Learn how to dress fashionably but elegantly

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Learn how to dress fashionably but elegantly. Casual outfits are always comfortable and always stay in style. However, we often need more elegant clothes for special occasions.


Most of the time we don´t know how to combine our clothes or which look is ideal. That is why today we come to teach you how to dress fashionably but elegantly. How to look perfect for the occasion without forgetting about current trends.


Whether for a night party or a business meeting or if you want to give your outfit that fancy touch, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading and discover how to get your perfect look!


Elegance And Simplicity


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn how to dress fashionably but elegantly- clothing

First, you should know that an elegant look does not necessarily imply luxury clothes or accessories. You can combine a more or less casual outfit with elegant accessories or shoes. There are many ways to bring this characteristic to how you look.


And well, as they say, less is more. Do not try too hard to look elegant because you can end up with a very busy outfit. In addition, the elegant but comfortable looks are seen the most in the street style of this spring of 2023.


To achieve that perfect outfit, which is simple and comfortable but elegant at the same time, we advise you to wear plain and harmonious clothes. With neutral colors. Black is always an excellent option to look elegant, but don’t be afraid to fill your outfit with color.


For example, you can wear jacket suits, tweed clothes, and cardigans. Combinations such as a dress and a coat in black and white will always be a total success.


For footwear, go for ballerinas, stilettos, or loafers. You will feel comfortable and sure of yourself and look super elegant.


Black And White


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn how to dress fashionably but elegantly- clothing

As we have mentioned, black and white are a combination that does not fail when it comes to dressing elegantly. They are harmonious and visually pleasing colors. And they sure have led street style for years and are a mix that provides timelessness and neutrality.


One of the best options is to choose a total look in black. This one will always make you look classy. Lean towards a blazer (it’s a must to look elegant) and a midi skirt.


One of the most iconic outfits is that of Princess Diana, dressed in white with a blazer and a midi skirt. Adding a perfect touch in between a black belt. Accessories like this can make all the difference.


You can also wear white pants or jeans and combine them with black ballerinas.



Fashion Trends and Style - Learn how to dress fashionably but elegantly- clothing

A single-color outfit will always be harmonious and elegant. It is ideal, especially for the return to the office during this time. For this reason, we recommend having a capsule wardrobe for this type of style.


And it is that a monochromatic style is not only elegant, but it takes a lot of stress off you when it comes to dressing. Since you do not have to spend hours looking for clothes that match. But how to wear one successfully?


First, you have to keep in mind that you have complete freedom to use a variety of shades of the color you choose, as well as different types of texture. Colors such as black, nude, navy blue, or gray are usually the favorites, but wearing some more vibrant ones is valid.


Choose the color you like the most, and of course, you have more clothes of. A good tip we can give you is to create contrasts between the shades of the color you pick.


You can also play with the textures to create a look that is more attractive to the eye and simultaneously harmonious. Although limiting yourself to just one is comfortable and more practical, it does not necessarily have to be that way. Try transparencies, fake leather, velvet, and denim, among others.


Jacket Suits


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn how to dress fashionably but elegantly- clothing

The jacket suits are a must to achieve elegance in an outfit. Mostly black or beige.


If you want a perfect office look, for example, you can combine the suit jacket with basic garments, such as the classic white shirt. Stilettos are an excellent option for footwear.


On the other hand, if it is for a more casual or relaxed occasion, you can mix the jacket suit with sneakers, boots on the outside, or loafers. Especially if the suit is beige.


With a suit jacket, you can also join the oversize trend. Believe us. It does not take away from the elegance at all. Wide trench coats, superlative blazers, and wide pants are worn. It is currently the favorite outfit of the insiders. It is also a comfortable and flattering look.


Extra tips for dressing elegantly


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn how to dress fashionably but elegantly- clothing

Here are some additional tips on how to dress elegantly and practically:


  • Build a capsule wardrobe with basic clothes for your elegant outfit.
  • Choose the color palette that matches your skin tone and best flatters your silhouette.
  • Try to avoid excessively obvious logos or textures on clothing.
  • Have a specific accessory that becomes the emblem of your elegant outfit.
  • Don´t go and exaggerate with the details. Remember that less is more.


What do you think? Do you already have ideas to put together your elegant outfit? We hope we have helped you! At Fashion Trends, you can always find the best ideas to give yourself the ideal style.


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