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When we get an invitation to an event where a specific dress code is established, it is vital that we adhere to it. And to do this, the key is to know it very well and master it as an expert in etiquette and fashion.


We know that the various dress codes or rules can be confusing. And not knowing how to differentiate between casual and elegant or formal can be a very common problem, by the way. Still, it can lead us to choose the wrong clothes.


For this reason, and so that you always dress according to the occasion, is why today we will talk about one of the most requested dress codes in evening events when it does not involve extreme formality and is one of the most versatile, the cocktail type.


What is cocktail-style clothing?


When we talk about cocktail clothes, we mean clothes that are used for social and casual occasions. Such as, for example, going out with friends to a nightclub, or dinner, among other similar occasions.


Likewise, you can wear a short dress for a cocktail party attire, even if it is a “black dress.” In the same way, it is allowed that the accessories or hairstyles that the girls wear to complement the cocktail attire be more striking compared to those that must be used with other dresses.


Similarly, while formal dresses are known for falling below the knee and even reaching the floor, cocktail dresses can be short. Or knee-length and more fitted to the body.


What is the women’s cocktail dress code?


Fashion Trends and Style - Cocktail dress - Cocktail dress

Dresses determine the cocktail dress code with a simple style.


However, it is important to know that each event is different.


So, you must know the type of celebration, the time, and other details to highlight your beauty and stand out from the rest.


Now, there are certain guidelines to follow to comply with this dress code:


  • Choose your outfit according to the event schedule


Fashion Trends and Style - Cocktail dress - Cocktail dress

Cocktail events have a fundamental characteristic.


They are a balance between a casual event and a black tie.


So, you can have a little more freedom to choose the dress you want to conclude with a great outfit.


However, one element that cannot be overlooked is taking into account the time of the event:


Morning Event


Fashion Trends and Style - Cocktail dress - Cocktail dress

In the morning, you should be more careful with the dress you choose. For this time, the cocktail dress code allows woven dresses or printed designs. As for the colors, try to wear your dress in a pastel tone.


Similarly, this is your opportunity to choose a flowing dress that provides a lot of freshness.


Concerning the length of the dress, it should generally be three fingers below the knees.


Although you can also use a shorter one as long as you feel comfortable.


Afternoon Event


Fashion Trends and Style - Cocktail dress - Cocktail dress

If the plan is in the afternoon, it is recommended that you go for a cocktail dress in a single color. And one very different from the option you can choose for the morning.


Likewise, your look needs balance. And in this case, you can take advantage of the time to use more bold makeup. As for the accessories, you can select some that make a good combination with the color of the chosen dress.


Knowing that the event could go on into the night is also essential. Therefore, if the time of year is cold, take some precautions and combine your dress with a beautiful coat.


Night Event


Fashion Trends and Style - Cocktail dress - Cocktail dress

The night is the perfect occasion to let your imagination run wild.


You can choose a sexy look and take advantage of short dresses and necklines.


Also, if you are one of those girls who like to look sensual, opt for a short black cocktail dress.


You will not regret it.


  • Select the right accessories


Just like your cocktail dress, the accessories you choose are vital if you want to achieve an original outfit and look beautiful wherever you go. Therefore, we will tell you how to select the best accessories, following the cocktail dress code:


The shoes


Fashion Trends and Style - Cocktail dress - Cocktail dress

This accessory is the most important in a cocktail-type look.


If you want to make the right choice, start your search for mid-height shoes.


Although the classic mid-heeled pumps can also help you.


Remember that you are standing for a long time in events like these, and you should not wear shoes that cause you discomfort.


The bags


Fashion Trends and Style - Cocktail dress - Cocktail dress

Before choosing the bag that will complement your outfit, consider carrying just what is necessary. Since small bags look better for occasions like this.


Therefore, if we go by the women’s cocktail dress code, the perfect bag will be one that only fits the essentials. The good news is that you can choose between a jewel or a clutch model. As they are exclusively for formal events.


In fact, for your outfit, you can choose bags in materials such as metal, tortoiseshell, or fabrics with rhinestones.


In short, for a cocktail-type event, large bags are ruled out.


The Accessories


Fashion Trends and Style - Cocktail dress - Cocktail dress

The pieces you wear also have special importance. As they can either complement or make you look overdone or unsuitable for the occasion.


Therefore, we recommend discreet accessories, small or medium size, able to dress you up, not to take all the attention.


Also, make sure they are all the same color and match each other.



  • Hairstyle and makeup


Fashion Trends and Style - Cocktail dress - Cocktail dress

Hairstyle and makeup are also relevant elements that you must take care of. First of all, you must choose your makeup and hairstyle according to your dress and accessories.


We recommend that you choose neutral makeup that is discreet and especially natural. It will not clash with the rest of the styling you have selected.


Your hair can be semi-up or loose with waves to conclude with a fresh hairstyle perfect for your elegant cocktail dress.


What to avoid when dressing cocktail style?


Fashion Trends and Style - Cocktail dress - Cocktail dress

The next time you have to go in search of a cocktail dress, take note of the following recommendations. And avoid the following elements:


  • Sequins
  • Very pronounced necklines.
  • Transparencies.
  • Bold prints.
  • Glitters.

On the other hand, you can go for:


  • Bright colors, pastels, dark (in case of evening event), prints.
  • Short dresses and skirts, midi, above the knee.
  • Gold, silver, rhinestone accessories.
  • Small and clutch-style handbags.


Dressing cocktail style is easier than it seems. And with this guide, no doubt you will be more than prepared to put together your outfits without problems and as a fashion expert.


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