The best clothing for reverse triangle bodies

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Are your shoulders wider than your hips? Then you have an inverted triangle-shaped body, or also known as a V-shaped body. If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place, because today together with Fashion Trends I am going to tell you how to dress.


It’s very important to know our body, as well as to know what are those clothes favor and stylize our figure until we get the most out of it. Only in this way will we know which garments to wear.


Besides, it’s very important to take into account that we must always find a way to feel comfortable, in addition to being beautiful and without leaving aside the security that what we wear should generate us. Now, is this your silhouette? Keep reading, this article is for you!


What is an inverted triangle body like?


Fashion Trends and Style - reverse triangle bodies - clothing

As I explained above, the inverted triangle body is characterized by wider shoulders than hips. This shape highlights the chest and shoulders in front of the much narrower waist and hips.


How to measure it? If you don’t know how, let’s remember the 5 cm rule that invites us to measure shoulder to shoulder in front and behind, then bust around the nipple. The next step is to measure the waist above the navel and the same three centimeters lower than is where the belly is.


Finally, you measure the hip and with all these numbers written down, you must verify how many cm there is difference between each of the measurements. The one that is 5 cm or more than the rest, is the one that will give you the type of body.


In this case, if the shoulder’s measurement is five centimeters or more, then you have an inverse triangle shape or a V shape.


How to dress with an inverted triangle body in winter?


Fashion Trends and Style - reverse triangle bodies - clothing

First, don’t think it’s complicated, because it isn’t. You just have to pay close attention to the clothes that flatter the silhouette. The good news is that winter is just around the corner and it couldn’t fall more perfect. Take note of these looks!


Body V: outfit for the office. 


An advantage is the V-necklines because they refine and stylize the upper part of the body. In addition to the animal print blouses. So choose a shirt of this type and accompany it with straight trousers. This way you will stylize the figure a lot.


However, if your style is more creative, you can choose culottes, because they create an illusion in the hips and legs, also compensate for the wide-body part.


Body V: outfit for a dinner.


An interesting option is light trench coats and coats, especially in neutral colors. This greatly favors inverted triangle bodies. If you wear deep and marked necklines, even more perfect. So I recommend a gabardine style dress with accessories.


However, you can also choose a more formal dress and combine it with a camel or beige coat.


V body: romantic outfit.


For the inverted triangle body type, choose a sweater with a V-neckline and stilettos to style. You can choose any color. If you are not too convinced, choose a shirt dress with heels.


What kind of clothes does a woman with wide back wear?


Fashion Trends and Style - reverse triangle bodies - clothing

This could be considered the million-dollar question, right? I know that the most intense complexes of women with this figure are the wide back because they feel that their shoulders are too disproportionate to everything else.


Still, it is very important not to hide them, but to find how to highlight other parts of the body that are more beneficial. Generally, this figure is of very athletic or swimming women. Among some celebrities who have this silhouette are Demi Moore, Jessica Biel, or Princess Charlene of Monaco and if they look spectacular, you too.


Shirts and blouses.


Choose the upper parts of your body with asymmetrical cuts and a V-neck, so that the gaze is directed downwards. I mean, forget about round collars.


You can choose shirts with discreet sleeves. Wearing sleeves that are too bulky can emphasize the width of the area. I recommend using shirts made of thin and light materials, long sleeves, three-quarters. If you choose tank tops, make sure they are asymmetrical or have thick straps.


Straight jackets.


Fitted, straight cut, and the single row of buttons, that’s what your jackets should be like from now on. Avoid lapels and shoulder pads, as they will add volume to your back. Choose rounded lines to hide stiffness. The blazers to the hips and not to the waist.   




As for the dresses, they should have volume at the bottom, in addition to dresses with asymmetric cuts or one-shoulder sleeves. Drapes in the fitted top and bottom are the sure choice for creating the illusion of a silhouette.


Pants and skirts.


Consider flared pants at the waist to accentuate curves. Always choose pants with back seams or side pockets for visual balance. I also recommend that you wear light-colored pants. As for the skirts, always pleated or with volume. You can also go for ruffled skirts that are above the knee-length.


Prints and accessories. 


Always keep the rule of dark on top and light on the bottom. Stay away as much as you can from overly flashy or patterned colors above. Choose subtle or neutral tones. It is also recommended that you carry recharged only at the bottom.


What is the ideal swimsuit for a wide back?


Fashion Trends and Style - reverse triangle bodies - clothing

For women with a V shape, the ideal is always to use dark colors above and light below, so the bold design should always go at the bottom, to widen the hips and balance with the top.


You can choose a halter or triangle neckline with straps tied around the neck.


Avoid strapless bathing suits or bikinis because they make your back look wider.


Did you know this information?


Suitable clothing for reverse triangle body


Fashion Trends and Style - reverse triangle bodies - clothing

Now that you know, how will you put it into practice? In addition to what I already told you, from Fashion Trends, we want to share some yes and no for this type of figure.


For example: Say yes to what marks your waist, light colors at the bottom, thick fabrics, and volume with curves. While say no to wearing garments that increase the size of the shoulders. If Angelina Jolie makes it, so can you.