Is the effortless chic style in fashion?

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Wearing a relaxed and chic vintage style can be achieved easily and also look spectacular. How can you do it? With relaxed looks, comfortable clothes, neutral tones, some timeless basics, and a lot of minimalisms. The Effortless style is in fashion and is now a favorite of many.


Actually, what I like most about this style is that it can be combined with everything and it will also give you an inspiring air. This way, you can easily join this trend.


Called effortless chic, this look seems easy to achieve. However, if you don’t pay attention to some rules, it can seem a bit complicated. In this sense, we will pay attention to some vintage garments to understand more about accessories and how to combine them.


Today together with Fashion Trends I come to teach you more about it and show you some combinations to wear with a lot of attitude. Ready to discover more? I’m sure you are. Take note!


What is the Effortless style?


Fashion Trends and Style - Effortless style - Banner

The effortless style consists of imitating a casual look where the person seems to have just gotten up. This is aimed to create a neat but at the same time see you very elegant and full of sensuality look. It wants to find that harmony between garments that, chosen at random, manage to give the feeling that it was “pure chance”.


Like everything in the world of fashion, effortless has established itself as a lifestyle and went from being aesthetic to achieving outfits in a consumer-conscious way. With the basis of, in the long term, being able to achieve a wardrobe based on classic, genderless, basic, and neutral quality garments.


Now, what do you need to achieve it? Take note! There are some ultra-necessary garments to achieve it.


The blazer


Technically it’s fundamental, timeless, and a favorite to achieve this style. It gives you elegance, formality and can be worn for any occasion. Preferably classic and genderless, so that it looks more vintage. The recommended is the oversize size with wide shoulders and long sleeves.


The Mom jeans or baggy jeans


No garment will be more vital than a pair of jeans. Their versatility makes them effortless, almost par excellence. However, not all jeans will fit into this style. It has to be the most comfortable and baggy, also respecting, of course, the high rise and the straight leg.


Low shoes


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Comfort is the main thing we must achieve when it comes to effortless style. In this sense, we can choose between ballerinas, moccasins, oxford shoes, or ankle boots as an ideal option. You will be very comfortable and very chic.


Now, this style can vary depending on your tastes. If in your case you prefer tailored pants, you can use them. The important thing is that what you wear is loose and simple, but with elegance.


Some garments are typical of this style: wide and smooth sweaters made of wool or cashmere, likewise, the basic white shirt, oversized coats, and trench coats. Ah, as for the makeup! Let it be in nude tones, loose hair, or low ponytails.


What is effortless chic?


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We know that the key to a good outfit is the attitude with which we wear it. The effortless chic style was born when we didn’t know what to wear and we didn’t want to complicate our lives too much. Still, we must be elegant, and in our head comes this phrase of “elegant and effortless.”


The effortless chic style arises from the combination of “effortless” and Chic “glamour”. It tries to “avoid” following marked aesthetic lines and find the perfect outfit based on comfort, functionality, and naturalness. Yes, it’s like reaching into your closet and taking out the first thing you find.


Fashionistas and celebrities follow this style, and it can be very good for those of us who want to save a little money and also time. It’s the best option for the newspaper, and you can also adapt it like this:


Choose your favorite garment


Yes, reach into the closet and choose your favorite pants, jacket or shoes. This will be the key piece. The important thing is that it is clean and without stains.


Layers are the secret


You can wear many layers to look amazing. For example, a basic t-shirt or shirt, blazer, raincoat. Add and add, the more, the better. You have the freedom to combine what you want and how you want!


Elegance ahead


We all want to always look simple but very elegant, because rather dead than plain. Now, you can add this elegance with a blazer or heels.


The colors must be in the same palette


You can choose greens and terracotta colors. However, you can also choose black and white for your outfits. Your imagination is the limit.


How to create an effortless look?


I declare myself a fan of this trend. Few parts, no complications. I forget what to wear. Less is more. Ready for these ideal looks for you?


Casual look


Opt for white paper bag trousers and a nude-tone bodysuit, a brown belt to match some ballet-style shoes. Finish off your look with a black XXL bag and simple accessories, tie your hair in a low ponytail for more attitude.


Informal look


Ideal for the summer. Get a floral wrap-type midi skirt with a basic t-shirt in a solid color or with some letters and strappy sandals. You can also wear sneakers if you want


Boho look


Nothing is more effortless than a dress, if it’s loose and simple in a light color, the better. With sleeves or straps, with a neckline or something more closed. Combine it with espadrilles or clogs and a wicker purse. You will be beautiful!


Natural makeup


Fashion Trends and Style - Effortless style - Makeup

Effortless styles don’t require too much effort, so makeup should match the style and the ideal will be to achieve a very natural look with a foundation and blush, perhaps a little mascara to enhance the look.


To achieve an effortless look, always opt for the basics and from there you will get the rest. Some options can also be culottes, a maxi knitted sweater, ankle boots, a white shirt, and an animal print bag. And if you like the tailor, you can also wear it with a wool sweater.


Remember: the important thing is to look elegant and as if you didn’t do too much to achieve it.


At Fashion Trends, we say yes to this fashionable style and that we know it is one of the favorites. In this sense, we want to know what you think of it and how you would combine it for your daily looks.