Everything you need to know about Fashion Aesthetic

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Everything you need to know about Fashion Aesthetic. Do you love to be different and go outside the norm? This term, according to Cosmopolitan magazine, has become one of the most searched terms in inspiration apps such as Pinterest and TikTok. What makes it different? The fact that you can apply it in any area of ​​your life, from fashion to decoration.


What is Aesthetic fashion?


Fashion Trends and Style - Aesthetic - Aesthetic Fashion

An aesthetic is something pleasant to look at. Today, it has become a fashion trend and it consists of different styles. So, it isn’t something specific; however, it seeks to highlight the cute and elegant, causing pleasure to whoever looks at you.


Now, it consists of colorful styles some may be retro, while others are others current. It also mixes different cultures such as gothic, grunge, and 90s pop style.


This term is used to also talk about beauty and art. It is considered a way of appreciating the things that we have around us.


We must say that not everything can be aesthetic. Certain characteristics must be met to enter this fashion and if you keep reading, you will discover them.


Where was Aesthetic fashion born? 


Believe it or not, this movement came from the app and website Tumblr. Inspired by the beauty of those photographs, this fashion emerged to beautify under aesthetics as a rebellious proposal. At first glance, it can be considered crazy with diverse looks that could surprise you. However, if you apply it to new elements, you will be able to create beauties.


How to have an Aesthetic style?


Fashion Trends and Style - Aesthetic - Aesthetic Style

If you want to be a fashionable woman, the first thing you should start to do is find items such as checkered over-shirts, t-shirts, and sweatshirts in your closet.


If you like to show a little more skin, you can also choose your favorite crop top. On the other hand, combining these outfits with sweatpants or very wide, plaid skirts is also an option.


Next, a super important tip to wear this style is that you must find what best suits your way of dressing. It is not about one style of clothing; it can be several.


In turn, look for inspiration to create your style and find the best one for you. And don’t be afraid to be extravagant! That is what it is all about.


How many types of aesthetics are there?


Answering this can be a bit complicated, because there are many types, especially in social media. However, I can tell you that sometimes we unconsciously apply it.


Now, have you looked for inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest for something related to you or what you want to do in any situation? I do! Next, I’ll show you some of the most popular aesthetics. Find the one that best suits you and start rocking it!




Fashion Trends and Style - Aesthetic - ART HOE

This is a type of style is marked by a sense of elegant nonchalance and in turn passion for art. You can easily find it on Instagram for its colors. It seeks to break cultural stereotypes because it generates controversies and debates.


In the alternative context, people use it to describe creative and artistic individuals who see themselves as dominant.


For example, it refers to the affinity one can have for reading and writing. Its color palette is basic, or adjustable to your liking.


It includes pastels, darker, grayish, or very strong colors such as orange, blue, yellow, and green. If this is your style, take advantage of the sunlight to highlight your colors and impress.




A style that also moves more to the past. It’s characterized by its warm and cold colors to reflect images of past times or decades such as the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 90s. They seek to give air to your style with elegance and sophistication. The trend: baggy pants, oversized shirts, and quirky accessories no matter the combination.




Fashion Trends and Style - Aesthetic - KAWAII

Do you love the Japanese style?


Currently, it’s a super fashionable inspiration, and what characterizes it is its pastel tones with elements of Japan and gadgets of all kinds, even clothes, and food. Kawaii means cute, cute, or lovely.


That’s where the reference comes from.


Loose, ruffled blouses, Converse-style sneakers, loose V-cut flannels, and chic clutch bags are all elements you can use to achieve this style.




This style is quite minimal and is based on the colors brown and beige. It shows country scenes or clothes, almost always autumnal. The color palette is pastel pink, light brown, purple, blue, and reddish-orange. Now, you can wear jeans or denim shorts, low pointed heels, and sweaters with messages.




Fashion Trends and Style - Aesthetic - VAPORWAVE

Based on the 90s, this style incorporates images from the internet such as glitch art, anime, rendered objects, and cyberpunk.


They are generally tech-savvy, and their colors are grayish blue, purple in various shades, salmon, gray, green.


The basic clothes used are t-shirts, plaid vans, skinny jeans, hats, wool hats, prints, and mesh socks.





Fashion Trends and Style - Aesthetic - GRUNGE

It is a youthful expression that screams freedom and rebellion.


Its colors are dark or neon lights, with a style that represents beauty and simplicity.


In particular, music is the inspiration and wants to convey the charm that t-shirts with band logos can have.


Combined with leggings, torn pants or shorts, Sneakers, Crop tops, skirts with plaid prints, and dresses over T-shirts. You will feel charming, unique, and fulminating.


Your hairstyle can also be aesthetic


Fashion Trends and Style - Aesthetic - Aesthetic

Fashion is influenced by many things, and now, in this boom of social media, we see tons of new influencers creating new hairstyles. Many of them have come up with new color combinations to achieve a specific aesthetic.


For example, the bicolor hair, which not only comes from Cruella de Vil, returned this 2021. However, it’s not the only one, as mullet’s haircut and buns or braids have also come back.


As you can see, this lifestyle manifests itself in any environment or place, it even influences us in the wallpaper we choose for the cell phone or our computer. At the same time, it is unique and very original.


At Fashion Trends, we want to know more about you. Tell us, do you look for inspiration on Pinterest when you want something different or for a photo session? What is your Aesthetic style? Leave us your comments on our social media.