5 ideas to combine a pencil skirt

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Within the wardrobe that we all need to have, the pencil skirt is a super important basic that has the particularity of favoring our body, whatever type and shape it may be. In addition, it is a very feminine garment and key to providing a very elegant and sensual figure.


They also lengthen the silhouette, especially those that are high-waisted. On the other hand, pay attention to their color, and your height. Now, people think that the only way to combine them is with shirts and heels. However, this is no longer the case.


In this sense, today together with Fashion Trends I bring you some ideas to wear a pencil skirt and look spectacular as always! So I invite you to open your imagination and let your creativity take over from now on through these ideas.


What are pencil skirts?


Fashion Trends and Style - pencil skirt - skirts

Pencil skirts are characterized by their length below the knee and that they aren’t very long, but not too short either.


It’s for this reason that they’re so glamorous. The particular thing about them is that they force you to walk correctly and with your legs together, which generates a sensual walk.


Although we can associate this garment with the office, I want to tell you that it is no longer the case. No matter what the plan is, a pencil skirt is always an ideal option, of course, knowing how to combine it! We are going to show you how.


How to combine a pencil skirt?


Fashion Trends and Style - pencil skirt - skirts

The pencil skirt has revolutionized the world since the 50s when Christian Dior took it out in one of his collections.


This skirt emphasizes the hips and gives you a natural curve.


Now, there are many ways to wear it in trend. But if you don’t know how to start, calm down, I am here to help you discover how to wear it with elegance.


Do you want to know some outfits? Keep reading!


How to combine denim skirts?


Also in denim or jean, it’s a skirt that gives you a relaxed and elegant look. You can combine it with a basic shirt, a more elegant blouse, or a turtleneck. As for footwear, opt for stilettos, sneakers, or ballerinas.


What do I wear with a leather skirt?


Of the most powerful outfits. They denote sensuality and elegance. It’s adaptable to almost all occasions. Being a very striking garment, you can balance it with tips with high necklines, shapes, and textures. For example basic t-shirts or your favorite band. As for footwear, sneakers, and heels.


How to wear a pencil skirt?


We find many other types of a pencil skirts. While it’s true that many people find them uncomfortable, they will always be considered an ideal garment to show elegance and sensuality. Take note!


 With flowers. 


Flowers are always very fashionable and also give your figure a very flirty, fun, and extravagant style. If the pattern is light, combine it with light and delicate tops. Meanwhile, if the pattern of the skirt is dark, combine it with dark tops or lace.


 Made of sequins.


Shine wherever you go! Now, we don’t want to leave everyone blind. That’s why the upper part must be more neutral such as white or black, as well as accessories and shoes, which can be thick heels, stilettos, or sneakers.


The detail that lace pencil skirts provide is incredibly eye-catching. And if you want to combine it, you can take a risk with more lace or a camisole. This way, you can create a very versatile and modern outfit with basic colors. As with the other models, heels or sneakers will look great.


 Long white or black.


Fashion Trends and Style - pencil skirt - skirts

A tip to wear this garment is that if the tube skirt is black, take it to the ground. I recommend using a monochrome palette in this case. If you want an elegant look, always choose to combine it with silk blouses, if you want something more casual, a printed blouse.


If in your case, you wear a white skirt, you will be elegance personified. To look more powerful, you can wear something white and a fitted blazer.


Very sought after today. This garment alone manages to give you a very elegant and modern look. On the other hand, to get an office outfit, choose to combine it with a leather jacket or a black blazer.


What shoes can you wear with a pencil skirt?


Getting the outfit right with a pencil skirt can be a bit of a headache. So, to get a flattering outfit, you can wear dark tones, especially if you are short, and that reach the waist.


In this sense, we must also know how to choose the type of footwear that we will wear, because it will also be key to looking good. Write down these options!




They are recommended to elevate that elegant style that you want, as they will help to stylize your figure. It’s best not to wear high sandals, even if they have heels. Instead, opt for wide or thin heels, open sandals, or ankle boots and boots.


Flat shoes.


They look great with this type of skirt. However, it’s recommended for tall women who do not need additional height. You can choose ballerinas or loafers.




Perfect to give informality to your look. It is recommended that the skirt be black, gray or sailor. For the upper part, choose t-shirts or tops with writings or drawings. The most used now are white, but you can be a little more daring and opt for metallic.


What kind of skirt should I wear if I’m chubby?


Fashion Trends and Style - pencil skirt - skirts

If you are curvy, I highly recommend this type of skirt.


This is because it helps you visually hide what you want to hide and it will also favor your figure too much.


These are great for removing extra bulk. An important fact is that the skirt is plain and basic and that it is not too tight.


That the cut is just at the level of the navel. Preferably black to combine more easily.


What does a pencil skirt mean?


Fashion Trends and Style - pencil skirt - Banner

As you can see, the pencil skirt, or also called a tube skirt, is an ideal garment that we should all have in our wardrobe.


It can be used on all body types and in anyone it will give you a curvy and stylized figure. You can get a lot out of it.


Definitely, its versatility can open your mind to combine it with creativity and a lot of imagination. It’s for this reason that at Fashion Trends, we approve and accept that they are a garment that everyone needs.


Do you already have yours? Which is your favorite?