Corset dresses are the trend you can´t miss out on

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Corset dresses are the trend you can´t miss out on. As you well know, corsets are a garment with backbone. And yes, they´re powerful, because they can make us bring out the beast that we carry inside. Nah, just kidding. Though not entirely. This piece is particularly a hit for many since when you wear it you can feel loaded with sensuality.


And in reality, corset dresses are currently trending. Since Kim Kardashian has worn them to promote a brand and for the launch of new fragrances. In this sense, we can see how now it gave rest and breath to the leggings and boots. To put on some corset dresses that you can already consider as the latest fashion statement.


Corset dresses have more or less revolutionized this 2022. Thanks to the Tik Tok platform, it has been updated and has become the catalyst for micro-trends. We have seen aesthetics as a feature of a great lifestyle.


Who ended the use of the corset?


Fashion Trends and Style - Corset dresses are the trend you can´t miss out on - Corset

One of the things I like to do the most is to tell you about the evolution of garments in terms of their history. That’s why today I decided to tell you a little about the corset. This piece is related to the Victorian era, where flowing dresses highlighted tiny waists. However, this goes much further, even before Christ.


It was on the island of Crete that a garment was worn that stylized the figure to show breasts outside the clothes. Also, in ancient Greece and Rome, they tended to use them to reduce the size of the bust.


This clothing has been an invention, if not the most stylizing of the female silhouette, sometimes male. But at the time it was known for leaving the wearers breathless and even unconscious. It turns out that Catherine de Medici in 1550 oversaw prohibiting wide waists and their use was mandatory.


 We can also see it in the 18th century because that was when the underwear business was exclusively for men. It was in the French Revolution that women began to make bras. And that’s when they decided to say goodbye to the corset and make something more comfortable. This garment was considered abortive, because of how tight you had to wear it. It was in 1820 that it reappeared to be worn frequently.


 In the 20th century, women were fighting for their more natural silhouettes. So, it was only people who liked wearing it were of high social standing, or only for the theater. Now, we can see this garment in certain BDSM circles or also in burlesque acts. It´s no longer abortive due to its manufacture. It´s now more flexible and its underwire fulfills the function of containment.


How should a corset be worn?


Fashion Trends and Style - Corset dresses are the trend you can´t miss out on - Corset

Currently, people wear this corset dress as Kim taught it in her Instagram posts. In a white outfit with a biker-style finish. We can also see it in a long black strapless dress that hugs the body.


 Likewise, we see the dress in its nude tones with a midi cut. And a fairly pronounced opening up to the thigh. The best thing about these dresses is that what provides sensuality are the semi-transparencies.


 The celebrity has followed this line of trends and has brought retro back on top. So, from now on, we will see these garments with the best of styles to impress and stand out. Now, surely you´re thinking that in the winter it can´t be possible to wear it. However, the truth is that you can, and it looks very good.


 The incredible thing is that it will be extremely easy to find this type of dress in all the styles you can imagine from satin to denim, prints, bustier mode, or even with T-shirt sleeves. Don´t be afraid to wear these garments to steal some looks, they can always give you the best of attitudes.


How should a corset be worn?


Fashion Trends and Style - Corset dresses are the trend you can´t miss out on - Corset

As you can see, the corset stopped being an outfit for goths or people of high birth. And became a trend that in addition to shaping the figure and hiding that little belly that we don’t like too much, it gives us an incredible feeling of sensuality and elegance. 


Now, you must consider how you combine it because it will not always look good on you. And in the case of corset dresses, you can take them wherever you want. From a work meeting to a date with your partner or a party with night friends. 


To wear it to an office meeting, I recommend wearing it with stilettos. That way you can complement it with a blazer for a more formal and elegant style. With the corset dress, you will already enhance your figure. And if you wear it in midi length, it will be perfect for the elongation effect. 


But if you want to wear it for a romantic date, I recommend it in black. And with super high shoes that elevate your style and elegance. You can accessorize with a feather scarf if extravagance is your thing. Otherwise, just straighten your hair to make it look more stylish.


You can wear the corset dress as you want, even in a sportier outfit you can dare with tennis. And thus, lowering the elegance of the dress to take it to a more casual setting of a quiet outing with friends. Although I tell you, this dress is pure elegance and our friend Kim shows it to us in her photographs.


At Fashion Trends we´re happy to be able to bring you this new trend. And we want to know your opinion because not everyone feels comfortable wearing a corset. Still, we´re convinced that they´ll be able to carry this trend when they see how much it slims the silhouette. In the end, that´s the beauty of corsets. They manage to bring out the best in you, that is, your attributes to light. And it’s never a bad time to feel sensual and comfortable with yourself. So, there can always be a first time.


Tell us how you would combine this garment. And if you like it or not to wear it on different occasions!