Shine like the diamond you’re with the best clothes for diamond shaped bodies!

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Shine like the diamond you’re with the best clothes for diamond shaped bodies!. Do you think the perfect body exists? The truth is that, yes, it does exist. And I can get very romantic when I tell you that your body is perfect, because yes, it is. Like mine, like that of your friends and family.


Now, trends live in constant changes. This means that it isn’t easy to find clothes that adapt to your precious and unique body. For this reason, it’s very important to know which ones will bring out the best in you and your silhouette.


In Fashion Trends, we made a collection of styles and clothing that fits the diamond body type. So if you have a figure with hips wider than your shoulders, legs and arms thin, and a small chest, stay with me! Because this article is special for you. Do you want to know how to dress?


What is a diamond body?


Fashion Trends and Style - Diamond body shape - woman

Also called a rhombus body. It’s the opposite of the hourglass, as the shape of an apple, and its figure consists of a wide waist, narrow shoulders and hips, and a short neck. Also, the legs are thin, and the bust is small.


In general, this type of figure tends to accumulate fat in the abdomen and sometimes in the chest and arms. In this sense, the main objective when dressing should be to hide the abdomen and wear clothes that stylize the arms and neck. Here, you may ask, how do I do that?


Simple, first you can stylize the arms using French sleeves, three quarters, and a V-neck and neckline. It’s important to note that long necks don’t go well with this type of figure.


On the other hand, blazers with light shoulder pads and strapless necklines will help you broaden your shoulders. Concerning the bottom, what you should do is compensate for the narrowness of your calves by wearing long straight, or flared pants.


What are the characteristics of a diamond body?


Fashion Trends and Style - Diamond body shape - woman

In addition to those that we already talked about, some other characteristics are narrow shoulders and a face very well proportioned to the body. Besides, the neck is well-defined, the hips prominent, and thick thighs.


A woman with these characteristics tends to accumulate centimeters in the belly and waist. That’s why she is also called an apple and has thin shoulders. When choosing your clothes, take into account that, as with all figures, the goal is balance.


In your case, between the shoulders and the bust with the hips. After all, what we need is to define the waist. Look for neutral and dark colors, straight or A-shaped skirts. What do you think of these ideas?


However, you should avoid pencil-type skirts, tapered jeans, oversized prints, oversized embellished t-shirts, vertical patterns, and oversized scarves. As for footwear, heavy boots don’t suit you either.


How to have a slimmer body?


Fashion Trends and Style - Diamond body shape - woman

As I told you at the start, you are beautiful! Hug yourself, accept yourself, give yourself love and take advantage of your style by wearing clothes that highlight those parts that you love, of which you feel most proud. All bodies are beautiful!


Now, what should you wear to impress? Simple, certain rules can help you dress this silhouette, and others that won’t help so much. Let’s start with the ones that don’t:


In addition to the ones I mentioned, don’t wear too tight tops, stay away from horizontal stripes and avoid thick prints, as well as fabrics from the waist up. Easy to identify, right?


As for the garments that you can use, focus on marking the waist to balance, also take advantage of showing your legs, highlighting your shoulders, and taking risks with a neckline that helps you lengthen your neck. You can also find long accessories to draw attention to this area.


How to dress if I have a diamond body?


Fashion Trends and Style - Diamond body shape - woman

I know you want to find an almost perfect outfit. So, if you’re one of those who, like me, think that there is nothing too impressive for you, keep reading, don’t stress! Because here I bring you some clothes that could favor your diamond figure. Grab a pencil and paper!


Always with a neckline at the top, cut A in midi or mini, princess cut or belt that helps you shape your waist, for everything I told you about balance. Also, choose soft fabrics and ruffles to highlight what gives you elegance.




Get straight or flared pants in dark tones. They will become your allies. You can also choose a fluid cut. Now, don’t look at skinny jeans, they will create a disproportion in your figure that will be too noticeable.


Now, you can wear joggers or palazzo with a high cut. What you need is to find the space for the tummy and be comfortable with yourself.




Opt for high-waisted skirts with a flare, they will give you a very good proportion in the torso, like dresses, don’t choose tight or elastic garments. The length should be at the knee or in a midi cut to lengthen your silhouette.




Choose clothes that mark your waist and highlight your shoulders: with a belt or tops with decorations on the shoulders. Remember that neutral and plain fabrics are the best, no prints, and avoid too tight blouses, they will highlight the belly that you want to hide.


Crop tops.


They are perfect for you since your chest is smaller than your belly. In this sense, the idea is to raise the attention to the bust to create a balance. However, if you feel that you’re showing too much, you can add a blazer to your look.


Other things to avoid.


Oversized garments, although fashionable, aren’t recommended unless you always balance them by notching the waist and showing the legs. Boxed shirts, stiff clothing, square collars, and boat or ruffle collars also join this list.


Suitable clothing for the diamond body


Fashion Trends and Style - Diamond body shape - woman

Today, we were also able to confirm that you don’t dress for your size, but for the type of body you have.


As always, at Fashion Trends, we are more than happy to bring you tips and advice to help you look better, comfortable, and very feminine.


People with this type of body have to raise attention to the face.


That’s why you can use long accessories, necklines, scarves, and also play with loose hair with volume. The most important thing is creativity.