How to combine a beautiful foulard with your favorite looks?

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How to combine a beautiful foulard with your favorite looks? Want to combine your new foulard with your look but don’t know how? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading this article to find the best fashion tips for this kind of garment. The time has come for you to put away your scarves in your closet and welcome a foulard into your life. This is a very versatile accessory that is able to mix well with any kind of look. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to show off a pristine and elegant image.


 However, before you add them to your looks, you must learn how to combine them. These garments have always been part of the fashion world and today, they’ve become more popular. As a result, you can find them on the market in a wide variety of colors and designs. 


You can also find them in different sizes and shapes. So, this means that you can adapt them and use them in different ways. As you can see, you can get a lot out of this accessory. However, if you don’t know how to combine them, don’t worry, today you will learn how. 


Learn to combine a foulard to use it on your neck


Foulards are highly sought after for their versatility, so it won’t be hard for you to choose one. Before you use though, you must figure out if you want it to be the protagonist or a complement. To create a good combination, you should follow the next tips. This way you’ll be able to know how to use them on your neck. 


Foulard as your look’s complement…


The advantage of this accessory is that you can find them in many colors and styles. For example, checkered, floral, geometric shapes, etc. So, when choosing one, you must ensure it matches your look.


In this sense, you can choose a foulard in the same color as your pants. This will make it look very good as a unicolor. Alongside this, you can choose a striped blouse in a different color. This way, you will add contrast to your outfit. Now, if you prefer to wear a foulard with prints or many colors, try to use solid-colored garments. This way, your look won’t look overloaded. 


… or protagonist. 


A foulard is a complement that can also become the most striking piece of your look. Making this happen is way easier than you can imagine. All you need to do is wear a white blouse or flannel, and voilà! This is how you get a piece to stand out!


When it comes to the lower part of your look, you can choose any color. For example, if you decide on pants, you can choose them in your favorite color. On the other hand, you can also choose to use ones in the same shade as your foulard. 


If you rather prefer to use a skirt, a foulard will also look extremely good with it. This way you can put together a casual look, and you will be ready for an afternoon or evening meeting.


There are multiple ways to wear your favorite foulard


Apart from showing it off around your neck, you can use it in multiple ways to take advantage of it. This accessory is super versatile and allows you to put together looks that range from the most conservative to the most fun. For example, imagine that one day you got up late, and you don’t have time to comb your hair. You do not have to worry because you can easily wear your foulard as a turban.


Now, if the problem isn’t the lack of time to comb your hair but to make your hair look different, you can also use them as headbands. As you can see, testing styles with your favorite foulard to create different looks is very easy.


Since a foulard is a great complement to your look, you can even wear it tied around your waist to create a relaxed style. And if you want your bags to look different, you can also tie them to one side. Don’t leave your favorite foulard to rot on your drawer or closet! Take advantage of all these tips to rock it everywhere you go!


Take advantage of the versatility of a beautiful foulard


Foulards are easily recognizable as they are longer than scarves and come in a more variety of colors to match. Best of all, while wearing a different look, scarves can also protect you in case of a bit of cold.


Just as there are a great variety of scarves, there are also many ways to use them, you can even tie knots depending on how you plan to place them. First, you must learn how to tie the basic knot, which consists of folding it in half to put it around your neck. Then, you must insert the ends through the remaining opening, and that’s it.


Also, there is a more complex knot known as oversize and to do it you must use a scarf that is long enough. You just have to place it around the neck and give it two turns. Having the two ends in the front, take them and cross one of the ends to cross it for the two previous turns. The idea is that the scarf is exactly at chest height.


These are the most commonly used knots in foulard, however, if you don’t like knots, you just have to wrap them around your neck and let them fall.


Get the perfect combination with your favorite scarf


Foulards are used alongside different looks regardless of the season. During the summer they give you a fresh look, while in the fall and winter they protect you from the cold.


Although there are many accessories to complement your look, foulard haven’t gone out of style. So, even if some people don’t like them, those who do can get the most out of it.


Men can also wear this accessory with a suit or a casual look. So, you’ve been given a foulard, or thought about buying one, do it! We promise you will get your money’s worth.