How to combine a corset with style?

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In short, since The Bridgertons went on the air it has caused an incredible commotion and from there, a revolution of fashion firms has come out that have relaunched corset models to impose the trend and they succeeded! Because now we notice them more and it has been imposed as something to which we must pay attention.


The corset is considered a street garment, versatile and that gives us femininity, attractiveness, and elegance. It is a very comfortable garment, which is also very easy to put on. I assure you that once you use it and learn to combine it, you will not want to take it off!


For this reason, at Fashion Trends, we bring it to you, and we want to show you how to combine the corset with style, since it is a garment that you can mix for various occasions and it depends on the occasion, it can give you different and fun styles.


How should you wear a corset?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine a corset with style?

The corset is a garment that is used to stylize and shape the female figure as desired. Either for aesthetic or medical reasons.


Many of these garments are made of lace, synthetic fabrics that imitate those of yesteryear, but hardly alter the figure of the wearer.


This garment took center stage for some years and we can still see that it continues to maintain its prominence. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are proof that it is still very fashionable and that it continues to bring sensuality to our looks. Do you want to know what looks? Follow me reading!


Corset with a white shirt.


FashionTrends-Cómo combinar el corset con estilo

In short, a white shirt is a basic that all women need in their wardrobe. It is reinvented every year, for this reason, you can combine it with baggy jeans and you will be more than perfect for an outing with friends.


Corset with a blazer.


If you want to get a more formal look with a corset, I invite you to wear it with a blazer, that’s the trick. You can also combine it with this lingerie-type garment and your jeans at the waist. Get on your stilettos and you will have a very casual and chic style.


Corset with flare jeans.


This is a seventies trend that was reinvented in 2021, it is one of the most loved. They favor all body types and you can combine them with tennis shoes for an afternoon outing with friends. You will amaze everyone!


Oversize corset.


FashionTrends-Cómo combinar el corset con estilo

Oversized garments are in fashion and I will give you a trick to use that shirt that you like so much oversize elegantly and casually.


How? Add a tight item to it for balance, the item is a corset.


You can wear it as a dress and the corset will give you a heart attack waist.


Corset with jogger pants.


These pants came after the pandemic and they did it to stay. They help us feel freer and more comfortable while not losing style. You will look extremely sexy and fashionable. The best? You will not be uncomfortable.


What can I wear with a corset?


In addition to what I mentioned above, there are many other ways to combine this garment in a chic and stylish way. The corset, as you may have realized, is versatile and although it may seem uncomfortable at times, it is not like that at all. Get that idea out of your head!


With skirt and heels


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine a corset with style?

If the skirt is a tube, better. Although the miniskirts with ruffles and prints are very good as long as the corset is of a neutral color that manages to maintain the balance between what you wear.


In addition, you can wear it with a long skirt and openings and also with black stockings for more style.


One hundred percent recommended!


With shorts and high heels.


Be it jean shorts or dress shorts, the corset will always give a very elegant and formal touch to your outfit. Just remember that you should wear it with heels to always elevate the style and not make it casual or informal.


With leggings and high heels.


FashionTrends-Cómo combinar el corset con estilo

Did you realize that the secret is high heels? I’m sure it is.


With leggings, the corset looks spectacular. Of course, always get it to be black or basic colors such as gray or camel.


Never white or other colors because it will be too much information.


However, you can play with the fabrics and choose, for example, black leather leggings.


With jeans and high heels.


Yes, and don’t wrinkle your face. They look great as long as you wear the stilettos. It does not matter what type of pants you choose, the important thing is that you always maintain the proportions and do not misalign your figure.


How can you add a corset to your outfit?


You still aren’t sure? Its versatility allows you to easily add it to any of your looks. Besides, it can help you show off those curves of yours. All the while hiding those rolls and imperfections that you may not like that much. Wearing it with everyday clothes can even help you look more attractive. However, to really take advantage of it, you must first know how to use it.


How to fasten it


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine a corset with style?

First, you must until the laces from the back by pulling the crosses. Do this until you find it good to wear it without extending the fabric too much. Otherwise, you can damage the hooks.


Today, there are corsets with side openings and zippers. This makes them easier to adjust and fasten. The first front snaps that you should close are the middle ones, to make it easier. Remember that it must not move from the place and it must fit properly to the body.


To achieve this, you must pull the laces at each crossing from the bottom up until you make sure that it is right. Once you get to the top, where the bow is, you must pull the laces vertically to adjust it.


In addition, you should cross your arms behind your back. This way, it’ll be more effective to place the corset without help from anyone. The bow ribbons can be grasped at the sides. While if the corset has the bow located at the bottom, adjust the laces from top to bottom in the opposite direction.


What do you think of corsets? Do you like to wear them in your daily outfits? I’m sure it is. At Fashion Trends we are more than happy to bring you these ideas so you can save, comment, and share with that friend who wants her corset.