Learn to combine your red shoes with style

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Red shoes are considered the most symbolic footwear for women. We saw them represented in movies like The Wizard of Oz, and they were the most striking for their lively tone.


Red is considered a very cheerful and transformative color. It is also adaptable, so it is important to know how to combine them properly, like all fashionistas worthy of good taste and aesthetics.


You must take into consideration that these shoes allow you to create incredibly beautiful and very chic looks. So, in Fashion Trends, we collect the best ideas to combine red shoes. This way, you will achieve looks worthy of street style, full of inspiration for those days that you have no idea what to wear. Do you want to discover more? Take note!


Why do I like red shoes?


Fashion Trends and Style - Red shoes - Shoes

There is, perhaps, a symbolism or background in red shoes and the attraction it can cause to our eyes. Some articles talk about what they symbolize: power, sensuality, and exoticism. In addition to passion, danger, and freedom.


The beauty of the red color in our look is that it transforms it, enhances it, and draws attention. Thus making us feel super powerful and full of life and energy. It’s enough to paint our lips red to feel like we’re eating the world, and are the most beautiful, sensual, and daring women.


This garment is also considered timeless and for many years in fashion and art, we can discover its potential. From Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI who wore red moccasins as a symbol of power, as well as at the time of the Sun King, Louis XIV, came to wear them with heels to distinguish himself. After these historical events, we can discover that this is a luxury color that has evolved over thirty years and has turned it into something exclusive to demonstrate good taste.


What colors go well with the color red?


Fashion Trends and Style - Red shoes - Shoes

Now that you know that the red shoe is a symbol of sensuality and confidence, I hope that from now on you will take it into account when purchasing yours to have them as an essential basic in your wardrobe.


Combining them can be quite risky if you have no idea how to do it right. It can be a fail if you don’t choose the correct option. That’s why I want you to take into account these colors: black, white, gray, blue, yellow, and some earth tones – beige.


It doesn’t matter the type of garment, whether it’s a sweater, dress, suit, jacket, blouse, sweater or a shirt … wearing it with whatever it is will give you a lot of strength and personality. We see it in outfits for the night, and many always opt for white because it breaks its uniformity.


What color of clothes can I wear with red shoes?


Fashion Trends and Style - Red shoes - Shoes

As you can see, some colors look better than others. However, what’s the best outfit for red shoes? Quiet! I’m going to show you some ideas of combinations that will look perfect for you.


Total black is the safe option.


Our red shoes will look spectacular with a completely black look. It’s a very classic style that will help put the focus on your feet. Wear it in a dress or pants, it will always be the safe bet to look great.


If you’re going to a party, opt to choose shiny shoes and a purse to stand out from the crowd. Sensuality and elegance in one look!


Honeymoon, pastel pink, or nude.


Soft colors help contrast strong reds like burgundy or cherry red. With them, you will achieve a very romantic and feminine style that won’t go unnoticed.


In a dress or skirt, pearl accessories can be the perfect complement to get an outfit full of femininity and cuteness. What do you think of this style?


The perfect match: white.


Just like black, white will always be a hit! Whether matching a dress, a white shirt with dark pants, or choosing white pants combined with a subtle print shirt, wine red shoes will add class to your look.


In preppy style, have you thought about it?


And you also add socks to attract more attention. If you have red high heels, you can wear them with sports socks to create the perfect contrast to go to the office or out there in the afternoon.


Perfect with black pants and a yellow blouse.


As you could tell, with black, they are perfect. However, you can opt for mules or flat dancers and add matching black jeans or pants with a mustard yellow sweater. You will impress everyone!


Total red look 


Risky, flashy, interesting. You can even get a romantic air with this color thanks to how hypnotic it can be. In long, midi, or mini dress. Whether with ballerinas, mules, boots, or heels, the total red look is simply perfect and full of style.


How to wear red ankle boots?


Fashion Trends and Style - Red shoes - Shoes

Red boots and ankle boots are a very intriguing success when combining them with the outfit we choose. Like the previous combinations, I would like to show you some others that I assure you will never go unnoticed.


You can wear high boots with a high leg for occasions where low temperatures are the protagonists. They will keep you full of character that combines perfectly with neutral tones such as beige. So you can opt for beige wide trousers to match a trench coat of the same color and a red diamond V-neck sweater.


However, you can choose to combine with dresses, they have patterns? Even better! You can play with black, pink and red. You can also go for gray on top or, in total, look like a dress. Not only that, but you will look spectacular!


What not to do with red shoes?


Fashion Trends and Style - Red shoes - Shoes

Just as we can find very successful combinations, we can also find those that aren’t so successful. Try to follow these tricks to look very elegant and very chic without fail.


Don’t mix two strong colors or tones in your outfit.


Red footwear will always be what attracts the most attention, so I recommend that you don’t mix it with colors such as orange or fuchsia. Instead, choose light colors such as pale pink or nudes.


Forget about green.


Unless you want to look like a Christmas tree, avoid pairing it with red heels. After all, they don’t look very good together.


Now, like everything in life, there are exceptions and rules that we can break if we can achieve something more incredible. The important thing is to not look loaded or exaggerated. That’s why, at Fashion Trends, we decided to make this article for you. Now, we want to know your opinion. How do you combine your red shoes?