The best dresses for a maid of honor

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Are you the maid of honor of the wedding? If so, the first thing you need to know is that people will pay attention to you. Of course, not at the same level as the bride, she’s the star after all, but still. Because of this, today we’ll show you the best types of dresses you can wear for this beautiful event. This way, you’ll become the best maid of honor ever.


Like the bride, the maid of honor tends to look different from the rest of the guests. In fact, besides elegance, you should also stand out for your simplicity and discretion.


From the moment you get your invitation, you must understand how special this event is. And since you’re the guest of honor, you should dazzle with the best look and accessories.


How should a maid of honor’s dress be?


Once you find out you’re the maid of honor, you start to play a leading role for that amazing day. In fact, you’ll be the one in charge of passing the wedding rings. However, if you don’t know what to wear for this occasion, don’t worry. Today we’ll give you some basic guidelines for finding the right style for the celebration.


What dress to choose?


Fashion Trends and Style - The best dresses for a maid of honor - Dress

Ah, here we are, at the million-dollar question. Many women don’t know what to wear when it comes to a formal event. Or worse, their nerves get the best of them and don’t allow them to make the right choice. However, we’ll all be in this situation, you’re not the only one.


To start, you should know that many factors come into play when choosing the right maid of honor look. First, you should know what the theme of weeding will be when it will take place and where. Besides, you should also take into account the bride’s dress. This way, you won’t fall out of line or, worse, outshine her.


For example, if the bride wants to wear a basic dress, you should choose a simple and discreet dress. This also includes your accessories, it’s very important to not go overboard with them. On the other hand, never, and I mean NEVER, wear a white dress for this kind of event. It’s disrespectful to no end. Instead, choose a different color than that of the bridesmaids and mother of the bride.


What trends should you follow?


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Regarding trends, when it comes to the maid of honor, the best option tends to be baggy dresses with a straight silhouette.


This can be in an empire, flared, or A shape. Also, choose soft fabrics such as silk, taffeta, and crêpe for your dress.


Another factor to take into account is your age. If you’re on the older side, it’s best to choose a sober but elegant dress.


For example, you can choose one with French sleeves and square, round, or boat necklines.


What kind of shoes can you wear?


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Although it’s customary to see the maid of honor wearing a dress, in reality, this isn’t a basic rule. In fact, some women prefer to wear a two-piece suit, especially ladies. And don’t worry, they aren’t breaking any rules or protocol.


Now, to choose shoes, you have to take into account certain details. The maid of honor who chooses a dress must wear a long model accompanied by high-heeled shoes, regardless of whether the wedding is celebrated during the day or at night


Now, if the suit is two pieces, you can opt for a midi cut or pencil skirt to accompany a jacket.


So, with these three points mentioned, it is important to remember that the maid of honor must:


  • Choose a dress on the same line as the bride’s dress.
  • Use a long dress made of soft fabric.
  • Wear a long dress and heels.
  • Avoid see-through, plunging necklines, and flashy details such as rhinestones and sequins.


What color should the wedding’s maid of honor wear?


Fashion Trends and Style - The best dresses for a maid of honor - Dress

For the color of the dress of the maid of honor, if there are certain rules of protocol. To begin with, like the other guests of the party, the use of white and derivatives should be avoided. That’s why pearl, beige, or ivory shouldn’t enter the list of colors we will see.


Also, black, although elegant, isn’t the best for a maid of honor, as are the bright colors.


To be a stylish maid of honor, if the wedding is celebrated during the day you can opt for pastel tones, or more striking tones if the wedding will be in the late evening. In fact, these colors are in trend and you can choose some of them if you want to be a very glamorous maid of honor:


  • Purple.
  • Blue
  • Emerald green.
  • Marsala
  • Grey silver.


As a last recommendation regarding colors, don’t forget to choose a suit or a dress in a single color. After all, patterns will only make you lose the elegance that a maid of honor should always have.


What accessories should a maid of honor wear?


Fashion Trends and Style - The best dresses for a maid of honor - Accessories

Discretion will be essential when choosing accessories to complement the look of a maid of honor. That’s why you should select small earrings, rings, and necklaces, especially if the ceremony will be held during the day.


Similarly, if you want to wear a colorful accessory, we recommend choosing a single jewel if the look allows it.


Besides, you should choose a small plain or patterned wallet and if you want it to be a very glamorous accessory you can choose a model with fantasy inlays.


Ready to be the weeding’s maid of honor?


Now, you’re ready to be the most beautiful maid of honor of all. However, we can’t end this article without talking about your hair. For this event, you should wear a collected hairstyle since they are very elegant. Or, you can wear a low ponytail with makeup as natural as possible. Remember that less is more, and if you listen to all the advice that we have given you in this post, you will succeed.