How to wear a dress with pants

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How to wear a dress with pants. The experts have spoken. And for a change they have shown us that fashion, in addition to being cyclical, is a matter of perspective. That´s why they bring us, once again, because this was already something that came out in 2017 if I remember correctly, other forms of combinations that are interesting and original.


I’m talking about dresses with pants. Exactly, today we will learn how to combine a dress with pants. And that you do it with the best of styles. Because your beauty comes first. We want that after reading this article you feel like an empowered diva connoisseur of fashion.


Truthfully, this industry linked to street style has always served as a source of information when it comes to trends. And this new style can´t be left behind. Since being a rather risky combination, it´s a proposal that will help you to see with meaning this wonderful universe. Now well, as long as you wear it in the right way.


Take note of these combinations that in Fashion Trends we bring for you. Because we come with everything to teach you about this new style.


How to wear a dress with pants?


There are ways to wear the dress in the best way. And remember, everything is possible in this industry. Especially understanding that, if you know how to combine it, a range of possibilities will open up before you. To treat you like the best ally that, in addition, will help you attract glances wherever you go.


Loose dress with slits


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear a dress with pants - Dresses

It´s perfect to wear on days when you have no idea what to wear. A


nd if you love the side slits, as this way you can wear your pants without any problem.


Also, you can contrast the color with that of your pants, because in this way you create a great balance.


You can also have floral and geometric prints as an excellent option to consider.


Maximized dresses


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear a dress with pants - Dresses

If you´re willing to carry this trend, I recommend that the dress and pants you wear are not too tight. So, you can choose a maxi dress or shirt and combine it with wide jeans. You can define your silhouette with a belt. I assure you that the result will be yummy.


Dare to wear more


Here the “less is more” doesn´t apply. Here you can combine large accessories that help you to complement your outfit. In the small bags, you can also give yourself an upgrade that combined with earrings and vintage-style glasses will slay.


Shoes should always complement


They´re considered the best allies for everything. Yes, for everything. And for this new trend, high ankle boots, platforms, stilettos, and sandals are recommended.


Dresses with a jacket


You can play with the oversize sweater or a jacket for those days when the cold is waiting for you. You will get a quite romantic style that will catch a lot of attention


Dresses with pants and layers and more layers


This helps you if you want to give your outfit a more exaggerated touch. Pair your favorite pants with a dress of the same color. Then add an overshirt in another striking color to help you stand out.


What can be worn over a dress?


There´s a wide variety of things that you can complement to wear the dress with pants. But we want to give you some little tips that can help you make this outfit a super incredible style. You can:


Change shirts for dresses


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear a dress with pants - Dresses

It´s the same as wearing a long shirt, so I recommend that you combine them with jeans and wide heels.


If this dress model is with prints, it will look much better, especially when it comes to vertical stripes.


You can also wear it in opposite colors like black and white.



Don’t discard transparencies


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear a dress with pants - Dresses

Nowadays, necklines have been set aside and this is due to the rise of transparencies.


Since with them you can show skin and not look too vulgar.


So, if you want to look sexy and attractive, but at the same time quite cute, wear them with tube pants and a crop top.


The dress is completely transparent or with a dark print.


The very very long shirt


It´s comfortable, beachy, and very easy to wear. The right size, of course. That’s why I recommend that you buy yours that you can wear over leggings for more attitude and casual shoes. I assure you that you will look very fresh, fashionable and you will shine with style.


Wear it with elegance


If it´s a dress with a straight cut and slits at the edges, I´m sure that they´ll tell you that you look like a queen. Jeans that are comfortable and low, so you don’t feel so “old women”. And if you want some color, I suggest white, since it´s a modern color and elegant.


How to wear sleeveless dresses?


Dresses can also be worn sleeveless, or you can wear them however you feel most comfortable. This cut gives you a very sophisticated silhouette and can be a bit intimidating for many. But you can feel fabulous. Now, there are other ways to wear the dress with pants and here are some other ideas.


The power of robes


Soft, flashy, and also combine with almost everything you want to have in the closet. Regardless of shape or color, what you need is comfort. So, if you feel good about yourself and you like tunics, I recommend that you wear them with comfortable pants in the boho style to feel free.


Don’t toss aside your mom’s dress


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear a dress with pants - Dresses

You can look at yourself in the mirror wearing your favorite jeans, unusual shoes, or white pointed ankle boots.


Your mother’s favorite dress, of course, can´t miss the party to complete your outfit.


Did you realize that it´s possible to wear a dress with pants and wear them in the best of styles?


The truth is that if you can and that´s why at Fashion Trends we want to know what you think of this trend. And how you would wear it in the not too distant future, we hope.