How to dress for every occasion on 2022

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How to dress for every occasion on 2022. We know that, before an event, we are assailed by the question of what to wear, what colors are appropriate. Whether we should wear glitter or heels, how to dress during the day or for a beach wedding.


Well, this is today´s topic, so you know how to look perfect on every occasion.


First, let’s clarify that each event is unique and, although they occur simultaneously, they don´t usually have the same style. For example, a morning baptism is not the same as a birthday in the morning. Despite being both in the morning, the clothing changes because the reason for the events is different.


So, let’s see how to dress according to each occasion in 2022.


The first step is to choose the type of dress, the color, and the style. Because short dresses are ideal for morning and afternoon events and cocktails. In contrast, long dresses are more appropriate for evening or very formal occasions.


The same thing happens with colors. Light and vibrant tones are the most used for the day and the soberest and dark nighttime.


Regarding style, it is a decision that will depend on each person. However, some events require a specific dress code. So, we must be attentive to this type of detail.



Baptism, communion, or day wedding


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for every occasion on 2022 - Clothing

These three types of events can become a bit common with each other. So, the clothing is usually the same, but speaking in terms of colors and dress style.


People usually go to light colors, pastels, prints, or combinations of solid or plain colors with patterns.


As for the type of dress, shorts or midi are the most suitable options. However, a long dress made of new fabrics, with ruffles and light, can be used for daytime events since they are not so formal.


Also, this type of dress is an excellent option if the event is outdoors.


Another option is the sets of two or three pieces, with combinations of tops and skirts or rompers with jackets.


A widely used accessory for this type of event are shawls or pashmina. They serve as a combination of the outfit and, if the weather warrants it, to cover from the cold.


As for the accessories, lean towards the use of pearls, chains, and earrings in all gold or silver. All according to your taste. You can add a couple of zircon earrings, avoiding stones or excessive glitter.


Another option to wear is a hat. It would help if you chose the type well according to the occasion and clothing style.


As for hair, a very nice trend that is still in fashion are braids, which are a very versatile hairstyle. They are comfortable and keep your hair in order throughout the day.



Corporate Event


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for every occasion on 2022 - Clothing

It is a type of event where we have to take great care of our image. Since we´ll be mingling colleagues and even bosses and possibly senior executives of the company we work.


Therefore, we must also ensure that clothing, hairstyle, and accessories are perfectly harmonious when attending. To look professional but without looking dull or severe.


You can opt for pencil or tube skirts, skinny pants, or straight cuts in neutral tones if the event is at noon. Like navy blue, light tones, or earth tones. Combined with silk blouses or blouses with lace details in the romantic style.


Wearing jackets will always be successful because it will give you an executive and professional image. And as for shoes, kitty heels are a comfortable and elegant option.


As for accessories, choose small and discreet pieces, minimalist and straightforward. And for makeup, wear a neutral type in all warm colors using a gloss or lipstick in a soft tone on the lips.


Now, suppose the event is at night. In that case, you can put together a slightly more relaxed look, incorporating a jumpsuit or romper. Maybe pants and jacket sets, transparent or chiffon fabrics, and jeans with stilettos will make you look well dressed and elegant.


About accessories, these can be a little more striking concerning the time of day. And with makeup, you can also highlight some parts of the face, such as eyes or lips, to achieve a more attractive look.



Afternoon Events


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for every occasion on 2022 - Clothing

Here it will logically depend on the type of event. However, you must consider that it will generally last until late at night, when an event starts in the afternoon.


For this reason, what we use must look appropriate and suitable both in the afternoon and late at night.


According to protocols, long dresses should always be worn at evening events. But they mention that the clothing will depend on the type of event. This type of clothing won´t always be required.


Therefore, if we go to a cocktail party, an art gallery opening, a business or store opening, we can wear short dresses, skirts, jeans with sandals or heels, jumpsuits or rompers, skinny pants, jackets, blouses,transparencies.


Accessories can be flashy, and makeup can also be a bit heavier.


Now, if it is a formal event, here the matter changes. Because in this case, we must use the rules of etiquette and wear the long dress. Since, as we mentioned, there will be a transition between afternoon and evening, and the occasion warrants it.


Formal Evening Events


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for every occasion on 2022 - Clothing

Here the formula is undeniable, based on what we talked about.


The dress par excellence is long, with shiny, embroidered, elegant fabrics, with appliqués and stones.


Also, the trend can be sets of skirts and tops in silk fabrics, even striking prints.


As for colors, black will always be a must for this event. However, nowadays, the imagination is the limit in terms of combining colors for night events, seeing some bright tones between the usual dark ones.


As for the hairstyle, the hair is usually tied up. But today, long hair with waves or extreme straight hair is also an elegant and formal option.


The makeup is usually loaded and striking. And about the accessories, the use of jewels and diamonds in tune with the occasion is common.





Etiquette rules in clothing


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for every occasion on 2022 - Clothing

If the event is a civil wedding, it is forbidden to wear a veil. In any case, the maid of honor will wear a headdress. And only she and the witnesses may wear long dresses and hairstyles.


The hat should not be used in evening events. And if you do wear it, you should not take it off until after you have left the place.


In the case of gloves, you can wear them at any time of the day. If it is in the morning, they will be short; in the afternoon, half an arm and longer at night.


Other aspects to take into account when dressing are:



Avoid wrinkles, torn, missing buttons, stains


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for every occasion on 2022 - Clothing

Before using a garment, you must verify that it is perfect.


And if it has any unstitched part or is missing a button or appliqué or has stains, it must be mended and washed beforehand.


If it cannot be fixed beforehand, you must change the garment for practical use.



Clothes and shoes in good condition


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for every occasion on 2022 - Clothing

As we mentioned in the previous point, it is necessary to check our clothes and ensure they are suitable. We have to be the same way with shoes.


Let’s avoid dirty, broken shoes, worn soles, and chapped skin that give you a bad look.


In these cases, please send them to the shoemaker to fix them. And if they have more damage, discard them or donate them.


Impeccable Nails


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for every occasion on 2022 - Clothing

An essential part of our presence is in the nails.


If you don’t have much time or budget to go to a beauty salon and have them done, you can review our nail-care guide. There we teach you how to keep them neat and presentable without dying in the attempt.


Hands are a focus of attention, and therefore we must keep them clean, short, and presentable. Especially when attending an event.


Clothes that fit you well


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for every occasion on 2022 - Clothing

Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose that don’t fit your body well and don’t look good. Use clothes of your size and try to sell them or donate what does not fit you.


With this, you´ll be more than ready to know how to look on each occasion and as the rules warrant.


Remember always to be faithful to your style and, above all, feel comfortable with your body and your clothes.