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There are several styles that exist in the field of men’s fashion with which we can identify ourselves when dressing, one of them the boho or bohemian. And if you still do not know how to differentiate this way of dressing from another, do not worry because you are not the only one. To give you a clearer picture about it, we give you as an example the actor Johnny Depp, who we can identify as a born wearer of this style.


Vintage shirts, bangs, frayed jeans, and oversized garments, among others, are part of this clothing that is nothing new. And if this way of dressing resonates with you, but you don’t know how to wear it and look good, follow us here to give you the best tips on the right way to wear this clothing successfully.


What is the boho style for men?


Fashion Trends and Style - Bohemian style - Trends

The Bohemian style (boho) appears in the nineteenth century by French artists and pirates, not only those from the Caribbean. Technically, it’s nothing new, but it was transformed into a  “laid-back” fashion concept.


It wasn’t until the 60s that the Hippies adapted it to their style; today, it’s still a fashion that many consider a lifestyle.


It is also perceived as a relationship between the arts, simple life, and carefree fashion. A scruffy look is the main key to the style. Now, what makes it relevant? Well, the need to be comfortable, to lead a more relaxed and less demanding lifestyle when dressing, which after the return to normality has been imposed.


When did the Bohemian style emerge?


Fashion Trends and Style - Bohemian style - Trends

This style actually has its origins in the late eighteenth century, during the French revolution, which resulted in some artists such as poets, writers, and many creative people went to live in poverty.


So, the solution to their clothing was through second-hand clothes.


However, once this situation was regulated, artists turned this way of dressing into art, imposing this style as a form of expression.



What’s the point of a Bohemian style?


Fashion Trends and Style - Bohemian style - Trends

The Bohemian style seeks, through clothes, to express freedom, wanderlust, and many memories.


It uses colors such as blue, orange, brown, gray, or red and, in turn, combines them with prints to give you all the personality that characterizes you.


Perfect for the summer. However, you can consider them for spring and fall.


Working with it and wearing it well can be a bit more complicated. However, nothing is impossible.


Finding that balance that suits your style and makes it yours is important.


How should I wear the Bohemian style as a man?


Fashion Trends and Style - Bohemian style - Trends

This style is characterized by mixing colors and patterns, and its comfort is considered so much that many have adopted it as a lifestyle.


Nowadays, we’re no longer so extravagant when it comes to wearing outfits for any occasion.


So, we’ve adapted the look with different combinations and stylish details.


If at this point you still have doubts about how to wear this kind of garment, we will tell you how to look like a bohemian with success.


Don’t let what you wear feel like an oversight.


Fashion Trends and Style - Bohemian style - Trends

No, don’t frown. Although it can be difficult to understand, the secret is in the perseverance of your outfits.


In this sense, you should look for clothes from flea markets or second-hand stores.


Clothes are worn in colors like army green, brown, or white.


You can opt for woven bracelets, hats, sunglasses, hairbands, and scarves as an accessory.


Big and wide shirts 


They’re the ideal option to wear this style. The thinner and lighter, the better; this will allow your body to breathe. Another option is those with a mandarin collar. If you like pleated shirts, you can include them for a fascinating boho look.


In short, silhouettes that look great are essential to achieving this style.


Fringes are key.


Fashion Trends and Style - Bohemian style - Trends

Not everyone is a fan of fringes.


However, they’re very popular when it comes to fashion.


They give movement, and garments such as a bag, jacket, or pants can elevate the style to a more attractive one.


My advice is not to wear fringes everywhere. Instead, try only to add it to a single garment of your clothing. They will become the protagonists by themselves, so they don’t have to be too extravagant.


A boho look is not complete without boots.


Boots will be your great allies. Do you know that the older and more worn, the better? They will give your look a carefree air, very characteristic of boho. You can wear them with loose pants or jeans. It will be excellent.


Ripped jeans and patterned pants.


Another characteristic piece of this style is the worn and ripped jeans. So you can rip up those old, worn jeans to make them scruffy. On the other hand, if you opt for pants, choose those with prints or made of soft fabric such as linen or cotton.


Don’t be afraid to wear layers.


Patterns, textures, and layers are what should complement your boho-style outfit. Allow yourself to mix as much as you like with details of style: jackets, pants folded to the ankles, a long-sleeved shirt with fringes, and a belt over it.


What do you think? Is it too risky for you?


What characterizes Bohemian life?


Fashion Trends and Style - Bohemian style - Trends

At Fashion Trends, we’re fascinated by this Bohemian style because it’s so carefree. Besides, it isn’t afraid of finding joy in life, simple pleasures, and good company.


It’s a symbol of freedom and a lifestyle that allows you to express yourself without feeling guilty.


Being carefree doesn’t mean we should ignore what we wear.


Seeking comfort and style isn’t about wearing torn (unless it’s jeans) and dirty clothes. Personal care is extremely important to always be in trend.


What do you think of this style? Would you use it?


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