How to dress masculine for the office without a suit?

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It seems the opposite, but sometimes, many men consider how to dress for their job without a uniform or when there is no mood and the weather is suitable for wearing a suit. Because in reality, they don’t always want to wear one. Especially in hot climates.


Currently, a dress code is no longer present in many jobs. Now, we can find jobs that allow you some freedom when it comes to dressing without losing formality.


It’s for this reason that the “smart casual” or semiformal style has taken root as a new form of clothing that I promise will never fail you. The best thing is that you won’t need a suit to look elegant.


How should a man dress in an office?


Fashion Trends and Style - Suit - Man

There are many ways to go to the office without a suit, looking serious and formal. It depends on you and your style.


Meanwhile, your field also matters, since some men must ignore jeans from Monday to Friday.


At Fashion Trends, we bring you some elegant outfits that can express your style and personality. Ready for this trip?


Open your closet and let’s identify those clothes!


Casual clothing. 


Fashion Trends and Style - Suit - Man

It isn’t so difficult to think of a casual look to go to the office.


What’s important is to manage to look modern and sophisticated. How do you do it? With some chinos and a short or long-sleeved shirt.


If you prefer, you can wear brown loafers and a strap of the same color to take advantage of the colors.


This is a good option for a long working day. Throughout the day, you will look very casual and at the same time very formal.


More rock clothes.


Fashion Trends and Style - Suit - Man

Dressing according to your style and personality is possible.


Don’t feel self-conscious about doing it, because repressing your way of being is now in the past.


Now, to get a rock outfit, the first thing you have to look for is black pleated pants and combine them with a simple shirt, denim, or prints.


As for footwear, you can wear black ankle boots. Some military-type boots are also a good option. The important thing is that they’re shiny and neat.


Athleisure type clothing. 


 Your outfit is probably more sporty than casual or rocker… and that’s great. I want to show you that you can transform that sporty look into something great to go to the office without shorts and a sweatshirt. In this case, opt for green khaki pants, tennis shoes, and a crew neck sweater.


How to be elegant without wearing a suit?


Fashion Trends and Style - Suit - Man

In addition to what I have already taught you, there are other ways to bring a formal image to the office without being too traditional.


Today, it’s common to come up with unique and fun styles to go to work. Because of this, today I will help you discover how you can look formal in the office without falling into the traditional.


First, we have to talk about the suit: the suit is part of the male (and now female) wardrobe that has taken over styles when men want to look manly, powerful, sophisticated, and elegant.


Now, it’s no secret to anyone that over the years this is no longer the case.


Subsequently, the dress codes for going to work have evolved and have given a little more freedom to eliminate stiffness. Not everything has to be black or white in the case of extremes, now we see nuances.


If you want to wear a formal style without having to look for a suit, you can choose to follow these tips:


  1. Dress pants. It’s a good option to look formal. Opt to wear it with a short-sleeved shirt, buttoned just below the neck. Play with jackets and bombers for a more interesting look.
  2. The dark jean. While it’s true that jean isn’t a favorite garment, wear a dark jean with a blazer-type suit jacket. With this outfit, you will be able to look semiformal and very fashionable.
  3. Leather jackets. These are ideal for a work meeting or when you have to go see a client. Add some boot-style shoes or loafers to elevate your outfit and in turn your self-esteem.


How to dress better as a man?


Fashion Trends and Style - Suit - Man

You have to understand that clothing says a lot about yourself. Talk about first impressions and they, although we don’t want to accept it, do matter. It’s for this reason that you have to choose the right clothes to take them to the office.


Also, understand your figure, weight, size, and measurements to dress according to your body type and thus be able to identify what looks good and what to discard. For slim men, they can choose pieces that aren’t too tight, but not too baggy either. The best is straight garments. On the other hand, if in your case you’re chubbier, avoid layers as it will visually increase the volume.


Finally, you can choose your own looks and thus find your own style. Once you have this mastered, you can organize those outfits that make you look more elegant and fuller of experience. The important thing is that you use what you like and makes you happy, that it gives you character and adds personality.


How to wear business casual for men?


Fashion Trends and Style - Suit - Man

In short, this style is one of those preferred by young people who are entering the work field. Business casual is a style that is part of a tie and basic garments.


Do you think it’s possible to wear it without a suit or at least not as a complete suit, but the jacket as a complement?


To begin with, the look should be elegant, comfortable, and it has to give you a formal appearance that gives you seriousness and natural appeal.


No tie, of course.


How to dress masculine for the office without a suit


Fashion Trends and Style - Suit - Man

The office is that space where you have to play serious, a little conservative and classic. It’s possible to achieve this with looks that aren’t extremely elegant.


You can be more cheerful and daring. Taking into account, of course, that you don’t have to exaggerate when it comes to wearing extravagant colors.


At Fashion Trends, we’re pleased to bring this article to you, and we want to know what you think about it.


What accessories would you use to wear this outfit to the office? Do you think it would be more semiformal?