Clothing care and the importance of labels, know what each icon means

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The care we give to our garments is essential to extend their useful life after we purchase them. By this, we mean that we must not only ensure the conservation of seams and avoid breakage. But also preserve the colors, elasticity of the fabrics, and their overall appearance.


This is why each garment made comes with a label with the specifications of the type of fabric, place of manufacture, and care. How it should be washed and dried, and what kind of actions and products to avoid not to damage it.


Each label comes in a mixed way since they are made up of letters, phrases, and symbols because the spaces are reduced. If you, like many people, have difficulty understanding these figures, then you are in the right place. Because today we will talk about the importance of caring for clothes and their labels and telling you what each symbol means.


Clothes Care Tips


Fashion Trends and Style - Clothing care and the importance of labels - clothes

The success in the durability and good conservation of a garment lies in the care you give to it. For this reason, it is necessary to follow certain indications:


  • Submit them to a washing and drying process as recommended on the labels.
  • Use specialized products for each color.
  • As soon as you wear a garment, proceed to wash it as soon as you take it off.
  • Soak the garments for at least an hour to remove the initial dirt and obtain better results.
  • In the case of black and dark clothes, wash them by first turning the garment over, with soap for dark clothes, and drying it outdoors in the shade


Importance of clothing labels


Fashion Trends and Style - Clothing care and the importance of labels - clothes

As we mentioned before, on the label that a garment carries, all the information about it is established. That is the type of fabric in which it was made, the proportion of each material, the place in which it was manufactured, the sizes, and the indications for its washing and care in general.


As obvious as the process of washing a piece of clothing may seem, it can vary according to the type of textile in which it is made. Since there are clothes that cannot be washed traditionally but dry cleaned. In that case, it is necessary to go to a specialized place where they provide that service.


Similarly, certain delicate fabrics deserve special treatment and should not be subjected to contact with ordinary soaps for washing clothes, hot water, or bleach, among others.


Reading the label when we buy a piece of clothing can help us significantly make our investment last from the beginning. Since the first wash is essential to set the standard for subsequent care.


Meaning of the symbols on clothing labels


We have already clarified the importance of reading clothing labels. The informative content that is reflected there gives instructions on how we should wash and treat each garment according to its characteristics.


But the labels go much further and use a symbology that some people are unaware of. Being able to incur in washing and care errors that would end up spoiling the clothes and reducing their useful life.


So, get to know here what each element means on clothing labels:


Washing Symbols


Fashion Trends and Style - Clothing care and the importance of labels - clothes

  • It is common for a cube to appear, and if it has numbers inside it, it refers to the temperature. That is, the degrees at which the water must wash the garment.
  • If the bucket has the figure of a hand inside, it means that the garment should be hand washed only.
  • When only a black dot appears inside the bucket, this means that the water can reach a maximum temperature of 30 °C.
  • To the extent that we see more than one point inside the cube, it means that the water temperature must increase by 10 °C. So, if the cube has four points, it means that the garment must be washed at a maximum of 60 °C.
  • If what appears under the cube is a scratch, it means that it is a delicate fabric.


Drying symbols


Fashion Trends and Style - Clothing care and the importance of labels - clothes

machine dried


This type of drying is physically represented by a circle within a square, alluding to the electric drying machine. Hence, every time this symbol appears, it implies that the garment can be placed in the automatic dryer.


  • Now, if this symbol shows a dot inside the circle, it means that the drying must be at a low temperature.
  • If it has two points, drying can be at an average temperature.

hand dried


  • When the circle icon inside the box has an X, this means that the automatic dryer cannot be used to dry the garment.
  • A square with lines inside represents the case of hand drying.
  • In the case that drying must be in the shade, a square with two parallel lines in one corner will be observed.


Ironing Symbol


Fashion Trends and Style - Clothing care and the importance of labels - clothes

This symbol is represented more clearly since the figure shown is that of an old-style iron, which is clearly differentiated. And if it appears reflected on the label, it means that the garment can or should be ironed.


  • If we see an iron with a point, the garment must be ironed at a low temperature, a maximum of 110 °C. And for each additional point, 50 °C is increased.
  • In the event that the iron symbol shows an X, it means that the garment cannot be ironed.
  • If an X appears under the iron symbol, this indicates that steam should not be used during the ironing time.


Bleaching Symbol


Fashion Trends and Style - Clothing care and the importance of labels - clothes

This refers to using or not using bleach or chlorine, a chemical product capable of quickly damaging garments without being able to repair the damage. It is represented in the figure of a triangle.


  • When you see a triangle with three parallel lines inside, it means you can only use oxygen bleach.
  • If the triangle has the letters CL, it means that only chlorine bleach or bleach should be used.
  • And if it is the case that the triangle is presented with an X and in black, it means that the garment does not admit any bleach.



Other symbols and icons


The symbols described above are the most common and required on a label. But other types of figures are also essential and must be handled for better care and conservation of clothing.


Many correspond to washing at a professional level, and that implies that the garment needs special treatment.




Indicates that the garment should be washed in a professional laundry or dry cleaner.


Circle with an F and a line below


Fashion Trends and Style - Clothing care and the importance of labels - clothes

Means dry cleaning or dry cleaning for a garment.


Circle with a letter A


Involves dry cleaning in any solvent.


Circle with a P


It means that it should be dry cleaned but without using trichloroethylene.


Circle with a parallel line, bottom right


It demands a dry cleaning but in a short cycle.


Circle with a parallel line, top right


Represents dry cleaning with reduced humidity.


Circle with a parallel line, top left


It means dry cleaning without steam.


Circle with a parallel line, bottom left


The garment should be dry cleaned but at a low temperature.


Circle with an “X”


It means that it cannot be dry cleaned.


Each symbol implies special care and attention, even if they seem like a lot to memorize. Keep this guide handy so that when you see a figure that is out of the ordinary, you know how to identify it. And thus, give your garment and all your clothes the necessary care to keep them looking new for much longer.

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