Perfect occasions to use stockings to complement your look

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Stockings have become a key accessory for creating wonderful looks. In fact, an outfit of long socks for women can be used on different occasions, you just have to make a good combination.   Dark stockings are usually easier to match with different outfits. However, in the market, you can find a wide variety of […]

All the good things that come when wearing a Shirt-Dress

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Comfortable clothes are very functional to take anywhere and feel good. This is the case of shirt-dresses, a piece of clothing widely used by women who love dresses. That’s why, if you have not yet used this garment, you should be aware of the advantages of wearing them.   Shirt dresses are widely used, especially […]

Are skinny jeans out of style in 2021?

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Who doesn’t like a bit of controversy in life? Welcome! Let’s talk about skinny jeans and their impact on fashion. Here we will find out if they are in trend, and if they will stay or not. Ready? Let’s read!   Say goodbye to skinny pants and hello to wide boot! And here comes my […]

How to wear kimono during fall

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Originally from Japan, the kimono has gained popularity around the world and has even become a fashion staple. It is a garment with different shapes, designs, patterns, and colors. Today, the street style adopted it to represent and complement outfits with inspiration.   When it comes to achieving elegance in our looks, the special trick […]

How to wear black in the summer?

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Are you a fan of black? Do you feel that it is your color and no one will be able to go against that, but when the summer comes you do not use it because you feel like you will melt like a sugar cube?   Here I came to break all those myths about […]

How many changes of clothes should a woman have?

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How many changes of clothes should a woman have?. Being a woman is the best! The truth is, I feel very happy and proud to be one. I recently learned that we are cyclical and that we have in our hands the power to heal and regenerate each month. Yes, you read that right! Each […]

Gift the best clothes on Christmas with this complete guide

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Throughout the year, you can surprise your loved ones with some detail or gift. However, during the Christmas season you surely want to give a gift that is useful, so giving a garment will be an excellent option. To give clothes at Christmas, it is important that you choose with comfort and versatility in mind. […]

Clothes you should wear to a concert

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When it comes to dressing, many doubts arise about how to dress for a certain occasion. In this case, we will tell you what type of clothing is the most suitable for a concert. First, take into account that women’s concert clothing must be comfortable and at the same time provide style.   Several types […]

Want a few more inches? Choose the best clothes to look taller

Fashion Trends - Want a few more inches? Choose the best clothes to look taller

Want a few more inches? Choose the best clothes to look taller. Most often than not, we choose clothes before even knowing if they will flatter us. That’s why, before anything, you must first take into account your height. For example, if you’re short some clothes will make you look taller, and others will make […]

8 pieces of clothing that every man should have in his wardrobe

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8 pieces of clothing that every man should have in his wardrobe. Men are also great consumers of fashion, and it is for this reason that they sometimes invest in good quality garments that add functionality to their looks. Now, have you ever wondered what you should always keep? Or what are those basic garments […]