Men: this is how you should combine your stockings

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Stockings, also called socks, are that garment that we know we should wear. However, many don’t know when to wear which one. Much less have an idea of ​​which one looks good with what type of shoe or how it is going to look very elegant. Without falling into the embarrassment of colored stockings.


I know that this garment is one of the most forgotten when it comes to dressing and it shouldn’t be like that, because stockings give an almost instantaneous impression. Although no one says it, many pay attention to them. In fact, if you choose the model that goes perfectly with everything else you have on, you will achieve a personal touch that will make you look interesting.


In this sense, we must take into account that as always, everything, but absolutely everything related to the world of fashion matters and that there are rules that we must keep in mind so as not to look crazy when going out.


Remember that details matter. For this reason, today I come together with Fashion Trends to show you how to combine socks and not die trying. Prepared? Go for it!


How should I combine my stockings?


Fashion Trends and Style - stockings for men - stockings

While it is true that the world of fashion has evolved and changed, thus daring to exploit unknown horizons and new creative spaces, we can now see that stockings have also been included in this package. In addition to the basics, we also include stripes, polka dots, rhombuses, and many colors.


The million-dollar question would be, should I use all of this? How do I use it? Rainbow socks? While everyone has a different taste and style, you can use it as long as you feel comfortable with it. However, there are some classic rules that everyone should know when it comes to wearing a pair of socks.


When you get dressed, choose the socks based on the color of the pants. Now, in the case of dark suits, always choose dark colors. For example: for black suits, dark blue, gray or blue. Leave black for something more formal and elegant.


In the same way, for light suits, it’s best to wear darker socks to match the color of the shoe. While if the suit is plain, prints such as vertical stripes are an interesting option. Of course, they are imperceptible. However! If the suit is patterned, the stockings must be smooth.




Yes, this aspect is very important when combining your stockings with what you are wearing. It should be combined according to the texture of the fabric of your suit. What does this mean? If your socks are made of wool or silk, you should forget that tweed suit. Otherwise, know that thick socks look great with tweed or corduroy.




The rules of etiquette speak and say that a gentleman must always wear high or medium socks. However, with the passage of time and the changes that this industry has evolved, it can already be very flexible in terms of length. Just keep in mind that your legs should never be seen when you sit down.


What color should the socks be?


Fashion Trends and Style - stockings for men - stockings

Taking into account what I mentioned earlier about color, I have come to complement this color, so you do not go crazy when choosing socks. At Fashion Trends today, we show you some things to help you walk successfully.


The color must be similar to the pants and not to the shoe. How come pants are the main thing? Simple, because in this way they stylize the figure, and continuity is achieved up to the foot without interruptions.


In this sense, if you have no idea which sock you should choose, you can locate yourself on a color scale, the important thing is that you get a color palette, to give continuity and a perfect appearance.


Have you already mastered this part? Next comes the shoe to complement the harmony. For example, if you have a set of dark pants and socks, opt for a black wedge shoe.


However, if you have dark blue, you can choose light brown or dark brown shoes. Now, if your suit is gray, you have a range of possibilities. You can choose shoes with dark or light risers so that the glances go directly to them.


Types of stockings


Not all stockings are the same, we also have types of stockings that we must use for every occasion. I know you knew, but it doesn’t hurt to mention them.


  • Sports. They are only used for exercise. There are cotton and even anti-perspiration, or those that absorb heat.
  • To wear. For casual wear or a suit. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns.
  • Protective. These are designed with heavier fabrics with insulating fibers, which allow them to fit and protect the extremities. They are perfect for extreme cold.


How to wear men’s socks?


Fashion Trends and Style - stockings for men - stockings

Just as I know that everything in this world has basic rules, I know that the styles of everyone are different. Just as there are more conventional men, I know that there are other more daring who go out of their comfort zone and risk combinations that come out of the basics.


It is possible for men to wear colored stockings and that’s fine, the important thing is that they never go over the extremes and still convey the style and maintain the balance of the image they want to project.


I want to show you some tips to wear the colors correctly with a more casual and sportier suit or outfit. Prepared? Take note!


Colored stockings with suits


For plain suits, pair them with stockings in a single color or with a pattern. While if the suit has a pattern, you should wear socks in one color, to avoid noise. On the other hand, if the suit is dark blue, take a chance with socks of a single bright color like mustard with blue polka dots. Also, the maroon color can be a perfect combination, especially if you have a black and silk tuxedo.


Stockings with casual clothes. 


The play of colors gives a very curious palette that could be striking and at the same time look elegant and very fashionable. In this sense, you can combine colors and allow yourself to be the life of the party with the stockings. How? I explain it to you simply. With jeans or pants, dare to any design. The sky is the limit.


With winter pants you can wear thick socks with patterns and striped designs. Allow yourself to play with colors and textures. I trust you will make it amazing!


This is how you should combine your stockings


As I explained before, from Fashion Trends we invite you to play with colors and even combine the color of the tie with that of the stockings, just try not to be too strong. And for those riskier tones, light pants do not mean they have to be just as light, opt for gray pants and blue socks.