Keep your wallet happy and learn how to make a cheap outfit look expensive

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How to make your cheap outfit look expensive. The clothes that are in fashion trend, are generally made by renowned designers in the world. For this reason, these types of clothing turn out to be very expensive. But among so much variety, it is possible to find clothes that are not so expensive, but that when combined can help create a very interesting look.


Moderately priced clothing can also look great, depending on how you wear it and how well you care. Discover the best tips to make your cheap clothes look the same as your expensive clothes.


Create an expensive look with inexpensive clothing


If you follow the following tips, the different looks you wear will look expensive even if they are not.


Add a leather or faux fur jacket to your look


For now, some campaigns don’t support the use of leather jackets. However, there are many models in synthetic leather that you can use to complement your look. By having a jacket of this style, it won’t matter if you wear a simple outfit because you will always look amazing.


Wear two-piece sets


The two-piece sets are incredible outfits that will make you look flawless wherever you go. If you are going to use a garment with patterns on the top, it is best to use a piece with the same pattern on the bottom.


Add a trendy bag to your look


If you choose an expensive bag to carry with your look, do not worry if you are not wearing an outfit made up of cheaper clothing items. There are also a wide variety of affordable bags. We are sure you will find the one that complements your look so that it seems expensive.


Includes gold accessories


Gold accessories are better than silver as they allow you to recreate a more elegant look. However, you don’t need to use gold accessories. After all, you can find accessories that have this same finish, and you can buy them at different prices.


Use monochrome looks


Garments in a white or black tone will always make you wear a mono-color look to match. Set aside bold colors to create combinations that won’t look expensive. You can use white or black to create a complete look in the same shade. And, to add a little color, you can use some accessories or a bag that stands out.


Accessorize with classic-style coats


In stores, you can find coats to create an elegant or classic look. Regardless of the other clothing items you wear, your look will impress wherever you pass.


Your look will look expensive depending on the care you give to your clothes


There are many variables to take into account if you want your look to appear expensive. You must take care of each piece of your clothes as if they were a very valuable treasure for you.


To keep your clothing in perfect condition, you will not need to invest a lot of time or money. If you have clothing made of soft fabrics that tend to wrinkle, you should iron it to wear a look that conveys good looks.


You won’t need to over-wash your clothes, because they can quickly wear out. So that your cheap button-down clothes always look good, you can change them for more elegant ones. Once you do this, you will notice the difference. The cheapest clothes are usually plain, and you can give them the shine they need so they can look different.


Cleaning your footwear is also essential


You can put together your look with the most expensive clothes you can find, but if you don’t keep them properly clean, they won’t look amazing. The same goes for footwear. It does not matter if you plan to wear heels, sports shoes, or another model of footwear. You must always make sure they don’t have even a peek of dirt.


If you don’t carry out the correct measure to clean your shoes, these will always look sloppy. And worst of all, is that they will look cheap.


Keep your hair and makeup in perfect condition


This is a detail that cannot be overlooked, and how you take care of your hair and makeup will speak a lot about you. It doesn’t matter how impressive they look you decide to wear is, if you don’t take care of these details.


For each type of look, there will be a type of hairstyle and a makeup style that you should use to create an outfit where there is balance.


Less is more


Simplicity, on many occasions, is much better than extravagance. To sport a look that seems expensive, you do not need to wear several accessories because it will subtract points from the exclusivity of the most striking accessories.


If you decide to combine your look with long earrings, you should avoid using necklaces. Also, try to wear patterned or plaid clothing at the same time, or your combination of clothing will not work well.


In just minutes you can turn a cheap look into one that is expensive


You must know how to combine all the clothing items that you have stored in your closet. Only in this way will your outfits always look expensive. Wearing different colors or many accessories in your outfit will not make you look expensive.


You should opt for shirts in neutral colors since they are easier to combine with jeans, skirts, coats, and other pieces of clothing. When you use a wide garment at the top, it is preferable that at the bottom you use a piece that is fitted to your body.


If you are one of the people who like to steal glances with your look, you have to be aware that both your clothing and your accessories are kept in good condition.


Do not be shy about creating different looks with the cheap clothes you have bought, because you can turn them into expensive pieces as long as you learn to use them.


Photograph by: Celebrity Life| Fashion