How to Combine Black Cargo Pants

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Cargo pants are back in our wardrobe for this 2022 season. They´re considered a classic in our wardrobe and have arrived with great force to be worn with casual styles. Although it will depend on how we combine them, of course. Because these pants also can give us a very feminine and sophisticated style.


Since the 90s, these pants were considered a success among all women. And their popularity was such that it became a viral trend. However, it didn´t last long, so over time, they disappeared. But nowadays, as I have said before: fashion is cyclical. And things disappear and then appear, and that´s why we´re now witnessing this resurgence.


The best thing about these pants is the comfort they provide as that´s the ultimate pro. Its fabric is soft and doesn´t restrict movement at all, helping this garment to give you an aura of confidence. They come in many different styles: skinny, harem, cropped, and denim too.


So, at Fashion Trends, we bring some ways to combine this garment with great style. Take note of these ideas that you will love.


How to combine cargo pants?


These pants were designed to be a useful, roomy, comfortable garment. And their large pockets help you feel ready for whatever comes your way. For this reason, we can find risky combinations such as the camouflage print. One that, together with military boots, help you achieve a style that´s somewhere between casual and sporty.


Cargo pants with tops


Fashion Trends and Style - How to Combine Black Cargo Pants - cargo pants

Talking about short tops, they´re perfect and ideal to combine with these types of pants.


Since they´re loose and elastic, the crop top or top helps you with the balance of your outfit.


So, I recommend you choose short and plain blouses or also with plaid print to look relaxed and feminine.


Cargo pants with oversize shirts


Fashion Trends and Style - How to Combine Black Cargo Pants - cargo pants

If you combine in this way, I assure you that you can never be wrong. So, I invite you to tie a knot in the front of your oversize shirt or tuck the front half of the shirt inside your pants. You must do this to enhance the silhouette and make it look proportionate.


Cargo pants with XL sweaters


Sweaters are comfortable to wear with any garment. In this case, the loose and oversized ones, in addition to that comfort, will help you give your personality a very elegant look. Just remember that you must tuck the front part inside the pants.


Cargo pants in a more formal look


Fashion Trends and Style - How to Combine Black Cargo Pants - cargo pants

You just have to help yourself with the contrasts to be fashionable and functional.


These pants are an excellent way to tone down very feminine garments to combine them with a more rebellious style.


This makes them a perfect and daring mix.


Wear your denim cargo pants with a loose-sleeved blouse and heeled sandals.


What shoes to wear with cargo pants?


Although they´re perfect and functional. These trousers may cause a bit of a problem when it comes to combining them with footwear. Since they go hand in hand with the fit of the trousers. And there, ladies, is the secret to achieving a look that suits the situation.


Cargo pants with military boots, loafers, or hiking boots


Fashion Trends and Style - How to Combine Black Cargo Pants - cargo pants

As these pants come from the military, they´re super functional for this type of boots.


Because they´re more robust and those that you wore to escape to camp for the weekend.


In this sense, I suggest you keep that essence combined with any of these boots.


Cargo pants with white sneakers, high tops, or skate shoes


Fashion Trends and Style - How to Combine Black Cargo Pants - cargo pants

This option is perfect if you´re a sports shoe lover. Since they allow you to move around the city very well and comfortably. That way, you can combine them with most of these styles: leather and with effects similar to military boots. Also, skater shoes can make an interesting team.


Cargo pants with heels: strappy or stilettos


I guarantee that for those days when you need to go to the office or a night out, cargo pants combined with high sandals or your favorite stilettos could never be a mistake. Since I guarantee elegance and femininity in every step.


How to dress with cargos?


As you can see, dressing in this type of pants can give you a very modern and casual look. Which will be of great help for those days when you have doubts. Always, I assure you, that you´re right with this garment because we have seen them on the catwalks. Also, in street style, and now we want you to follow these tips so you always succeed when wearing them.


In short, this type of garment hides a story similar to combat boots. Since, as you can imagine, soldiers began to wear them as part of their battle dress, around the 40s. It´s from there that success among the ranks of the military from all over the world decided to wear this garment because it´s a resource that provides comfort and versatility. 


We can say, then, that these pants have been trying to come back for a long time. And this year they´re doing so with great force. Since after this inconceivable success in the 90s, due to their aesthetic alliance with music and artists such as the Spice Girls, they became an emblem. This way, transforming itself into styles such as oversize or athleisure, positioning itself at the center of the discussions to be explored.


At Fashion Trends we agree that these pants will come back to us. Because combined in the right way and with the necessary balance, they can give you unforgettable styles. With which you´ll feel comfortable, feminine, and, above all, very chic. And it´s enough to see Kylie Jenner to realize that they´re a hit this season. And that if she combines them to create a more formal style, then it´s possible.


Don´t be afraid to wear these pants. And although they may seem too overwhelming, they´re a garment that will help you look stylish.