The blazer dress: its evolution, and how to wear it in 2022

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Today, let’s talk about a garment that continues to boom and rise among this year’s hottest trends. The blazer dress is a piece you won’t want to lose sight of in the coming months.




Fashion Trends and Style - The blazer dress - Blazer dress

In its original design, the blazer has its beginnings in England in 1837. Thanks to when the captain of the British frigate, HMS Bazer, arranged for his sailors to wear a double-breasted jacket with gold and navy-blue buttons to receive the visit of the then Queen Victoria.


The Queen, observing the uniform worn by the staff, was delighted with them. Popularizing and implementing them at first as school uniforms and for yacht clubs, following the original design with golden buttons. However, its use was limited only to the masculine gender.


Sometime later, it was introduced to the female world when airline companies made it part of their uniforms. All thanks to the comfort that its use implied and the aspect that it contributed to them.


Another origin of the blazer


Fashion Trends and Style - The blazer dress - Blazer dress

We talked about the double-breasted blazer before.


But there is another model that also dates back to a few years ago.


When also in England, the “Lady Margaret” boat club of St. John’s College in Cambridge put it on stage among its students, being single-breasted equally gilt buttons.



Inclusion in the world of fashion


Fashion Trends and Style - The blazer dress - Blazer dress

Yves Saint Laurent was responsible for popularizing the female tuxedo by turning the blazer into a basic wardrobe.


Reinventing the piece and turning it into one of his great contributions to the fashion world.





The blazer dress


Fashion Trends and Style - The blazer dress - Blazer dress

The piece has evolved. And its relevance and versatility are so great that today it has been versioned in a new way of wearing it: as a dress, calling it a blazer dress.


This way of wearing the blazer implies a more sensual aesthetic image. And without the need to wear pants or any piece in the lower part. But still being able to dress if it is your style and desire.


There has been such a furor and acceptance of this garment that it has been seen on red carpets. And a few celebrities have been wearing it, making it a trend that we will continue to see in 2022.


It is considered the new version of the little black dress that we should all have in our wardrobe, as part of the basics. So, the blazer dress is already considered a garment of this type.


Types of blazer dresses


Fashion Trends and Style - The blazer dress - Blazer dress

This garment is not universal, nor does it come in one style. So, we can find diversity in the market that fits your figure and style. We have:


XL style


Those that are wider, without being tight at the waist and give the visual sensation of being big and baggy. Or that you are wearing your boyfriend’s blazer. Since it can provide a masculine air to your look that today is very trendy.




This model is fitted at the waist, shaping the silhouette in general and diverting the gaze to the center. This type is very sexy and ideal for the night.




Fashion Trends and Style - The blazer dress - Blazer dress

The most common blazer dress model is short above the knee or even much more.


However, we can find long models up to the ankles as if they were a long coat.








Trends to wear the blazer dress in 2022


If you still have doubts about the versatility of this garment, then keep reading. Because we will give you the formulas to wear it perfectly during the following months of the year.


Platform shoes + pantyhose


Fashion Trends and Style - The blazer dress - Blazer dress

We are not talking about simple platforms. We are talking about maxi platforms or XL platforms. Which are supported by firms such as Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, or Valentino as footwear to highlight your look.


Now imagine your blazer dress with pantyhose and platforms. It is undoubtedly one of the chicest and most sexy looks that you will achieve with these pieces.


In addition, you can visually make your silhouette look more stylized and longer. This is a very striking trend that will not go unnoticed.


With Tennis


Fashion Trends and Style - The blazer dress - Blazer dress

The inclusion of sports elements in clothing and looks, even daily, is here to stay. And the combination of a blazer dress with tennis shoes was not going to take long.


It is a perfect way to combine the chic or formal style with the sporty. The latter is a mix of sporty elements with other more sophisticated ones. This is why both wonderfully go hand in hand.


Another infallible combination is a long blazer dress that reaches the ankles. However, if you are of petite stature, try to choose a model with an opening in the front. And thus, you have movement when walking without visually cutting your figure.


With High Boots


Fashion Trends and Style - The blazer dress - Blazer dress

Because there is (almost) nothing, that good boots can’t fix. And it is that whatever we wear with this type of footwear will look good and sexy.


And again, it will help you visually counteract this detail, thus stylizing your figure if you are short.


But beyond this, if you want to achieve a look that steals glances, try this combination with which you can see a little foot between the beginning of the boot and the end of the edge of the blazer dress. It will be simply shocking.



Pointed Toe Shoes


Fashion Trends and Style - The blazer dress - Blazer dress

The fine point heel is another that does not lose ground when putting together looks.


In addition to lengthening your figure and achieving kilometric legs to the human eye, it will also be an option when the occasion calls for elegant and sophisticated clothing.


You can choose between a V-cut and neckline blazer model to reach a new level of fashionista.


With Avant-Garde Stockings


Fashion Trends and Style - The blazer dress - Blazer dress

It is a look very similar to the first one we described. But this time with pantyhose that have details, embroidery, and textures, among others.


This type of stocking is almost a must-have item among fashion houses and their catwalks. Fendi recently introduced it in its spring/summer collection this year by showing a look of a blazer dress and pantyhose with embroidery on the sides.


Rubber Clogs



Fashion Trends and Style - The blazer dress - Blazer dress

For the most irreverent and daring, this will be your ideal combination. As it mixes the sophistication of this garment with clogs and even stockings. This formula has already been seen on some catwalks in the past fashion weeks of 2022.


Loafers and Socks


Fashion Trends and Style - The blazer dress - Blazer dress

The moccasin in its latest version is taking like hotcakes in stores and in looks. Of course, this mixture of blazer dress with this type of footwear could not be missing. Since it can give you a more serious and formal style. And a slight change of accessories gives you the fashion point for an ideal night out.


As you can see, this garment can be used for various occasions. Everything will depend on how you combine it and what and the accessories you choose for each occasion.


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