The latest trend: espadrilles are in fashion in 2021

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Would you wear espadrilles? The truth is that when I hear the word summer, I always think of comfort in every way. Therefore, I am sure that you too. In the case of espadrilles, it happens that they are so beautiful and so comfortable that you might be able to send the other shoes to the closet for a while.


Here my espadrille-loving cousin would be smiling triumphantly and saying something like this: I knew that at some point you would understand.


A curious fact is that there are doctors who do not recommend wearing high or too low shoes on hot days. So, espadrilles are the perfect option. You will feel like you are in the clouds!


Besides, it’s time to replace your boots and closed shoes, it’s our opportunity to give visibility to the newest proposals. And no, it’s not that in summer we can’t wear boots and sneakers. Of course, we can! However, opening the way to the new will help you conquer the world of fashion.


Fashion espadrilles for 2021


 This new proposal officially becomes a basic garment, at least I cross my fingers to make it so! After all, it goes with everything: dresses, shirts, pants, swimsuits … Espadrilles are traditional and handmade, and they come to bring style to all our outfits. How not take them into account?


If we go to its origin, I want to tell you that espadrilles were born in Spain from approximately the 13th century. The soles of these shoes are made with branches of dry esparto grass. They are also in fashion this year because it is their versatility, comfort, and why not? Their sustainability, which brings a super fashionista touch to any look.


What shoes will be popular in 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - espadrilles - shoes

This is new, and the coolest thing is that you can find several proposals for this year that I am sure will convince you to drop everything and look for your pair. Are you interested? So let’s keep talking about why the espadrille is the perfect option:


Perfect and comfortable heel: If you love platforms and you can’t get off one, this is no longer an excuse to say no to espadrilles. After all, now there are no longer wedges that are too high and not comfortable enough. And yes, you read that right. No matter the size of the height you want, they will always be comfortable.


Color is important: You can find them in many shapes, types of fabric, and colors … It is a plus to get them bicolor since they will never go out of style. They are simple and classic. For their part, they can be innovative thanks to their fabrics that, sometimes, we find them combined, also the bandana prints or the beautiful decoration of daisies.


Different styles, find yours: As for the shape of the espadrille, choosing the espadrille that leaves the toe area open is ideal to prevent your foot from burning and you can also show the pedicure of which you are so proud.


Women’s espadrilles


Fashion Trends and Style - espadrilles - espadrilles

Espadrilles for women are as comfortable as those sneakers that you can’t put aside because you don’t even feel them. They are very organic and without much absorption technology at all. They are a shoe that you can wear all day and not even feel it.


Besides, it allows your foot to breathe on its own without having to expose it to the air. I mean, you don’t need to take your shoe off every so often … Thank goodness! Another good news? They will allow you to provide the vintage style that we already know is the latest trend in fashion and although they may seem quite Bohemian, it all depends on how you combine them, like everything else in this world.


Ultimately, the outfit is what will help communicate what you want and if you can wear it tied over black pants and a white shirt, that’s right! Tied over the pants. In this way, you will shout TREND! With your clothes.


If you still don’t know what type of espadrille to wear, I invite you to discover it here below.


The classic espadrille, for simpler styles


Completely handmade with cotton and the sole braided with vulcanized rubber soles or with branches of dry esparto grass. They come in different colors and are considered one hundred percent ecological. You can find them with or without strips. As well as different types of fabric with patterns inspired by trends.


The espadrille with a running sole, for those who love heels


Fashion Trends and Style - espadrilles - shoes

 Inspired by those women who cannot live without heels, the espadrilles with raised soles come in a wide variety of designs and, worth the redundancy, height.


We can find the wedge with different colors and in its design, we can see from strips of leather, leather, embroidery, clogs, and 3D flowers.


Your imagination and style are the limits!


Everything is permitted.


Espadrilles with logos, for lovers of logomania


This year comes with everything, any amount of innovation, and nothing can be out of place, not even the logos. That is why several firms managed to develop their designs with a wedge heel in a platform version and with two neutral colors within the nude palette. You won’t get tired of them!


Tribal espadrilles, for those free souls 


In summer, we all take risks and style is not far behind. So, tribal motifs also want to be part of this fashion and they come to us with sandal-style straps and detail of strings in cowhide with prints. In addition, they are tied to the ankle for better comfort.


Embroidered espadrilles, for which we are looking for a more chic touch


 No more hiding when things are done by hand. This has greatly opened up the creativity of designers and big brands, adding espadrilles with different types of embroidery to their collections. Risky and a little soberer. There is room for all tastes.


Espadrilles style “mule”, for more comfort


 With the heel uncovered, this proposal also brings freshness to summer looks. You will find different monochrome models, with stripes, colors, prints, embroidery, and even with the bare finger for more freshness. With this espadrille, you will be ready to continue those summer days without any other type of shoe other than the espadrille.


Espadrilles, there are for all tastes


Fashion Trends and Style - espadrilles - shoes

 Many types of espadrille designs vary according to styles, times, and wedges. Even with transparent PVC where the protagonist is the braided sole. There are embroidered ones, with larger and smaller soles, moccasin, and even studs.


Finally, after this great journey through such a novel and original world of espadrilles, we can deduce that they are the preferred ones due to their ability to adapt to environments and situations. They are always the best option not to take them off this summer, not even staying in the city.


At Fashion Trends, we want to get to know you more and know what you think about espadrilles. Do you like them? What style would you wear? Tell us in the comments if they are also part of your summer looks and how you combine them. We are happy to read you and learn more about your tastes and styles.