Week


Also known as Japan Fashion Week and Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week Tokyo. It certainly is the most significant fashion week in Japan and the Asian continent.


Milan Fashion Week


Milan fashion week is one of the most critical parade. It is also the Italian fashion representation, and protects its 4th position worldwide in the most important fashion weeks of all time. 


London Fashion Week


London fashion week takes place in February and September at the Somerset House, located in the heart of London.


Madrid Fashion Week


Also known as Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. Which, together with Barcelona Fashion Week, is part of the most fundamental runways in the world.


Berlin Fashion Week


Berlin fashion week originated in 2007, and takes place twice a year ever since.


Australia Fashion Week


Australia fashion week was created to give Australian and Pacific designers visibility. And above all, for them to gain influence in the fashion world.. Besides, you can buy the garments directly at the end of each show, which makes Australia fashion week way more special.


India Fashion Week


India fashion week started in 2000, and takes place in New Delhi, and is sponsored by Amazon India.


Los Angeles Fashion Week


Los Angeles fashion week takes place twice a year. And firstly, it was founded to showcase the collections of designers from Los Angeles and California.


Do you already know which one to attend? Thanks to technology today, we can enjoy these events more closely and live. So, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the best of fashion at the next Fashion Week.