How to dress stylishly during pregnancy

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How to dress stylishly during pregnancy. Pregnancy represents a challenge, physically, emotionally, and also concerning fashion. Indeed, it is a wonderful stage, but it can be difficult for some when dressing. And it is that, between looking for comfort, being in trend, and getting clothes that adapt to the new figure, it can be chaos.


Dressing during pregnancy should not be complicated, although it may seem so. First of all, we must seek our comfort, both physical and emotional. We must like how we see ourselves and how we show ourselves to others. For this reason, the clothes we choose must first be oriented towards that north.


Another point to highlight is that dressing during this stage should mean something other than dressing outdated or boring and wearing only wide or oversized clothes. Maternity clothing has evolved, and it is possible to find modern pieces adapted for the pregnant body. And in the same way, provide you with the necessary comfort to move and make your day-to-day functional.


Therefore, today we will give you some ideas of clothes and outfits you can wear during these months of waiting and some tips. Everything so that dressing up becomes much more bearable, and at the same time, you do it with style and imposing your personality.


Outfits to wear during pregnancy


Leggings with jackets


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress stylishly during pregnancy - clothes

Leggings have become a key piece in the wardrobe since you can put together very comfortable and even elegant, casual, and informal looks. And, of course, pregnancy is not the exception to use them. Since they are one of the most used garments due to their type of fabric and flexibility, which will give you ease when moving.


Now, wearing leggings with a jacket is a success, and what better than a jacket, either denim or in some bright color, to complete that look? It can also help you protect yourself from the cold if there are low temperatures in your city, which is why it is the first outfit we suggest and know will work great for you.


Dresses with belts


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress stylishly during pregnancy - clothes

One way to bring out the volume of a beautiful pregnancy belly is to demarcate it with a ribbon or belt above it, which can even help to stylize your figure and flatter you.


Monochromatic and long coat


The tight is for pregnant women, and nobody makes you think otherwise. For this reason, you can ideally opt for a tight dress combining it with a long coat of a different color and creating contrast. In addition to looking very elegant at the same time, you bring out your status.


Knitted sweaters and midi skirts


Knitted sweaters or pullovers are one of the ideal options for this stage since they are comfortable. And it is a garment that you can continue using after pregnancy, so it is a good investment. Wear them with midi skirts for a different look and with greater comfort.


Cut Out Dresses


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress stylishly during pregnancy - clothes

If you like to dress with the latest trends, you are risky, and being pregnant does not represent an impediment to dressing. A cut-out dress is perfect for you, especially for a night out. You can complement it with a denim jacket and a pair of sandals, yes, super comfortable for your safety.




The sets are back in fashion and are a wise choice for the sweet wait. They are comfortable, you always combine them, and you should only think a little to put together your outfit since you will only need one top to complete it. And the best thing is that you can continue using them after pregnancy. Wear them with tennis shoes or wedge sandals, or running soles.


Tight Dresses


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress stylishly during pregnancy - clothes

Tight dresses are being worn daily, and if you wear them with tennis shoes or sports sneakers and a jean jacket, you will look fabulous without a doubt.


Straight Dresses


A straight dress is another recyclable garment that can continue to be used postpartum. Due to its cut and the space in the central area, it will gradually adapt to the body and its natural growth. Giving you a very elegant and sober look if that is your style.


Dress Shirt


When you’re having a wardrobe crisis, there’s nothing a shirtdress won’t remedy. These dresses do not stop being worn, and thanks to their spaciousness and comfort, they are an ally during pregnancy and after it too. So, it’s another good investment to make, and you can wear it with leggings and shorts if you feel more confident that way.




Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress stylishly during pregnancy - clothes

It is a very cute accessory that gives a lot of personality to your look. If you like the boho style, this option is ideal for you. In addition to the fact that it brings much freshness and you can continue wearing it after giving birth.


Summer dresses


Pregnancy and long and wide dresses combine style and comfort and will give you a good figure in these months. So don’t hesitate to buy one, with the certainty that you will continue to wear it.


Pregnant women also party


And they can also wear glitter with a mini or midi dress according to what makes them feel more comfortable and clear, that fits your silhouette well. Also, a bodycon dress is great if you still want to look sexy. You can wear sandals with both options, as long as your doctor allows it and you feel comfortable.


Recommendations for choosing clothes during pregnancy


Buy clothes that you can wear later


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress stylishly during pregnancy - clothes

A vital recommendation that we can make is that you focus on something other than buying maternity clothes exclusively since their useful life is short.


While if you focus on buying garments, you can use in both periods, you will have functional garments and a guaranteed investment. For example, leggings, sweaters, jackets, dresses that stretch, and panties.


Choose versatile fabrics


Select textiles that give you comfort when wearing them and fit your body without causing oppression or discomfort. Something like knitted fabrics, cotton, and soft and flexible ribbing.


Look for flat, supportive shoes


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress stylishly during pregnancy - clothes

In this turn of fashion, where sports sneakers have prevailed even for elegant and evening looks, they are a perfect option to use during pregnancy when you need comfort and safety when walking. Make sure that the shoes they choose have a padded sole for greater support.


Always wear what makes you feel good


This stamp is characterized by the ups and downs of emotions, and the important thing is to always look out for your well-being, and through clothes and how we dress, we can change our state of mind. Therefore, always try to dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable and safe.


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