Discover the most Fabulous dark jeans combinations

Fashion Trends and Style - Dark jeans

Discover the most Fabulous dark jeans combinations. We all want to look fabulous in our life. Walk and dazzle, and be complimented by whatever we wear: shoes, clothes, accessories, even makeup. That raises our self-esteem too much and gives us that crushing security that goes perfectly with our attitude of powerful, empowered divas, right?


In this sense, one of the garments that we love to wear correctly and with which we can draw attention is jeans. In their case, dark ones have a particularity, and that is that they are a little more striking. Now, from autumn 2021 they will position themselves more than ever.


So, in Fashion Trends, we did a very exhaustive and in-depth study on them and we will leave you here a guide to combine them and look like a whole street style fashionista model. Ready to discover them? Take note!


What goes with dark jeans?


Fashion Trends and Style - Dark jeans

First, dark jeans come in raw indigo, charcoal, and those that don’t even reach black. They provide a more classic style. Dark jean is a classic wardrobe staple that everyone should have.


Although we can say that all jeans go well with everything, we can define this type of “Dark Wash” as those jeans that can help you look very elegant. They are perfect as straight or slim jeans and go with everything. Yes, with everything!


These jeans are also characterized by being more rigid, so they look better with relaxed garments and their advantage is that they go well with any color or texture, even in a total denim look in lighter tones. You will remember me, diva, and empowered!


What goes with dark blue jeans?


Fashion Trends and Style - Dark jeans

Considered a lifesaver for all women, it’s a perfect basic for any figure, skin tone, everything. Here are some combinations to wear to any occasion. Do you already have your paper and pencil?


With pastel colors.


Light colors will always be a good option to combine dark jeans because they will highlight the color. For spring or summer days, you can wear them with a blouse or top in light or pastel colors. You can wear them with ballerinas or high shoes, whatever you like the most.


With jerseys


In earthy colors, they are perfect for the mid-season or winter season. Combine with a sweater or coat in colors like burgundy, red, or mustard. Wear them with nude booties or stilettos. You will surprise!


Informal outfit.


If you just need to put on a pair of jeans for a quick errand, I recommend some dark jeans with basic shirts or with phrases, even from your favorite band, you can play with a leather jacket and sneakers to complement. I’m sure you won’t be able to go unnoticed.


Outfit for office. 


Guess what, depending on company policies, it is possible to wear dark jeans to the office. However, it is not thanks to that that we will not do it properly, so I recommend combining them with a matching button-down shirt with a neutral-colored blazer or sweater and something sober.


Two-tone outfit.


Do you like to make a difference? This outfit allows you to wear them in a very wide and rolled-up hem, platform ankle boots, and a checkered coat in bright colors such as red. What do you think? Extravagant? I love it.


What color of blouse suits blue pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - Dark jeans

Dark pants are perfect to wear at any time of the year. The colors that go with it are all of them. Among the most common we can find:


The target. 


Depending on the occasion and the dress code you require, you can choose between a simple tank top, a basic shirt, or a more elegant blouse. I assure you that this combination will help highlight the denim!


The black.


Predictable, I know. However, it’s the color that always takes our paw out of the mud when we have no idea what to wear. It is classic and elegant, but you can also play with it and wear a textured or patterned blazer over your look. Divine in sight!


Beige or camel. 


Fashion Trends and Style - Dark jeans

Zero risky, camel, or beige are colors that combine perfectly with these dark jeans. You can choose it in a blouse with details or prints, fabrics, transparencies, whatever you want!




Pink gives you a very romantic air and you can find a nice contrast, depending on the tone. You can wear it in pastel or a more garish tone. Accessories will also always help you highlight what you are wearing.


Olive green.


Classy! It’s a very sober combination and one of the most popular that we can see. You can wear them with a V-neck blouse, or an accessory jacket. The olive green will highlight the skin tone a lot and will play very well with the jean.


How to combine a woman’s navy-blue denim pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - Dark jeans

Do you already know how to combine, and what colors to use to wear dark jeans in an elegant, very classic, and professional way? I hope the answer is yes. If not, here I can show you some other ways to combine navy-blue jeans.


This timeless basic for years came to our wardrobe to stay and boost our style in fashion. They, as you may have noticed, are ideal for going to work, going out with friends, going to dinner, family gatherings, they are practically suitable for any casual occasion.


And being a good fairy godmother, there are more combination ideas here!


Dark jeans with a striped shirt.


Fashion Trends and Style - Dark jeans

Horizontal or vertical, depending on your body type, stripes are a very good complement, they impressively elevate your outfit. What I recommend is choosing them with stripes in sober colors, such as navy blue and white or black and white.


Dark jeans with prints. 


Polka dots or plaid are very popular everywhere, and with dark jeans, they are a perfect match. They will make you look classic and very feminine. Silk blouses or button-down shirts will always be good options.


Dark jeans with dark blue. 


Yes, a total blue look! I love it, and if you don’t want too much blue, you can vary the shades of blue. You will look amazing. You can also bring out the color with accessories or shoes.


What do you think of these fabulous combinations? Do you think you can feel ready to go to fashion week? From Fashion Trends, we think so, so pack those bags.