The best dresses to hide that belly you don’t want

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The best dresses to hide that belly you don’t want. How many of us think that the abdomen is the most difficult area to hide? If, like me, you’re one of those who think this way, welcome! You’re in the perfect place. We can do a support group and talk about why our belly is always so problematic when it comes to dressing.


In reality, there are many reasons our belly may look bigger, and it doesn’t all have to be related to our weight. For example, it can grow due to fluid retention, colon discomfort, or when we walk on our menstruation days. God, why?


I know you aren’t alone. The abdomen is a very complicated area that the vast majority of women want to hide. But that’s what I’m here for, I’m like Cinderella’s fairy godmother. Together with Fashion Trends, I bring you some infallible tricks to hide those love handles that you want to hide so much. And with style!


What clothes should you wear to hide your belly?


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Do you long to see yourself as Jlo? I also want to look like this when I grow up, but I’m too lazy to be in the gym all day, an enemy of diets, and also have my knee problems as a quite credible excuse.


So, I will use this ancient technique to try to look as thin as Taylor Swift with my clothes.


First, choose garments with volume that don’t stick where they don’t have to stick, also a cut that helps you visually show what you do want to show.


Do you want to know how? Take note of these clothes!


A white shirt to tie.


A basic that everyone should have in their closet. Knotting the shirt in the front will help you hide that belly that you don’t want to show. You can pair it with just about everything, from a patterned skirt and heels to a flared skirt (if you have wide hips, this is a perfect option for you). On the other hand, if you are a fan of the bicolor, wear black and white with a high-waisted skirt.


The shirt size XL.


Taking advantage of the oversized trend, try to wear a plus-size denim shirt with pants or jeans. It’s up to you whether you wear it with a flannel underneath or just the loose shirt with some buttoned buttons.


A fine blazer.


If you want to hide your belly, never fasten it. This is because wearing it open, will create a beautiful shape that will help you divert attention from the belly. Wear it with a shirt or a low-cut blouse and pure sensuality!


The jerseys could become our best friends.


Extra-long, marbled, or oversized, a sweater is a perfect garment to hide tummies. Choose them with drapes, speckled tones like camouflage, or simple and oversize with horizontal lines to look incredible.


What kind of dress should I wear if I have a tummy?


Fashion Trends and Style - The best dresses - Clothes

Do you love dresses?


I do, and the truth is that many times I don’t use them thinking that they will showcase my belly and it makes me angry.


Yes, many women can be thin and still feel uncomfortable showing their belly, like me, for example.


So, if it is something that worries you and you are a fan of dresses, I have some types of dresses for you to take into account when choosing one.




This beautiful dress is a perfect weapon to hide what we want since the buttons allow you to open it on both sides and show skin to divert attention. If it is to your taste, add a thin belt for more style.


Wide dress and asymmetric necklines. 


Since everything in life is symmetrical, we can take advantage of it when wearing a dress. In this case, it’s best to wear a wide, but not exaggerated dress. Besides, it should also be light and sophisticated. The asymmetrical neckline will capture attention to where we want to take it. For its part, the empire cut will also be beneficial. Rather dead than plain, as they say.


Dresses with knots at the waist.


Whether it’s a belt or a braid that you have to tie, a dress with a round neck and an asymmetric cut at the bottom and a strap that you can tie will be the most appropriate option to exude elegance.


How to hide the belly with a dress?


Fashion Trends and Style - The best dresses - Clothes

We must learn that our clothes must fulfill the role of our best ally. They will help us hide what we want to hide and highlight what we are proud of. Hiding the belly in a dress is simple, and you just have to follow these tips to the letter:


Say NO to elastics. 


Unfortunately, some fabrics don’t fulfill their function correctly, and it’s for this reason that Lycra should be forgotten in our garments. I recommend some looser or thicker fabrics.


Choose asymmetrical cuts. 


Not only in dresses, but in blouses or shirts. Asymmetrical cuts will divert attention and still mark the contour of our figure.


Pair the jeans with a long top.


Length plays a crucial role in concealing the tummy. So, to hide it, choose a blouse that falls more at the height of the hips.


Jeans or pants, always high-waisted. 


If you want to hide your belly, you can’t wear jeans or pants at the hip in a 2000 style. Instead, choose high-waisted ones as they’re more comfortable.


Wear flared skirts. 


A skirt in the shape of an “A” is perfect to camouflage your tummy and achieve a modern, elegant appearance that in turn conceals that abdominal area. Amazing, right?


How can I hide my belly?


Fashion Trends and Style - The best dresses - Clothes

Concealing the belly is a matter of aesthetics and perspective.


At Fashion Trends, we’re convinced that with these tips, you will be able to hide what you want to hide and highlight the places you’re proud of.


While it’s true that no body is perfect, I am very clear that we all have some area of ​​our body that we love and that is where we must keep our attention.


In the meantime, keep paying attention to what you love and what you feel safe with.


Also, I recommend that you pay attention to clothes that have vertical lines to look slimmer. What do you think about this article?