How you should combine shorts to be fashionable this 2022

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This world of fashion always surprises me. We haven´t started the year as it is, and we can already have at least an idea of ​​what´s going to be worn in summer. And if not, at least we already know what some clothes are going to be up to date this season. One of them is shorts and miniskirts.


For this reason, today I am going to talk to you about how to combine them with style. So that this 2022 is full of style and you know some trends that you can´t miss. Shorts, as well as miniskirts, are a basic that no one can do without in the summer. And I assure you that it will not change for a long time.


As you may already know, shorts are a piece that, par excellence, we choose for those days where we feel that the heat can melt us at any moment. And although last season we saw the hot pants. Which are shorts that in their design we could see a greater risk of style. Others, more demure people, we prefer shorts within the trends, above all, as it´s a very comfortable and versatile creation.


For this reason, at Fashion Trends, we want to talk to you about this garment. One that comes with everything to send miniskirts to the closet. The point is that, combining them this year will be a style challenge that we want you to master.


What is fashionable in 2022? 


Fashion Trends and Style- How you should combine shorts to be fashionable - clothing

This year, we will find shorts in their most classic version, such as jean fabric. But other models considered festive inspiration and alternatives for the office day will also arrive. That’s right, these garments will arrive to show us that we shouldn´t be afraid to wear them on any occasion. So, take notes. Because there are a few ways to use them that you need to know for these months to come.


But before getting to the heart of the matter, I would like to explain something. This is one of the few garments that has managed to survive within the infinity of trends that have appeared over the years. And the reason for this is reinvention. Since the piece is a basic, it opens more doors to wear them with style. Which guarantees the piece a place in our wardrobe.


This 2022 will show you how this type of item will be the protagonist. Leaving aside others such as miniskirts. The point is that you feel that you vibrate with style and good taste. And you will only achieve that by keeping in mind how this particular garment is going to be worn.


I know, you’re probably saying, please, Marian, tell me how we should wear shorts this year. And I’m going to tell you. I´m only in a necessary appetizer so that you already have an idea of ​​the importance of this piece this year. And of the boom that it will be to wear it correctly. Because you will remember me, dear reader. This is a before and after.


How are shorts worn?


Wait. Keep calm. Look for that paper and pen. Because this is the moment in which I explain a little more about the trends for this fabulous garment. So that you can, of course, adapt it to your style and make it yours.


Shorts with sweatshirt and sweater


Fashion Trends and Style- How you should combine shorts to be fashionable - clothing

The sweater must be worn only as decoration.


That was what Brandon Maxwell showed in his spring-summer 2022 proposal.


With a short model that has white and pink squares of satin fabric that match a printed sweatshirt. And the sweater as a decoration in a very bright color, like orange.


The sandals that were seen were metallic in tune with the same style of satin, which is a benefit for short girls.


Shorts with a set of two crochet pieces


That’s right, friend, crochet continues to be the protagonist this 2022. And it has come to stay with us for a long time. For this reason, the trend that Anna Sui proposed on her catwalk was a two-piece set. Consisting of a short-sleeved top and shorts with a botanical print. Combined with a crochet crop top with a matching jacket.


Shorts with tailored material


Fashion Trends and Style- How you should combine shorts to be fashionable - clothing

And this is for the office chic that Givenchy brought us by adding lace shorts to a tailored two-piece ensemble. A matching blazer with a micro top. In this sense, we can see that tailoring is also renewed and brings us more versatile and functional looks. I assure you that you never imagined that this could be possible.


Shorts in black and white


I love Chanel for its approaches, always renewed, always innovative, and elegant. It gives us a binomial full of eclectic combinations, bringing us completely sequined shorts. And also showing us that metal is still in fashion, and with a two-tone jacket with gold buttons.


How to make a short look good on me?


It’s not that you should do anything in particular, simply, you should take into account your body type. And what suits you and best fits you and your style, especially your personality.


In the case of shorts in mini style, you may love them. But if you don´t feel confident wearing them, you shouldn´t buy them or make them part of your wardrobe to carry dust and bad energy. And what you should keep in mind is that for this garment to look good, it must be accompanied by others that complement it.


Denim shorts


This is another clear example that Blumarine brought us, to wear denim shorts. Which you can take a step further with a jacket with a fur collar and high boots. All with denim.


Midi shorts with a trench


Fashion Trends and Style- How you should combine shorts to be fashionable - clothing

If you´re a fan of minimalism, this combination is for you. Michael Kors showed us some styles with a black and beige two-tone look.


With also a black turtleneck top and beige high-waisted shorts and a midi-length trench coat. This classic cut will be one of the most successful.


We at Fashion Trends are impressed and blown away by these incredible trends. So, we invite you to share your thoughts.


And inspire us by telling us how you would wear these shorts in the best of styles.