Dress to impress to go to the beach

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Dress to impress to go to the beach. As women, we always want to impress and be in the latest trend. Today we bring you several wardrobe ideas to go to the beach this summer. There’s no doubt that your personal image is important. So, our goal today is to make you showcase your pure beauty and security! Be seen as an empowered queen. Why? Because you deserve it.


We are aware that everyone has a particular style of dressing, and everyone is free to do it as they please. Besides, we don’t always like the same things, and sometimes following etiquette rules or the latest trend doesn’t seem interesting. I learned that it isn’t what I wear, but how I combine it! What’s important is to feel comfortable and happy with yourself. And, once again, I tell you that now it is more than allowed “in the case of fashion”, to do what we please and make us feel good. Even those things that our grandmothers used to tell us as a resounding NO.


It’s because of that kind of fashion that our moms, aunts, or grandmothers taught us that we have a certain notion of dress codes and that to some extent they are reasonable … However, have they ever explained or told you what to wear or not to the beach? They just told me to wear sunscreen and that the sun at noon was the worst! So, in addition to sunscreen, I will show you some ideas to create the best combinations for the beach!


How to be casual while on the beach?


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From dresses to jeans, cool blouses or pants, and shorts, you can use all of these for a casual day at the beach. Even for when you want to gather under a night bonfire with family or friends. However, we recommend leaving your flip-flops behind. Instead, wear tennis shoes or sandals … if you want to impress, you have to leave bad habits behind. This combination is also perfect for a lunch at the hotel where you stay.


This is perfect because in many of them you can’t go inside in your bathing suits. Yes, you may think this is silly, but it makes sense if you see it from the city ​​perspective. How would you feel seeing someone eat in their underwear? Even if we want to accept freedom, it would be weird …


It’s important to remember that there is an outfit for each place. For example, if you are at sea, a bikini is the garment that you can wear with confidence, but to eat, adapt to the occasion.


How do you dress up for a beach vacation?


As I have been telling you – you are the owner of your style. Our recommendation is to stay fresh all the time and as protected from the sun as possible. This is why we recommend cotton or linen clothing, brightly colored shirts, and bold, tropical prints. Here you can use them without hesitation! You can also wear different colored blouses and skirts to match casual shoes.


Be elegant.


Fahion trends and Style - Dress - Be elegant

Yes, we go to the beach to relax and have a good time, without worries, and to get away a bit – quite a bit – from reality. We want to look fresh and carefree, however, we must also allow ourselves to be elegant and presentable.


We can’t afford to be careless, no ma’am, we fashionistas don’t do that. Here are some ideas of what might look amazing when you have to dine in a more serious place.


A cocktail dress is always a go-to option. After all, besides offering a fresh look, it also makes you look serious and spectacular.


Now, if you like long skirts, soft dresses, and see-through blouses, give them a chance. You can combine them with sandals to stylize your figure and slim your legs.


If you bet on the formal


Fahion trends and Style - Dress - formal

Does your friend or family member want to get married on the beach and you have no idea what to wear? Let’s not panic, let’s take a breath and evaluate our options. Formal does not necessarily mean a party dress, hairdressing hairstyle, and makeup.


A good option for you is to wear a jumpsuit, this way you will enhance your figure. Besides, it’s an incredible outfit for this occasion. The best? It’s very easy to combine, and you can choose it in one color or with prints. No matter what you choose, you will look spectacular.


A knee-length dress or pencil skirt will make your waist widen with elegance. If this is your option, choose fine accessories and low platform heels. And when it comes to your hairstyle, you can choose one with a little volume and loose.


For example, loose braids or half collected… Any of these options will make your night magical and shine like you.


Any other inspiration …


From the most formal to the classic. If you go any day to the beach, you must look good and allow yourself to enjoy the sun, the sand, the blue sea, friends or family. For this, I love flowy dresses, shorts, and shirts from the eighties. They have also a comeback for this summer 2021.


Open shirts


Fahion trends and Style - Dress - Open shirts

An open shirt can give you the freshness and style you’re looking for. Try to choose a size larger than your usual and longer.


This way, you can roll up the sleeve to look splendid. When it comes to colors, there’s nothing better than white and sky blue for this garment.


The same goes for stripes, floral prints, and retro. In this combination, along with the bikini, you can use high-waisted shorts and flat sneakers.


Don’t forget your hat and sunglasses … especially use sunscreen.




Fahion trends and Style - Dress - Dresses

A dress is always the most comfortable and safe option. You can find it in different styles and fabrics. For example, plain and basic cotton, patterned ones, or long silk ones. What’s great about it is that it allows you to choose fun add-ons to enhance it even more.


If you go to the beach, for us at Fashion Trends, there’s nothing more important than the accessories you choose.


From hats, caps, and even scarves, they can be the perfect complement. Plus, they will also protect your skin and hair from the sun. Let’s not forget the sarong, accessories, and colored rings to give dynamism to that sought-after outfit.


Now, what do you think about this article? What would you wear for a dinner on the beach? We want to read about you and get to know you. Tell us on our platforms how you would like to dress this summer and how much you don’t want it to end quickly.