Top Five Fashion Accessories from Manley

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Introduction to the Irish Brand’s Most Sought Collection


Known for its aesthetically pleasing attire and garments, Manley becomes central to acknowledging its eccentric approach to fashion. Moreover, named after Irish Fashion Designer Emma Manley, this Dublin-based company gains international praise for its lighthearted designs. 


While this company is young as it finds its foundations in 2011, there are many remarkable creations and collections present. For certain Femininity and individuality become the living essence of this brand as urban streetwear combines with tenuity and grace.


As we explore further, we will learn of the Top Five Fashion Accessories from Manley that radiate its character. In addition, providing a Wardrobe guide to help further develop your progressing self-image and creativity when experimenting with looks.


In summary, we proudly present the top five products and accessories from Manley! 


Luna Leather and Cotton Bomber- Red


Fashion Trends and Style - Top Five Fashion Accessories from Manley - clothing

To begin, we start with the Luna Leather and Cotton Bomber- Red. Furthermore, this item gains popularity for its bold yet traditional appearance of red coloring with tree bark-like designs present. 


The Luna Bomber is created through bold printed and synthesized cotton that makes metallic threads immediate in its structure. Additionally, it is manufactured in Italy where it becomes fused and finished with Nappa leather and spunky elastic cuffs.


Apart from this, its adaptability is what makes it a most sought accessory to own. In turn, it can be used in almost any casual and formal setting. For example, you can wear the Luna Bomber over a t-shirt on a date night or over a slip dress.


Interestingly, this item does not require high maintenance as it can be washed by hand only. Overall, we recommend this new and exciting piece from Manley to seek because it emulates an impeccable example of extensibility. 


Lunar Necklace- Embellished Mint 


Fashion Trends and Style - Top Five Fashion Accessories from Manley - clothing

Second, comes the Lunar Necklace-Embellished Mint from the Irish Fashion House. This striking and alluring crescent-shaped necklace creates the perfect accessory to express one’s artistic visions in fashion. 


Indeed, this leather and sterling silver base create a comforting and elegant effect that easily fits into one’s neck. Moreover, the Mint hue leather flowers are created by hand with precision as they are also layered over each other elegantly. 


Besides this, the flowers are also kept in order through antique silver rounded studs put into place for a firm grip. Additionally, they are made in Ireland with great pride and strive to deliver excellence. 


All in all, this item from Manley makes a great complimenting jewelry accessory for improving one’s wardrobe. 


Blair Leather Skirt- Black & Silver


Fashion Trends and Style - Top Five Fashion Accessories from Manley - clothing

Third, the Blair Leather Skirt-Black & Silver becomes the next top fashion accessory to feature from Manley. Additionally, this item is smart in appearance as it emulates a bold yet futuristic design of black and silver fused. 


Moreover, the Blair Skirt derives from black leather and contrasting metallic silver leather that is sewn to create a result. Indeed, its look is contemporary as one can sport this on a semi-formal occasion such as a New Year’s party. 


When it comes to caring, it is best to dry clean only if you want to maintain this look long-term. In brief, this bottom accessory from Manley provides great insight into the many innovative wardrobe collections present. 


Luna Cross Body Leather Bag- Pink


Fashion Trends and Style - Top Five Fashion Accessories from Manley - clothing

Apart from Jackets, jewelry, and Bottom wear, comes the collection of Manley’s bags. Here, we present the popular Luna Cross Body Leather Bag-Pink. 


Deriving from the best Italian leather, this uniquely rounded bag becomes sized to host all your belongings. Additionally, it also hosts a strap that can be worn in a cross body style to create a hands-free experience. 


More importantly, this bag is created with over three hundred cut leather roses that are placed with antique studs. In some ways, it is like a giant yet chic-designed rose. 


Of course, in the interior, there are also two compartments for organizing your essentials. Altogether, this collection line from Manley provides a convenient and dignified selection of products to accommodate your fashionable style. 


Harper Silk Top with Patent Leather Collar- Black


Fashion Trends and Style - Top Five Fashion Accessories from Manley - clothing

Finally, our last fashion accessory on our list comes the Harper Silk Top with Patent Leather Collar-Black. This item is sure to attract positive praise with its charming patent leather and cuffs. Moreover, this design is carefully hand-cut and crafted with its decorative scalloped edge. 


Overall, it makes a breathable top accessory because it can be used in both casual and formal settings. The only factor to be aware of regarding care is having to hand wash the silk material only. 


Furthermore, leather must not be submerged in water. For the most part, one can enjoy this item in various settings like casual beach strolls, office settings, and more! Above all, this item makes it to the final spot for Manley’s accessories because it emulates the brand’s gentility thoroughly. 


Final Reflection


Fashion Trends and Style - Top Five Fashion Accessories from Manley - clothing

In conclusion, the Irish fashion house hosts a variety of exceptional and noteworthy accessories to inquire about. For certain, looks and trends change like the weather, but at Manley, there is something for every season and chapter. 


Overall, we hope you have gained insightful knowledge and experience in developing your image as fashion becomes central.