Colors 2022: Which will be trending during the summer season?

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There are five summer 2022 trend colors for dressing according to fashion trends. That´s why if you´re a follower of fashion and dressing well and you like to be guided by colors, be sure to read this post. Here we will reveal which colors can´t be missing in your wardrobe during this sunny season.


It´s worth noting that there´s great optimism in the fashion industry after the pandemic in this new year. Also, now that the fashion week will be face-to-face, the designers have returned with much more energy. Showing innovative collections and colors that you´ll surely love and want to wear throughout the year.


What colors are people going to wear in Summer 2022?


For a summer 2022 full of joy, let’s see what the five trend colors will be key to putting together any look are:




Fashion Trends and Style - Colors 2022 - Colors

For many, orange is extravagant. But it´s usually a very energetic tone during the summer as it is included in any style. So, any woman can wear an orange garment.


In general, an orange piece is perfect to combine with a light tone if you want to be the protagonist of your look.


If you´re afraid of this color in clothes, you can also try an orange accessory, such as a handbag. All this, so you are fashionable this summer.




Fashion Trends and Style - Colors 2022 - Colors

This is not a new tone. It´s one of women’s favorite colors for its romanticism and femininity. Since the fall of last year, fuchsia pink began to be trendy. And for the 2022 summer season, this color will look great when combined with other colors such as the inevitable black, white and gray.


Also, this tone can be mixed with green or Klein blue for the riskiest women with their clothes.


You can use a completely fuchsia pink look if you like this color too. That´s why you can contribute a set of sweatshirts and jumpsuits completely in this tone and black accessories to give a contrast.




Fashion Trends and Style - Colors 2022 - Colors

Green looks great when combined with fuchsia pink, although mixing this color with white, black, or red wine will also be a successful selection. During the summer of 2022, this shade can be worn in all its versions, from emerald to neon.


Also, in addition to the colors already mentioned, it´s essential to add that green also looks great with chocolate brown. We can see that color in trend during this time of year.


An outfit made up of a green overcoat, and a white blouse and pants will look fascinating. However, if this look seems exaggerated to you, you can include green in some accessories, such as a handbag, ankle boots, etc.


Very Peri


Fashion Trends and Style - Colors 2022 - Colors

Pantone has declared this to be the color of the year. Its tonality is very peculiar since it comprises a blue combined with a violet red, similar to lilac. Surely you have already noticed that many fashion brands have included this tone that many women love. And if you have not yet tried it, now is the time.


With this color, you will have a thousand possibilities of combinations. So, you won’t have to be self-conscious if you want to put together a look that matches your personality.


Similarly, you can use a total look with very peri 2022 or just the accessories depending on your preferences.




Fashion Trends and Style - Colors 2022 - Colors

Yellow is a very articulate color since while many women adore it, others would never use it. The point is that this striking color has its advantages, and in 2022 we´ll frequently see it on clothing.


Also, yellow is a very intense color and brings vitality. So, women who choose yellow garments should know that their looks will not go unnoticed. You can combine this tone with another striking color such as green or classic black for a sophisticated outfit.


Additionally, you can use accessories in this tone while using a completely white or black look.


What colors are worn in 2022?


Fashion Trends and Style - Colors 2022 - Colors

Apart from the summer 2022 trend colors already mentioned, you can try light blue, caramel pink, and nude to give your look a fresh touch.


Remember that you can wear these colors for a total look or include them in some accessories as a complement.


The most important thing is that you can use each of these colors without leaving aside your personality when dressing.


Look in the mirror with looks full of these colors and discover which of them you want to be part of your wardrobe.