7 tricks to dress well in winter

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Winter is a good time to dress more fashionable than even in the summer. Especially now, when what is being worn the most are layers. This time we can take advantage of it to do what we want in terms of our new trends´ knowledge. So, we must seize the opportunity.


Despite the cold, the important thing is that you have the style you want. And the street style looks on all the catwalks this year continue to confirm it. We´re almost at mid-winter now, and we can usually feel overwhelmed. Because the first thing you think when going out is that you need to be warm and dry.


But you can´t forget that it´s also valid to want to look chic. And we can make use of monogrammed stockings and oversized garments, as well as coats… anything is possible. This way, Fashion Trends found some ways to wear stylish outfits that can help inspire your looks. So, take note of these tips that we bring you today!


How to dress well when it’s cold?


As I said, what´s important is that you´re loaded with style and a personality. That always helps you show that you can be the queen of the imaginary catwalk that exists in your head. Because of this, I want you to pay attention to these tips.


You can wear stockings, but fashionable ones


There´s a type of stocking that is high-end. So, choosing socks with logo details can be very justified when it comes to wearing them.


Think of tweed. Don’t turn your back on it


The tweed suit has shed its old reputation and has come back to us with asymmetrical cuts. Wear these tailored rustic styles with sneakers and a chunky cylinder collar for added style.


Always go big


Fashion Trends and Style - 7 tricks to dress well in winter - Winter

For some years, exaggerated silhouettes have been in fashion. Those that give you huge and elegant proportions. The ones that look like you wrapped yourself in your bed coverlet to go to the office. And it turns out to be a calf-skimming puffer, oversized wool fur, or large-scale art prints.


Denim, please light it up


It’s easy to fall for dark jeans in the winter, but it doesn´t go well. The wardrobe that has pale denim jeans, has inspired us to change the direction of how we see things. We suggest going towards more indigo tones until the return of a more temperate climate.


Wear upbeat colors, for the sake of your style


Fashion Trends and Style - 7 tricks to dress well in winter - Winter

Playing only in cool colors during the winter is no longer as much fun as what you can get with a wardrobe full of vitamins. Immunity from fashion weariness at the time begins with glitters and risky hues like orange and ginger.


You can change to earth tones


Especially in coats. Invest in combining them with chocolate for a good earth tone vibe. They mix very well with basics and clothes that can bring you character.


Go for floral and faded prints.


You don’t necessarily have to wear white in the winter. Flowers are also an option for any time of the year, and they look just as attractive.


How to look elegant in winter? For women


As you can see, freezing temperatures don´t have to impede walking through life full of style. And although it can be a bit challenging, the idea is to know how to combine things. So that you look incredible and full of elegance. That´s why I want you to see these style options.


Neutral-tone sweater


Fashion Trends and Style - 7 tricks to dress well in winter - Winter

These sweaters are very practical for the winter wardrobe because they are warm and elegant. As long as we choose the material and colors that best suit the occasion. 


You can pick a black, beige or white cardigan because they´re colors that go very well with almost everything. The high neck and V-neck sweaters, although if you prefer round, it´s also a good option. The material is very important because, in addition to keeping you warm, it will make it more durable.


A basic down jacket


They may not look too chic; however, you have lots of options. Parkas, anoraks or puffer jackets come in different styles and we should consider the use we´re going to give them.


Put scarves to use


Fashion Trends and Style - 7 tricks to dress well in winter - Winter

You can find them in different sizes, styles, and colors.


This accessory can help you stand out and make you look great in cold weather.


You can choose to wear one in a basic color, but don’t limit yourself, you can play with them.


Don´t forget the hat and the gloves



Fashion Trends and Style - 7 tricks to dress well in winter - winter

Of course, a hat can´t be missing when it comes to a winter outfit. It´s very useful when snow falls and we don´t want our hair to get wet.


It also helps to keep the ears warm, which is very good to prevent you from catching a cold.


For their part, the gloves help the same in the hands. And they give you a lot of style and elegance if you choose the right ones.


How to look cute in winter?


Fashion Trends and Style - 7 tricks to dress well in winter - winter

As you can see, it´s very easy when you want to achieve it. The important thing about all this, or, rather, the trick, is that you must know your proportions. Also, be aware of your body type and what suits you best. So that you can take advantage of it when you have to choose clothes for yourself in winter.


Now, remember that it´s not only about looking covered-up and warm, but also about making you feel pretty and very chic. Don´t let the winter get in the way of it, dear. So, get the idea that you only need too ugly tights or sweaters out of your head.


At Fashion Trends we love to show you clothing options that you can wear at any time of the year. And let you know that not only in summer we can look striking. It depends on you and what you want to display. Because we don´t need everything from the catwalks in our closet. We need to know how to adapt what we have to our personality.