Look great no matter where you go with the best clothes for hourglass bodies

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The best clothes for hourglass bodies. There’s a wide variety of clothes perfect for each body type, and this includes hourglass bodies. But first, you must figure out if this is your body shape. For this, you must check if your waist is narrow and your hips wide. If so, the next tips are for you.


Your silhouette is beautiful and as such you must learn how to take advantage of it. So, if you want to highlight your figure, you’re in luck. The market is filled with pieces and accessories made just for you.


How can you make your silhouette look exquisite?


Before choosing the most suitable clothes for you, you must know your figure perfectly. Hourglass bodies differ from others in that both shoulders and hips tend to be the same width. And as for the waist, it will look very narrow, which gives way to a good balance of proportions.


For this reason, women with this body type could have an advantage when choosing the right clothes. Of course, just as there are clothes that offer certain advantages, there are others you must avoid. Otherwise, your figure will not have a slim appearance.


What to wear for the hourglass body shape?


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The clothes you’re going to wear shouldn’t only be beneficial to highlight your figure. It’s also important that they make you feel super comfortable. This will allow you to use them at any time and on any day.


That’s why you must take the following points into account:


  • Look for dresses that can accentuate your waist, as well as blouses and jackets that fit snugly against your body.


  • Be careful with clothing close to the body, as it is likely that it will highlight parts of the body that you may want to hide.


  • Avoid clothes with ornaments at the height of the hips, such as ruffles. This is because they create a lot of volume.


What are the best types of clothes for you?


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First, you should know which fabrics will look best on your hourglass body.


For example, fabrics with a very soft drape like silk are the best for this type of figure.


Chiffon, sweaters, lace, or fixed point are also fabrics that you should use to put together a good outfit. They will not be tight on your curves.


As for clothing, these are the ones that you must always have in your wardrobe:


Blouses or tops, the best clothes for hourglass bodies


FashionTrends-The best clothes for hourglass bodies-Blouses or tops

These garments must be chosen correctly. Otherwise, if they are very wide you will probably hide your curves. In contrast, if they are very tight, they will exalt what you may want to hide. For this reason, you must get the perfect fit to make you feel satisfied.


How to take advantage of them? You can wear a tight-fitting blouse accompanied by a belt. This way, you will highlight your curves naturally. Similarly, if you want your figure to look stylized, you can use blouses with cuts that visually help to stretch your body.


For example, V-shaped necklines manage to extend the neckline, just like vertical lines. In the same way, long necklaces will be an excellent accessory to also achieve this visual effect.


To not hide your figure, avoid wearing check blouses, as they will make your torso appear very straight. Also, among your daily outfits, blouses, or tops with a round neck will look great.


Dresses, the best clothes for hourglass bodies


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What are the best dresses for hourglass bodies? As you already know, for each type of body there is a great variety of dresses. This means that by choosing the right dress for you, you can emphasize your figure a lot more. That’s why you should start looking for crossed dresses. They will create the perfect proportion of your body.


Another flattering option for hourglass bodies are tube dresses. They will make your figure look very striking.


Now, if you want to stand out, even more, you can wear a beautiful belt as an accessory. Make sure to choose the one that best matches the rest of your outfit.


Since you will find many stores with a wide variety of dresses, try to buy dresses made with rigid, or heavy fabrics. This way, you will add more volume to your look. In contrast, you should avoid Batwing dresses as they don’t look great on hourglass bodies. Empire line dresses are another kind of dress you must avoid because they hide your curves.


Pants and skirts, the best clothes for hourglass bodies


FashionTrends-The best clothes for hourglass bodies-Pants and skirts

Less is more as they say. Because of this, when choosing your outfit, you don’t need to combine narrow or wide garments. Women with an hourglass body can use the famous pencil skirts or tight-fitting pants as they never go out of style.


This type of clothing highlights your curves, and if you wear high shoes you will make your legs look even longer.


Skirts differ from other types of clothing by being voluminous. Because of this, you can accompany them with a blouse with a neckline. Also, baggy or high-waisted pants are a great option for your narrow waist. With them, you will stand out no matter where you go.


Clothes you should and shouldn’t wear


Do you have an hourglass body? If so, start choosing tops, jackets, and dresses that highlight your narrow waist. Also, start opting for clothes with vertical lines to give your body more definition.


Similarly, if you want your body to look great, avoid wearing loose clothing, dresses with a high waist, or ruffles that hide your figure or make you look overloaded.


When it comes to the ideal body, the hourglass shape has always been associated with feminine beauty. So, take advantage of your body and start to exalt your waist and hips in the right way.