Tricks to combine your transparent blouses

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Tricks to combine your transparent blouses. Transparencies: What can we say about them? In addition to generating controversy, this trend has triumphed since it hit the streets. In this sense, we could affirm that it has been a success in the world of fashion and that it has been crowned as one of the most […]

Is the effortless chic style in fashion?

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Wearing a relaxed and chic vintage style can be achieved easily and also look spectacular. How can you do it? With relaxed looks, comfortable clothes, neutral tones, some timeless basics, and a lot of minimalisms. The Effortless style is in fashion and is now a favorite of many.   Actually, what I like most about […]

Bohemian style for men: Here’s how you can rock it

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Bohemian style for men: Here’s how you can rock it. Good, good! First, I want to know. Do you like Johnny Depp? Do you want to dress like him, but you don’t know how? Or do you use combinations that fill you with insecurities rather than feeling safe? Don’t worry, boy!   I’m here to […]

7 trends that you should pay attention to in 2021

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Even if we’re not done storing our summer swimsuits yet, we’re really looking forward to what will happen in this and next year’s fall. Because at Fashion Trends, we want to keep you informed and very current to this world, it varies from day to day.   Now, just out of the oven we bring […]

Western-style, the trend that will take over fall-winter 2021

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New trend alert! Prepare your boots, hat, and plaid shirt, because I am going to show you the trend that will take over the end of autumn and winter 2021: the western style, ladies.   This trend will be the one to wipe out everything. Denim garments, denim fashion, vests, hats, suede, jean-type shirts, and […]

What’s the tie-dye trend about?

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Who doesn’t love colors? They have come to us to help us communicate, express ourselves freely and be a symbol of optimism and hope. It’s for this reason, and thanks to the quarantine, that the tie-dye trend returned with great force.   Are you one of those who made shirts at summer camps? Exactly! I […]

Look sharp and fresh with the perfect khaki pants for men

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it’s time to go out full of elegance and comfort with the perfect pair of chinos or khaki pants. With them, you’ll be able to give a 180-degree turn to your outfit. But this isn’t all! Thanks to them, you’ll showcase a very simple and casual style, something that all men want.   Khaki pants […]

Go preppy in the fall and stand out whenever you go!

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Would you try a “back to school” look for fall? Go for it! And to make your life easier, why don’t you try this new “preppy” proposal. This style comes to our wardrobe with great force to fill us with nostalgia and elegance. And you know what’s great about it? It will give you a […]

Are women’s vests in fashion 2021?

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I must confess that deep in my heart I feel that vests are overrated. In fact, they are a very versatile, comfortable garment and they are also perfect for cooler climates.   Although we know that fashion changes over time, we can see that trends are moving. However, there are some that return or simply […]

It’s never too soon to find the next trends for fall 2022

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It’s never too soon to find the next trends for fall 2022. Ultimately, this world is a carousel of emotions that changes and varies in the blink of an eye. I feel like I’m in the Marvel universe or something. It will never cease to amaze me how we’re not even in the fall of […]