Draped looks, the trendiest thing that favors everyone

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Draped looks, the trendiest thing that favors everyone. We all want to look good, feminine, and be in trend in any season. That’s why, as the fashionistas that we are or are beginning to be, in summer it is very necessary to prepare for what is coming and update ourselves as soon as possible. Because of this, we must know that draping is what will dominate these hot months.


If we think of drapes, we go back to those epic times of human civilization, where around 3000 BC in Ancient Egypt, sandals or linen was the predominant decoration. Over the years, the transcendence of culture and different techniques managed to catapult and sculpt the female figure.


Discover what the draped trend is about


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Draping is a textile technique positioned in this summer of 2021.


It’s a trend because each garment has its character and is flattering to any type of silhouette. Want to try them? If so, keep reading! 


As we all well know, this year, flowers, shirts, fabrics, prints, and loose clothing returned. And street style is ruling today’s runways.


However, they aren’t the only ones since draping in different garments, such as dresses, skirts, blouses, and tops, have also come back.


What is fashion draping?


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Draping is a millinery technique that has managed to inspire great brands and designers to create different types of clothes.


They have done this through the manipulation of fabric to create folds and gathers.


An interesting fact is that this technique allows the designer to see the final result and work on the construction of the details before finishing their piece


Ehow magazine has some types, and I’ll name them for you:


Gathering technique


This technique is one of the most used. It’s achieved by threading a needle through the fabric to achieve a length the fraction of the original. The base piece is a rectangle that becomes triangular, creating volume and a bell shape. They are applied evenly on the sleeve or neck, creating a bulge.


Segment technique


On the other hand, segments are pieces placed on the outfit to add volume. They were used mainly in the 19th century, in different areas, usually in skirts and dresses. These are sewn on the side seams and start from the hip or the knees. The final style is trumpet style, which you can use in this style or asymmetrically.


Swish technique


A crop is a piece that hangs and collapses in the center. In other words, it falls in the center of two supports, remaining in the center of the outfit and, in turn, can go on the sides. Most people use them for galas as very formal dresses.


Flare technique


Finally, flares are filled cones that go from rim to rim. Created with the hem cut thicker than the top, its triangular shape is what gives the desired volume. Sleeves are also a flared style and are applied flat on the upper arm and while creating a wider hem.


What is a draped dress?


A draped dress the perfect garment to highlight your figure. It’s a technique in trend that firms such as Marni, Attico, and Saint Laurent have introduced on their catwalks.


They also come in different lengths and you can find them on sleeves, asymmetrical cuts, waists, or chests. You will achieve a style between vintage and modern that will make you feel sexy, favored, and very trendy.


Long draped dresses 


Without a doubt, for a day at the office or a dinner with friends in a restaurant, this garment will help you show off the beauty of your figure. It all depends on the shape of the dress and where the draping will be. So, if you want a mischievous sensuality, the back cut is the one that will favor you, no matter what type of figure you have. The draping can be on the length of the dress or the chest.


Draped Party Dresses


Fashion Trends and Style - Draped - party dresses

In short, we can find millions of draped models for parties and any could be a flattering option for you.


What’s great about them is their wide variety of garments.


As a result, you can find them plain and draped on a skirt or completely draped as well as in long or short models.


Also, with wide shoulders and pleats or with a princess cut.


Now, it does not matter what type of garment you choose, as long as it goes along with your body type.


Draped dresses hide everything


Fashion Trends and Style - Draped - Red dress

From the tummy that bothers us, to wide hips, big chest, and thick arms (my own insecurities).


This kind of dress is like a magic wand that manages to refine the legs to make us believe that we are going to a catwalk.


If you are looking to refine your legs, look for lower drapes. Preferably in the front and in the center.


However, if what you are looking for is to stylize your shoulders, get a drape on sleeves with volume. This way, you will be able to hide its width.


On the other hand, if you want to hide your chest, try to find a drape on the trunk. By doing this, you will direct all the attention toward your lower half. On the contrary, if your case is the opposite and you want to hide your hips, bet on an asymmetrical drape from the hip.


If in your case you want to narrow the waist, opt for the upper drape so that the attention goes directly to this area. Finally, to hide that belly that sometimes bothers us a bit opts for a drape with vertical stripes. Visually, you will achieve the goal.


How and when to wear a draped dress?


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This effect is very appetizing and refined, as well as in some cases somewhat complicated by its technique.


This is due to the arrangement of the fabric that, in folds, can create more volume than desired and, depending on where you place it and where the fall begins, it can generate an effect contrary to what we are looking for.


For short, mid-length, or long dresses, it is a perfect structure for any time of the day.


It is perfectly applicable to light wrap, open or puffed dresses, as I explained before, depending on what you want to show or hide, there is a special and perfect drape for you.


Draped on skirts and tops


Fashion Trends and Style - Draped - tops

At the same time, draped skirts and tops are also a bet that stands out this season, because, in the case of skirts, they offer us an elegant asymmetric silhouette that may well be accompanied by a blazer and belt.


This outfit will achieve a simple and elegant aesthetic, with comfort. Also, you can achieve sensuality with mini skirts with vibrant colors and superlative shoulders.


That said, many brands offer us a wide range of collections that with pieces such as tops or t-shirts show us ingenuity and irresistible sensuality. This brings us bare shoulders. A proposal by Luis Vuitton is to wear it on one side with a balloon sleeve with prints.


Would you dare to wear this draped style? That’s the million-dollar question. Of course, we at Fashion Trends want to know the answer and if you have a favorite style for this elegant and sophisticated look. Tell us your ideas and send us your questions to interact with you.