Casual Fridays at the office and what you should wear for them

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Casual Fridays at the office and what you should wear for them. Get your hands off your head! Don’t panic! We will talk about this! Let’s take a breath and find some amazing and carefree looks so that they can serve as inspiration for you. Ready for this trip in style?


Little by little, the pandemic issue is being left behind, and we’re entering a “new normal” that we must accept. Now, to go to work, many have a specific uniform, depending on where they work and the dress code they use.


If, in your case, you have a free hand to use anything to go to work or you have those “Casual Fridays,” you have come to the right place! Today, at Fashion Trends, we bring you those casual office looks that will solve that question of “what should I wear?”.


This article may be helpful to help you solve your doubts, take them into account and keep it as an Ace up your sleeve when you don’t know what to do with your wardrobe.


How to dress for a Friday at the office?


Casual Fridays is the day of the week when we are allowed to put aside blazers, pleated skirts, or tailored suits to wear more comfortable clothes with a touch of color. Keep reading to consider these ideas that suit your style and the occasion!


Casual look with jeans.


Fashion Trends and Style - casual fridays - Outfits

The jean is a basic that allows you a casual look when you don’t want to overthink what to wear. It’s universal, and we find it with different cuts and styles.


So, at the top, we can use a tweed-type jacket for a more serious option, a leather jacket or a woven coat.


For its part, a crop top with high jeans will give you sophistication. You can also play with a total look and think about combining textures or shapes. Interesting, right?


The footwear includes boots, ankle boots, heels, ballerinas, or sneakers. Yes, sneakers. However, it will depend greatly on what the Human Resources department allows in your work.


Casual look with a dress.


Wear a dress and play with accessories to achieve a casual look. If you like a more elegant style, wear a dressier dress with flat boots.


But stop! This isn’t the only option. There are countless models of dresses such as denim, prints, simple designs, draped, and loose. If you choose a more relaxed model, give it a chicer touch with a belt and sneakers.


Casual look with sneakers


According to the street style, sneakers are the star footwear. They are cute and comfortable, just what Friday needs it to be. You will look the most fashionable if you wear them in a dress or a suit.


They are perfect for lowering the style of our outfits and for wearing in any season of the year.


What is an excellent Casual Friday outfit formula?


Fashion Trends and Style - casual fridays - Outfits

Since we are just a few days away from being on Friday, we can prepare to find the perfect outfit to wear that day.


The important thing is to consider that casual clothing must continue to comply with the rules of the seriousness of your job.


In this sense, you can forget about shorts, short skirts, pronounced necklines, and beach sandals to wear casual clothes such as jeans or fabric pants, skirts that are not too tight, dresses, or more casual suits.


What do you think of wearing leggings or stockings?


It’s a super-winning combination that you can wear with bushy socks. The dress can be black or flowery. If you are riskier, you can choose an oversized shirt with a belt, ankle boots, or boots. Combine it with some boots.


What is the right wardrobe for the office?


Fashion Trends and Style - casual fridays - Outfits

On the other days of the week, we must project an image of professionalism and elegance on Friday. For this reason, we must find a perfect outfit for this day and not break with the company’s codes.


Technically, no specific rule creates a style code for going to the office. However, we can find other tips so that you look spectacular on Friday and adapt to the occasion and environment. Do you want to know what they are? Take note!


On Friday, we are allowed to go more casual but not informal, so to give it a simpler air, allow yourself low shoes, sneakers (if the office allows it), and prints. For their part, you can play with them to show how creative you are. Meanwhile, you can change the blouses and button-down shirts for something more relaxed.


In this sense, if you’re in an “I don’t want to think” mode, you can go for a total look and bring out the color with accessories. Now, opt for a jean shirt, bomber jacket, and black pants if you want something flattering. Add some ankle boots to look fashionable and chic.


Clothes to avoid at the office


Fashion Trends and Style - casual fridays - Outfits

On Fridays, in particular, we must avoid abusing that freedom that allows you to bring what you like the most to a day at work.


For this reason, you should avoid fitted clothing such as short skirts or shorts that are too informal for the office.


Sweatshirts or leggings, unless it’s made of some special material and is part of a particular style. Never forget that we want to look professional.


Also, we must forget about platform heels and transparencies.


As I told you, we don’t want to convey the wrong message. That’s why we must be clear about what is allowed and what is not.


Friday’s at the office, what should I wear?


Do you understand now? At Fashion Trends, we want to continue being part of your life and your decisions when it comes to finding perfect looks that adapt to different specific occasions, and Office Fridays are part of that. How do you go to the office on Fridays? Tell us!