Espadrilles: What are they and How to Use them?

Fashion Trends and Style - Espadrilles: What are they and How to Use them?

The name Espadrilles is given to a type of shoe created with various materials. Such as canvas, cotton, leather, fique, esparto, hemp, jute, or caranday soles.


It´s a very casual type of footwear, informal and typical of the summer season.


It originates in the Egyptians who developed the sandal-type footwear. Which evolved with the Romans who versioned it. Giving rise to the slipper to cover the entire foot and provide protection from the sun and heat.


These shoes have been part of the typical clothing in many regions of the world, such as Europe and America. They´re intended to be worn, mainly, by the working class. Because footwear resistance to conditions such as rustic terrain and high temperatures was required.


It´s identified as unisex since both men and women use it.


Of course, today, there are very different designs for each gender. We find the espadrilles in various colors and versions to adapt them to the most dominant trends.


This way, we find this type of footwear versioned with platforms straps tied up to the middle of the calf.


With laces combined with an Oxford-style, full coverage of the instep area, different materials. And even with appliqués and striking and elegant details to wear on more formal occasions.


Printed fabrics also have their leading role, being the favorites of many. And adding that unique and striking touch to basic outfits with neutral colors.



How to use them?


Fashion Trends and Style - Espadrilles: What are they and How to Use them?

Espadrilles are versatile shoes that you can wear with many types of clothing. Here we give you several examples to use them:



Long or mid-length dresses.

Skirts, short or long.

Bermuda shorts.


Straight pants, culottes, of vaporous fabrics.





Espadrilles care


Fashion Trends and Style - Espadrilles: What are they and How to Use them?

Shoe care is a particular topic.


This shoe is made with an unusual material that requires unique grooming. Jute, which is the main material of espadrilles, is similar to what we know as straw.


So, we should never put them in the washing machine, or the sole can fray.


If they get wet, immediately place them in the sun. This way, you will prevent the humidity from generating a foul smell and deforming the shoe.


Clean the soles by hand


For this, use an old toothbrush, a cotton cloth, or a brush. And begin to remove the dust and dirt that may have accumulated between the sole strands.


Once clean, prepare a mixture of water with detergent and gently brush the sole to remove any trace of stain altogether.


In case of wet earth stains, it´s advisable to let them dry in the sun and remove them.


Upper part


Fashion Trends and Style - Espadrilles: What are they and How to Use them?

Now, suppose your espadrilles have skin on the top. In that case, we suggest you use a unique product or chemical for the material in particular. Helping you with a microfiber cloth and avoiding the use of water at all costs.


If, on the contrary, the upper part is of canvas, you can use water with detergent. When you apply it with a cotton or cloth, that doesn´t damage the texture of the fabric.


And always, always, let them dry in the sun.


And remember that, even if it´s not summer, it´s a shoe that you can wear throughout the year. So, look for the one that suits you and your style. Because it´s super comfortable and has neutral colors, it goes with everything.