Discover all there’s to know about the Y2K trend

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Discover all there’s to know about the Y2K trend. It’s everywhere! I’m sure you’ve seen it on Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest. It is an effect also called the “problem of the 2000s”. It was actually a computer error that caused a commotion as we awaited the arrival of the new millennium.


This computer problem was a programming error that did not record another year that did not start at 19; therefore, on January 1, 2000, computers would show January 1, 1900. At that time, people thought that this small error would misalign important data and would, in turn, cause an economic crisis.


However, none of this happened, and when 2000 rolled around, the bug was fixed. And before you ask yourself, what does one have to do with the other? The answer is that the Y2K style is many micro trends that return, such as Ugg boots, Von Dutch caps, low-rise jeans (much to my regret), or Skechers.


What is Y2K fashion?


Fashion Trends and Style - Y2K - Trend

Within this style, we can find ombre lips, icy shadow, space bows, ultra-thin eyebrows (oh, no), and many others that confinement made us remember.


Celebrities also joined in on this trend and now wear hair clips, greenish colors, icy lilac, spiky hairstyles, forehead locks, lip liner, and much more.


Now, many say that the 2000s was a break for fashion since it was full of terrible mistakes that, looking at it from a very objective point of view, did not stylize us at all. And I know we come from the understanding that what we wear no longer matters as long as we feel good about ourselves. Y2K comes to a stop denying this somewhat misguided facet and shows us that we can be free.


Is the Y2K style back?


Yes, it came back, hopefully giving us a second chance to improve. This style is a mixture of pop culture and technological advances, influenced by the launch of the Bratz and other things that leave us in nostalgia for what has been lived. So yes, the Y2K aesthetic is back together with bubblegum pink, metallic clothing … and stop counting.


What is Y2K clothing?


Fashion Trends and Style - Y2K - Trend

This trend emerged at the beginning of the two-thousands when the excesses of style were fused with the street fashion of the 90s. Within them, we can find Pop icons of the stature of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears (together! #FreeBritney), and Paris Hilton.


It’s carefree, energetic, and somewhat futuristic, if we see it from my point of view. It clarifies that fashion is completely cyclical and that styles can be reinterpreted.


And not only with our wardrobe, now we can see it in the digital world, on all social media, but you will also find # Y2K with more than two million publications on Instagram. And we can see it with the resurgence of boy bands, reality shows, or logos.


How do you dress as Y2K?


Actually, I don’t think anyone predicted that this year would bring with it a reinvention of that wardrobe that many of us wanted to leave behind. So, it’s time to dust off scarf tops, kitschy prints, and cropped cardigans. That is why I bring you some combinations that can be useful if you want to belong to this new wave.


Matching cropped cardigans. 


Fashion Trends and Style - Y2K - Trend

In the 2000s, we used them with lingerie skirts or long-waisted jeans, and we also combined them with butterfly brooches; the more, the better.


However, although you can use it like that, I recommend that you opt for a set in a solid tone, high-waisted pants, bright colors, boyfriend jeans, or denim.


The footwear of your preference.


Scarf tops.


Fashion Trends and Style - Y2K - Trend

In the 2000s, we wore it with low-cut (hip) denim and strap sandals.


However, these days, while I can accept that the contrast of silk and denim is quite attractive, the cuts in the boots and the wide leg styles should be forgotten.


Try jeans or joggers. Also, high-waisted jeans and thick black sandals will give you the modern touch we are looking for.



One-shoulder tank tops.


Fashion Trends and Style - Y2K - Trend

Before, we preferred cuts with a huge logo in rhinestones or exaggerated flowers paired with low-cut pants.


However, let’s forget about the exaggerated brightness and the too extravagant prints that are not going to get us anywhere.


I recommend looking for monochrome looks to get a more elegant style. Combine it with matching trousers.


Baby t-shirts.


 These shirts fit just above the belly button and have a higher fit across the chest. You can find them with quirky quotes, animated characters, or branded graphics. You can play with baggy jeans or pleated skirts for a good combination. It is versatile and adaptable.


The return of shine.


 Yes, the technological boom led us to the futuristic, which brought shiny materials with silver or pearlescent. You can adapt it with a metallic padded jacket or pants in shades of pink, blue or purple.


Pleated and colored skirts.


 Here I can’t help but sing “Hit me, baby, one more time!” because she had one of these in the video. In these times, getting one that suits you and your style is easy, from micro to the longest. This uniform garment looks great with oversized sweaters or crop tops, chunky sneakers, or boots.


How is the Y2K trend evolving?


Fashion Trends and Style - Y2K - Banner

They say this trend will be an obsession for as long as the summer lasts. However, I think it will continue throughout the year, and who knows? Maybe it will last years! What I am sure of is that it’s time to take advantage of this second chance. 


So, it is important to evolve and make it more current and cooler. I suggest keeping fun and bright colors like lime green, yellow, purple, or fuchsia. And if we can wear these colors in makeup, that would be great.


In short, every day we notice that we are evolving and revolutionizing this industry. At this point, nothing should surprise us too much, so I hope that when the dresses of the 1800s return, we will feel psychologically prepared.


At Fashion Trends, we are happy to share these articles, and we want to know if they make an impact on you. We want you to tell us what you think about this style. Would you take it or not? Did you wear butterflies on your head?