Don’t miss them! Here are the colors for this fall 2021

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Life is a party! That was me singing Celia Cruz. Now, the singer was not so far away because in addition to the happiness that being alive gives us; it is also the carnival of colors that designers bring us on their catwalks. That is a reality.


In this way, it is no secret that with each season and after fashion shows, the Pantone Institute presents us a report with the colors that will take over that year. And although the Fashion Color Trend reports are two: London and New York, we find that some colors match or are similar.


As you already know, the fashion industry is a global phenomenon. So, even if the culture of each country influences it, we also find some international trends “chosen” to wear with pride.


What colors are considered to be fall colors?


This year we can see classic, versatile, and even timeless colors, which will speak of optimism, joy, prosperity, and functionality. These color palettes will display versatility and creativity that inspire confidence and are full of meaning.


We want to inspire, and we will achieve that with the tones essential for this new proposal. Since we are looking for positivity and practicality with a renewed and sustainable mentality, we will prioritize the quality and longevity of trends.


Colors are not very different. With good colors, we can communicate many things. Do you want to know what they are?


Amberglow – PANTONE 16-1350


Fashion Trends and Style -colors - colors

Also called rust color, its name may sound a bit sober and without originality. However, this color will take you back to that seventies and fashionista era.


This shade is very autumnal and goes with almost everything. It is also a color that looks good for all skin types.


This color will go great contrasted with blues or greens. Always in earth tones to play with the times. With this color, you can feel more self-confident and show creativity.


Samba – PANTONE 19-1662


This tone is matte and, therefore, very feminine. This chromatic bet is one of the most successful for this fall season. You can wear it in outfits or even in your makeup. With this color, you will transmit sensuality, optimism, and an energy that will act as a magnet.


Rose Tan – PANTONE 16-1511


This color will bring a sweet and feminine air to your looks. For its part, it goes very well with peach, which will make you look like a caramel snack. It also conveys friendliness and a sense of composure. As a result, you will feel more energetic, and you will be able to create a caramel impact.


Ultramarine green – PANTONE 18-5338


Fashion Trends and Style -colors - colors

This color is an intense bluish-green, with a touch of deep blue; it is very refreshing.


With it, you will be able to enter into total self-confidence and you will feel that you can eat the world.


It reminds me of the woods in quiet autumn.


As I said, you will be able to communicate confidence, and a plus is that it goes very well with all earth tones.


True Blue – PANTONE 19-4057


Fashion Trends and Style -colors - colors

Do you think we are in the year of blue?


I would like to believe so because this color has something particular that attracts everyone equally. Wearing it can convey confidence and security.


It is a very easy color to combine.


This color is a little darker than classic blue, and it’s a very powerful and safe bet to wear with vibrant colors.



Fired Brick – PANTONE 19-1337


The Fired Brick or garnet red is a color that has a part of earthly brown. If you see it in detail, you can see that it also has the essence of fall. It is a very earthy color and they work combined with neutral earth colors, blue, pink, and even with the red samba.


What will you wear in fall/winter 2021?


Fashio Trends and Style -colors - colors

In the fall/winter season, we will find all these colors.


But we will also find other combinable simple colors that also fall within this colorful range.


Within this palette, we find colors such as ivory white, classic gray, almond, and very dark blue; as well as military green, which is a bit lighter than Ultramarine Green.


How to combine them?


Simple and fabulous, the trends remain, simply some that other garments will stand out more on different occasions, as is the case with fabrics; and in the case of wool, it will be considered the star texture of 2021. In monochrome outfits, they will be gorgeous. You add them to sweaters, shirts, pullovers, and even dresses.


In turn, they would be perfect in the tailor shop. The working girl suits are worn in one color. With a tailored suit, you will be able to empower your silhouette and look confident.


Next is ecological leather. This year, eco-leather has taken center stage on the catwalks, taking over pants, dresses, and jackets. Likewise, the material helps to be part of fashion upcycling; the trendiest thing is slow fashion.


Finally, the fringes would also look great with this color palette. You will be able to feel like a cowgirl.


Most popular fall colors


Fashion Trends and Style -colors - colors

Fall colors are typically earthy palettes that convey sobriety and calm. After all, we are adapting to the winter mood. We know that black and white are basics adaptable to any outfit; however, which tones?


Thinking about earth tones immediately leads us to brown in all its presentations, from chocolate to beige. This palette looks great with neutral tones within the range of grays, black or navy, maroon, and coffee. It offers light to white, sand, and gold outfits.


For its part, the gray tones, in all its palette. This color is considered the new black and goes with everything. This season, pearl gray is a success that will go well with whites, eggplants, greens, pinks, salmon, and plays with silver details.


In conclusion, colors open doors to different combinations and messages. As a result, they give you a style that, as long as you stay in these seasonal palettes, you will be able to convey what you want.


At Fashion Trends, we want to know your opinion about the colors for this fall and how you would use them. Let us know what you think about them. Do you like them? What is your favorite?