How to combine sneakers with dresses this season?

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How to combine sneakers with dresses this season?. Getting the perfect look this year should no longer be considered an arduous task that involves burning our heads over everything we “shouldn’t wear,” and personally, I appreciate it. This year, full of freedom and simplicity that the industry has given us, fills me with happiness.


Now, one of those “no’s” was slippers with dresses. In fact, dresses were considered a casual garment that should be worn with sandals, slippers, or heels. At the same time, tennis shoes were perfect for the gym or sports styles.


Some time ago, designers started saying “no sir” and presented them on catwalks alongside classic wardrobe combinations. And you, do you feel ready to break the mold with this trend? Today, next to Yesstyle, I will give you some ideas that I am sure you will love.


How to wear sneakers with a dress?


Like everything in this complex and wide world, although there are changes, everyone has certain rules to handle. So, even if this combination may not be too conventional, using it can surprise us positively. It’s youthful and perfect for the summer.


Do you want to know more tips? Keep reading, and I will explain them to you shortly.


Create a relaxed look


Fashion Trends and Style - sneakers - dresses

To look good wearing a dress and sneakers, the key secret is to keep it very casual and make you look relaxed. Don’t force it because you can visually show the opposite effect. Hit with light garments.


At Yesstyle, we have an A-shaped V-neck midi dress in different sizes that you can tie at the waist with a cord.


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We also have another option of short sleeve mini dress with a flower print. This option evokes spring, and its heart-shaped collar and baggy sleeves are versatile and cute for any day and occasion.


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Choose the correct model.


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In the case of sneakers, the first thing to take into account is that the best ones are low and without height, so as not to divert attention from the dress.


In Yesstyle, you will find some very nice with the heel outside called “Solejoy – Couple canvas mule sneakers” in black and white.


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And if you do not like the heel outside, we also have other models like this that you will find in black, blue, and white.


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Avoid the bulky and exaggerated. 


Fashion Trends and Style - sneakers - dresses

We want to feel good, comfortable, and simple. Casual looks should be fresh and help us see powerful, empowered divas.


At Yesstyle, we have this printed mini dress with short sleeve pockets. We have it in black, green and purple.


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For the perfect combination, we have these low braided sneakers that can give that chic and quite comfortable touch to your outfit of the day.


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White sneakers are very successful. 


Fashion Trends and Style - sneakers - shoes

These are a success for almost all looks. They literally go well with everything.


And they are also very fashionable.


Take a look at the spectacular ones we have in store by clicking here.


You will also find several models, such as this beautiful platform and synthetic leather sneakers that we have here.


What shoes should you wear with a dress?


Fashion Trends and Style - sneakers - dresses

 The type of footwear for your dresses will depend on the length of the dress and its shape. As I told you, this new combination opens up a range of possible combinations full of creativity and novelty.


In the case of wrap dresses, which are also considered a basic garment, choosing the shoes is almost more important than everything else, because it will give you the style you are looking for. In this case, flat white sneakers are the perfect option.


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How to style sneakers with a mini dress?


Fashion Trends and Style - sneakers - dresses

If in your case, you love mini dresses, the shoes you choose will be very important, since it depends on whether you will look taller and more stylized or the opposite. We really don’t want you to feel otherwise. Therefore, we recommend wearing flat sneakers, so you will look chic.


We have a spectacular dress with long sleeves with a zipper that will give you more personality than you already have. Look here.


For a more casual look, you can opt for these sneakers that will add a lot of style to your look. Make click here.


What sneakers are worn with long dresses?


Fashion Trends and Style - sneakers - dresses

Now, if you like long dresses, you can also combine them with casual sneakers.


They will help you feel very summer and trendy.


This dress will give you an exquisite appearance, which I feel will make you stand out wherever you go.


I am looking at this pair that you can find in different colors by clicking here.


And look at this spectacular long dress I want to show you, click here.


What shoes can you wear with a midi dress?


Fashion Trends and Style - sneakers - dresses

If you are short, like me, it is recommended that we wear midi or midi dresses. I want you to see this sleeveless, high-waisted option that we have at Yesstyle waiting for us.


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This type of dress looks very, very good with sneakers, because in itself the dress is very striking, so if we add to our outfit something more than looking, I am sure that you will sweep where you go.


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As you can see, this is quite an ideal combination option to be comfortable and relaxed this summer. Remember always that comfort when dressing is the most important thing, and what will make that perfect match.


Here are many ways to do this. However, we must learn that anything goes and that you will achieve unimaginable creative combinations even by combining opposites. On the other hand, if you also play with elegance with similar tones, you will find that practically your clothes speak for you. And that is very important.


At Fashion Trends, we are thrilled to bring you diversity, versatility, and options so that you can achieve unique looks, and that is why we want to know your opinion in the comments. What do you think about this new fashion? Ready to take it?