Cover broad shoulders with these tips

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Cover broad shoulders with these tips. Some women feel very self-conscious when they see that their body has more volume in the shoulder area. This is an uncomfortable feature for many and is common in women with a broad back.


The important thing is that everything has a solution. And in this post, we will give you incredible tips to make the best choice of clothing to hide broad shoulders.


What to do with broad shoulders?


Believe it or not, many women have broad shoulders. This may be due to genetics or playing a sport that develops the rib cage. When this happens, the body takes on a similar shape to an inverted triangle.


Having broad shoulders, the most important thing is to find a visual balance between the top and bottom of the silhouette. This way, you can get the attention to focus on the lower and middle part of your figure and not on the upper part. Then you can make your figure look proportionate. The good news is that there is a wide variety of clothing that you can use to hide this area without losing the style that characterizes you as a woman.


How to dress to hide broad shoulders?


These are the best tips that we have been able to gather and that you can follow when choosing your clothes to hide broad shoulders:


Blouses and tops


Fashion Trends and Style - What is a timeless look and how to wear it?

The first advice is to forget about ruffles on blouses and tops.


Also, do not choose tops with spaghetti straps as they will only accentuate your shoulder area.


Also, avoid using light colors because they also provide visual volume.


The ideal is to choose clothes that do not mark your shoulders. Blouses with a “V” neckline, crossed or ¾ sleeves.


jackets and blazers


Fashion Trends and Style - What is a timeless look and how to wear it?

If you like jackets and blazers, you must choose a structured design.


It can have one or two buttons under the bust area, and when closing the jacket, make sure it fits you.


This garment should not be too tight to the body to hide your shoulders.







Fashion Trends and Style - What is a timeless look and how to wear it?

If you are broad-shouldered and like to wear skirts, choose designs with pockets or details that add volume.


This will be of great help to achieving balance in your body.


A-line skirts will be one of your best options, especially if they are light in color.


Now, avoid too tight skirts, or you will achieve the opposite effect.




Pants are an essential item of clothing.  To use them in your favor, choose designs that attract attention, with hems or pockets on the sides of your legs.


These elements generate great volume and help balance the upper part of your body.



Concerning the dresses, dare to use all those with details on the waist. The flowers or prints will help divert the gaze to that area, and the width of your shoulders will go unnoticed.


How to hide broad shoulders through clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - What is a timeless look and how to wear it?

Now, you can do much more to hide broad shoulders for women. Therefore, you must take into account the general advice that we will mention:

  • Be careful with stripes, especially horizontal ones, because they visually widen the body.
  • To hide the shoulders optically, the necklines in “V” will draw attention away from that area.
  • When wearing jackets or blazers, ensure they end at the hips and not at the waist. In this way, they will lengthen your figure.
  • If you want to wear strapless garments, choose a design with few details in the upper area. Much better, you can combine them with your favorite jackets.
  • Avoid wearing short necklaces or very close to the neck, as they tend to give more attention to the shoulder area.
  • To achieve a balance in your figure, use fabrics such as chiffon. This fabric can be used in skirts or dresses to achieve more volume in the lower part of your figure.
  • Surely you are used to wearing tight clothing, but it is a big mistake if you have broad shoulders. Choose clothes of your correct size and avoid the use of very bright or very light colors in the upper area of ​​your body.
  • For nothing in the world, wear jackets or blouses with shoulder pads. Although it seems like a small detail, it will make your shoulders look wider than they are by highlighting that area.


Hide broad shoulders with the tips we have given you


Fashion Trends and Style - What is a timeless look and how to wear it?

If you don’t know how to hide your wide shoulders when dressing, here we have given you the solution. The most important thing is that you pay attention to the area of ​​your shoulders, avoiding using very light or striking colors. The good news is that you can choose the clothes to hide broad shoulders that you want. You will be able to select blouses, dresses, skirts and jackets, and accessories that are in fashion, taking into account each of these tips to achieve the goal.